15 Types of Air Tools Recommended By the Pros

Air Tools

Air tools are the next step up for mechanics and craftsmen who like to do their repairs and home improvements. They’re used by master craftsmen and professional mechanics and construction workers to accomplish tasks faster. Air tools are also known as pneumatic tools because they are driven by compressed air. The force of the air supplies the power instead of force applied physically with manual versions of the tools. Air tools were created to help us save time and energy for various DIY or professional settings. Here are fifteen tools that professionals recommend.

1. Pneumatic sander

The experts at Homestratsosphere recommend the pneumatic sander is a useful power tool for DIY enthusiasts for various home improvement and repair jobs. The air-driven sander lets you cover more ground faster. It’s the superior option for sanding large areas such as floors, walls, or in automotive jobs such as prepping a vehicle for repainting. They help lessen the tedium over hand sanders which can take hours or days more time than the air-powered versions. These tools are lightweight, easy to use, and they’re portable.

2. Air-powered hammer

Traditional hammers are great for small projects and doing small detail fastening jobs, but when you have a big job to complete, there is no replacement for an air-powered hammer. This useful pneumatic tool is ideal for completing heavy-duty jobs such as demolition work, taking down walls, and hammering large nails into wooden structures. You can find them in a variety of models such as a variable speed throttle that gives you control over the amount of power they deliver. They’re recommended by professional carpenters who find them to be a time-saving and convenient tool for speeding up big jobs.

3. Air-powered Drill

The air-powered drill is another essential for both homeowners and carpenters. Pneumatic drills are powerful tools that work with powerful airflow to tackle jobs both large and small. this type of drill is useful for carpenters and framers who have numerous holes to drill or screws to fasten. It’s used for various projects including enlarging holes in wood, metal, and other materials. Look for an air-powered drill with an ergonomic handle design and ball bearing construction. Some are designed with lower vibration features that make them prized over other models. This is a useful tool that no homeowner or DIY enthusiast should be without.

4. Pneumatic staple gun

Staple guns are also useful for upholstery jobs and for hanging complex decorations for special events. They use powerful streams of air to embed staples deeply into the surfaces to create a firm fastener for your projects. This type of stapler takes little effort to operate. They’re simple to use and make more time-consuming jobs such as putting up trim, go much faster. Pneumatic staple guns come with safety features that prevent accidental fire of staples, along with a trigger lockout mechanism to keep you safe while speeding through a big job.

5. Pneumatic Socket Wrench

Every mechanic, whether amateur or professional should own an air-powered socket wrench. It’s a handy tool that can be used for any job that requires loosening or tightening. They adapt to all-size nuts for fast and easy removal and replacement. You can also use these handy tools to remove lug nuts and replace them to the required tightness for safer driving. If you perform any type of auto repairs, the pneumatic socket wrench is an indispensable tool.

6. Pneumatic Grease Gun

Franklyn Tools recommends a pneumatic grease gun in your arsenal of essential air-powered tools. Traditional manual grease guns can take a lot of torque to use. Air-powered grease guns are powerful yet they’re designed to put you in full control of the flow. They’re easy to use and help you get the job done faster. They provide a continual flow of grease when required, so you don’t need to waste time and energy pumping a manual gun. The pros wouldn’t be without one.

7. Pneumatic Screwdriver

The pneumatic screwdriver is a powerful air tool that makes removing or fastening screws fast and easy. They’re essential for large and more time-consuming jobs. You’ll be amazed at the speed at which you can complete large construction projects. Professionals from all trades rely on pneumatic screwdrivers to save their arm and hand strength for other work. They cut the time spent on projects into fractions and make your projects move along at record speed. You can find pneumatic screwdrivers in a variety of sizes and grip designs. Some pneumatic screwdriver models look like traditional screwdrivers. They come with interchangeable heads to tackle all jobs that would require a regular screwdriver. No toolbox is complete without a pneumatic screwdriver to help simplify your fastening jobs both great and small.

8. Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is used to apply varying amounts of torque to make your projects go much easier than applying manual force. An impact wrench is another essential power tool that is used as a socket to loosen lug nuts that are rusted on and nearly impossible to remove through manual force. They use a powerful rotational force to tackle the tougher jobs and make them easy to complete. These wrenches deliver high-torque impact to take the frustration out of difficult jobs and get you moving on to your next phase of a project. These useful tools come in various models with variable speeds that put the control of the level of torque delivered in your hands. Impact wrenches are essential tools for auto mechanics, farmers, and anyone who deals with heavy equipment or even light equipment regularly. They’re also useful in various construction-related tasks. Most farmers and ranchers have this handy tool in their shops.

9. Pneumatic Speed Saw

A Pneumatic Speed saw is a welcome relief to anyone who has a big sawing job in front of them. They’re a practical tool that provides users relief from the physical fatigue of hand sawing. The pneumatic speed saw uses air compression to cut through wood, metal, and other projects with speed and precision versus the old-fashioned method of using all your energy and wearing your arm out. A pneumatic speed saw will dramatically reduce the amount of time that it takes to complete all your sawing projects. It works with speed and precision to achieve straight cuts. If you need to cut several pieces of lumber at once, you’ll be thankful to have this time and arm-saving tool. If you have a big woodworking project coming up, then you’ll be happy to have a pneumatic speed saw at your disposal.

10. Framing nailer

The framing nailer is the best friend of construction crews. Framing nailers help in completing heavy-duty nailing jobs. These tools are capable of helping you speed through big jobs. They use forceful air power to drive nails in the precise spot you position them. They eliminate the frustration of bent nails that take forever to pound into place. Framing nailers are industrial tools that streamline the process of driving nails. Most amateurs don’t use framing nailers because they’re a little on the expensive side, but once you use one of these time and energy-saving tools, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. They’re ideal for all types of carpentry jobs.

11. Pneumatic paint sprayer

A pneumatic paint sprayer comes in handy when it’s time to paint your home or outbuildings. They’re essential if you need to get a job done quickly. They cut down the time and energy it takes to paint a home. These systems spray paint with precision accuracy. This equipment is useful for medium and large-scale painting jobs. Paint sprayers have been around for a while and they’re reasonably priced. You can also use a paint sprayer if you’re repainting automobiles or fences. Paint sprayers are also considered industrial tools. They’re more practical for anyone who has a big job to get done. Even if you don’t use it for a few years, it will come in handy when you need it.

12. Pneumatic Blower

A pneumatic blower is something that everyone who owns an air compressor should have. They’re ideal for quick cleaning jobs such as spiffing up a shop, a sidewalk, a patio, or other outdoor areas. Pneumatic blowers harness the power of compressed air to blow out tight spots that are otherwise hard to reach. You can use them to clean up an engine or machinery that is cluttered with debris. They can blow old leaves from between fences and much more. Pneumatic blowers are also useful for removing dust and grime because they are powerful, yet lightweight to hold and operate. Many technicians who are in the restoration business regularly use pneumatic blowers to clean out hard-to-reach areas quickly. They’re useful for multiple applications and you’ll find yourself using them for new and interesting cleaning projects. This is an essential tool that you will never regret owning.

13. Pneumatic Shears

Pneumatic shears are useful for anyone who needs to cut through sheet metal. They are essential power stools for metal fabricators and anyone who needs to cut through metal. They’re much like tin snips on steroids. They save your hands and arms and do not require the use of your physical force, which helps to conserve your energy for other projects. Pneumatic shears can cut through metal sheets as easily as a pair of household scissors cut through paper. These are also precision tools that are lightweight, and easy to use, yet strong enough for heavy-duty jobs. They are useful for a variety of metal types including steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, and more. Pneumatic shears are also practical tools for crafters who work with metals.

14. Pneumatic die grinder

A pneumatic die grinder is another air-powered tool that will make your life easier. The die grinder is used by metal fabricators and carpenters to widen holes in metal, wood, or other solid materials. These useful tools also allow you to polish the edges and define the curves to prepare your projects for the net stage of development. These power tools are easy to use. They come in compact and angled designs that make working on metal simpler and faster.

15. Hydraulic Riveter

A hydraulic riveter comes in handy when you’re working with aluminum, copper, steel, or other metals that require the use of rivet fasteners. It takes skill and knowledge to place rivets, and this tool makes the job go faster and easier. This tool allows you to place rivets with precision, saving time over traditional methods of manually setting them. They’re easier on your hands than manual rivet guns.

Final thoughts

We’ve provided the most highly recommended air tools that are used by professionals in multiple industries. They know the value of a good power tool. Whenever you have a big project to complete, it’s wise to think about which tools will lessen the amount of time and effort it will take to complete each step of the job. It’s practical to try to save on time and energy, and the tools on our list can help you move through projects with record speed and accuracy. We’ve come a long way in our technology and these tools use the power of air in place of human effort. As you look through this list, think about the jobs you’ve done in the past, and how each might have helped you along the way. Not all of these air tools will be useful for everyone, but some of them are essentials for anyone who owns a home or works on carpentry or craft projects. We hope that you’ve found this guide on the most highly recommended air tools useful in helping you to determine how you can lighten your workload and make your projects move at a faster pace.

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