Everything You Need to Know About the Grandin Road Catalog

The Grandin Road Catalog offers a huge variety of Home decor items and accessories. After being introduced to Grandin Road a new world of possibilities opened up. It’s one of the most unique catalogs I’ve come across. There are so many great ideas and the products available change on a regular basis. If you’re looking for home decor products and ideas, then you should check out the Grandin Road catalog. Let me explain why it’s one of the best companies I’ve come across as I tell you everything that you need to know about the Grandin Road catalog, the history of the company, what you can expect to find and how you can order yours.

The history of Grandin Road

Before dealing with any online or through the mail catalog company, it’s a good idea to know who you’re buying from and make sure that the company is legitimate and in good standing their their current customers. It’s always good to know about the history of the company. Checking into the history of Grandin Road, I didn’t find a company that had been in business for a hundred years as expected. Instead, I learned that Grandin Road is a member of a larger sister company called Cornerstone Brands, Inc. The CBI group are direct marketers who form partnerships with companies and instead of absorbing them into the larger company, they allow them to retain their own brand identity and preserve their uniqueness while granting them enhanced purchasing power and operating facility. The first issue of the Grandin Road catalog was mailed out in March of 2003. The catalog has been in existence for a little over 16 years, offering high quality merchandise and outstanding customer service for those who make purchases from the catalogs.

What makes Grandin Road so Special?

Grandin Road has a special schedule for the release of their catalogs. They are sent out on a monthly format through the mail so you can have a hard copy to look through. Grandin Road also offers online versions of the catalogs so there are two ways that you can pore over their offerings and look at the newest monthly catalogs as they come out. They stick to a set of principles that have been in place since the inception of the company which includes ensuring that customers receive long term quality and value with each product, implementing forward moving technologies, treating employees well in a healthy environment, and ensuring that their business practices are the most beneficial for all stakeholders. Another reason that Grandin Road is such an excellent resource is the quality of their products. They offer indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories which are made of premium materials from trusted manufacturers and they take the quality of their products seriously and stand behind every sale.

The kinds of products you can expect to find

One of the companies that Grandin Road partners with is Safavieh’s, a unique family owned and operated company supplying Persian design area rugs. They chose the company because of its sense of family as well as history. Savavieh is a leader in the rug industry and they not only weave their own rugs but also import Oriental rugs and have been doing so for almost ninety years. The company has an excellent reputation and takes pride in the quality and value of the goods that they produce. The company has been in the family for three generations and is now ran by five brothers. This quality and history is passed on to Grandin Road customers.

Lighting for weddings

Grandin Road catalog also carries items which are useful for decor for weddings and other special ceremonies. They specialize in all things decor and if you’re planning a wedding and would like to get some good ideas on the lighting for your wedding or reception, it’s an excellent resource. I looked for reviews in this area and found just one but it was a glowing review from a couple who purchased globe string lights for their wedding reception, giving Grandin Road the highest praise for quality of service, value, flexibility, professionalism, average response time and their reasonable price.

Seasonal pop up stores

I also learned that Grandin Road has been known to surprise everyone with seasonal pop up stores like the one that they held at the Herald Square Macy’s Department store in New York City. This store gave New Yorkers a taste of what the Grandin Road merchandise is like in a small store that offered a special Halloween concept shop housed within Macy’s. The pop up was 1,400 square feet so it offered a good selection from their Halloween portion of the seasonal home decor products that they offer. The debut of this new marketing strategy took place in September of 2016 and it was a great idea to show off their product lines to customers who are wary of buying from online vendors or mail order catalogs with which they are not yet acquainted. Grandin Road plans to continue on with this tradition and there will be yet more pop up stores in the future.

Grandin Road’s collaboration with David Bromstad

Fans of the HGTV personality David Bromstad may be interested in knowing that Grandin Road entered into a collaborative effort with him in 2015 to develop a new line of furniture. The line will feature vibrant designs inspired by Bromstad and the quality of the furniture that they offer in this new collection meets with the high standards that Grandin Road has set for quality and durability. The( collection features unique colors, styling and texturing which fits in perfectly with Grandin Road’s philosophy and overall vision in the venture that included the Grandin Road design team working on the details with Bromstad.

Simple and affordable modern collections

Another example of what you can find in Grandin Road’s catalog is the Modern Coastal Home Collection. The furniture in this collection is designed to look like high end furniture that you would expect to cost a small fortune, but it’s actually quite affordable with nothing in the set costing more than $1,000 or less. The Grandin Road team partnered with famous designer Will Taylor to create this magnificent and affordable collection of indoor furnishings. It’s high style with the inclusion of furniture and accessories and accents which gives you an idea of the kind of things that you’ll find in the Grandin Road catalog.

The philanthropy of Grandin Road

It’s nice to deal with a company that gives back to the local community and beyond. This shows that they truly care about others and want to do their part to make the world a better place for us all. The company has established a campaign that is dedicated to assisting with a variety of charities. The Grandin Road Cares campaign is a program that helps to raise donations for important charities including Ronald McDonald’s House, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, UNICEF, Autism Speaks and habitat for Humanity, according to their website.

What others have to say about Grandin Road

One of the best resources for learning about a company before you shop with them is to consult consumer reviews. I pored over them and although there were a few dissatisfied customers, I learned several things about the company that is worth knowing. When it comes to quality, overall customers are satisfied with both the quality, longevity and the prices of the items they’ve purchased. Most items arrived to their destinations without any big surprises and were just as they were described in the catalogs and they tend to hold up very well over time.

Those who have had occasion to call customer service have had positive experiences. On occasion an item will come in damaged condition through no fault of the company, but things can happen during the shipping process. The company honored its word and replacements were sent out immediately. In addition, many of the customers who ordered area rugs reported that they looked as good ten years later as they day that they bought them, further proof that Grandin Road sells durable and high quality products which is in line with the high standards of performance that they set.

You can also find some great discounts for Grandin Road products

I also came across a site where I found several coupon codes that offered savings of up to 75% off of some merchandise when shopping with Grandin Road through their online or mail order catalog. The page offers some tips for shoppers as well such as when to look for the best deals on seasonal items from the company and when certain items are likely to be offered at the biggest discounts. It’s nice that the company helps customers to know the best times to purchase selected merchandise. They have special deals every week so it’s important to make sure and keep up with when they happen and what they’re offering for sale each week to maximize the savings. The page also tells about Grandin Road’s charity support campaign and lets you know how you can help in the fund raising effort.

You never known what you’ll find at Grandin Road

The New York Times features a tiny retro ceramic Christmas tree that was reminiscent of the 1970s era, which was for sale at Grandin Road. This is yet one more example of the unique items that you will come across as you’re looking through the pages both online or in the printed hard copies of the catalog. They offer everything from unique and decorative mailboxes for the outside of the home to pet furniture, and much more. This is just one more reason that I encourage everyone to check out Grandin Roads catalog.

How to get your Grandin Road Catalog

It’s easy to subscribe to the Grandin Road catalogs. You simply go to their request page on the official website of the company located online. You will be instructed on how to subscribe for your monthly copies of the publication and if you enroll in the Grandin Road’s Free E-list, they will give you free shipping on the next order that you place. They ask you to provide your first and last name and your mailing address so they can begin shipping the catalogs. You can request one or more catalogs from this page and there will be prompts for you to follow as you go. It isn’t complicated and it just takes a few minutes to complete. You’ll also get a few extra bonuses if you sign up for the free E-list. They send you invitations for the upcoming online promotions and previews of new products that are coming up as well as other important updates and order confirmation through your e-mail. If you don’t like receiving the notifications, you can unsubscribe any time that you want.

Final thoughts

Grandin Road catalog has only been around for about 16 years, but for some, it’s become a staple for their indoor and outdoor decor needs. The retailer carries a little bit of everything when it comes to interior and exterior furnishings and accessories. They even offer unique and hard to find items at reasonable prices. This is why I love getting my Grandin Road catalogs. I wanted to share the information with you, if you’re a thrifty shopper like me, who loves to find a great deal but insists on high quality products. Grandin Road is one of the best kept secrets that really needs to be told.

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