A Complete Guide to Reprogramming a Sentry Safe


Sentry safes are great for protecting important documents and valuables from loss through theft, fire, or other kinds of damage. They’re fireproof, waterproof, and offer security that is hard for would-be criminals to beat. It’s a good idea to change the code now and then, to ensure that there hasn’t been a breach in your security.

Unless you’re a safe-cracking expert, you may have some questions about how to reprogram the code for a reset of the security code. You’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know about the task with our complete guide to reprogramming a Sentry Safe. You’ll find a simplification of the process along with steps to make the job go smoother.

It’s hardest to do the first time around. After you’ve learned how once, you’ll be able to change the code whenever you feel the need for extra security. If you can’t find the manual and you don’t know what model you own, it won’t be a problem. We offer fast solutions to help you find all the information you will need without a hassle. You just need to spend a few moments of your time doing the research and following the directions.

Who needs this information?

Anyone who owns a Sentry Safe should know who to reset the code and reprogram their safe. It’s similar to reset your passwords on digital accounts online. There are quite a few situations that might make it necessary and wise to reset the code on your safe. Changes in relationship status with another person who has access to the safe might compromise the security of the contents.

If you suspect that someone has gained information about or guessed your code it’s not worth taking the chance. It’s also a good idea to change the code every six months in case someone has come across your information without your knowledge. Things happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may also forget the code, which can be frustrating if you don’t know how to reset it.

You can reset your Sentry Safe with the factory code

If you have a copy of the manual that came with your Sentry Safe, it contains the code that you need for recovering a lost code. This is the best scenario for a lost combination code. Each Sentry Safe comes with a factory code that remains the same unless you change it. It is located on the back of the owner’s manual.

How to reprogram your Sentry Safe code

Hunker provides the steps you need to take if you find yourself locked out of your Sentry Safe. To do this, you will need to gather some basic information about the safe. We lay the process out in a series of easy-to-follow steps, for your convenience.

Understanding how Sentry Safe lock codes work

The Indoor Haven explains that Sentry Safes are designed with various live locking bolts that function in a system of impulses triggered through the digital locking system. The security system is set to respond to a programmed sequence of keypad entries for your security. The system allows you to reset the patterns when needed but there are a few things to know. You must follow the steps to properly reset the code. Be aware that the safe will shut down and the keypad will stop responding for five minutes if you enter an incorrect code three times.

How to Reset a Sentry Safe when you forget the combination

Sentry Safe realizes that people forget passwords and safe combination lock codes. The company has built-in safeguards to help you recover your code and to reset your password when you forget or lose the information. It’s nothing to feel too bad about because it happens a lot. Stay calm, follow the recommendations below to recover the information that you need to access the contents of your safe.

Visit the Sentry Safe website

The first thing to do for a lot combination is to go directly to the Sentry Recover Your Combination site. You can find it at sentrysafe.com/CustomerCare/Lost_Your_Combination. You will be prompted to enter the information that identifies you as the owner of the safe. Enter your username and password to find the combination that you registered on the website when you originally set up the combination code. It’s as easy as supplying your information and clicking on the “Recover Combination” icon. This will take you directly to your registered combination code.

What if I didn’t register my combination code?

If you didn’t register your combination code, there is still a way to reset the passcode for your Sentry Safe. It’s a little more time-consuming. You will need to take another avenue, but the Sentry Safe website has you covered. While at the “Sentry Recover Your Combination website, you will need to click on another option, which is provided on the page.

The best option for people who did not register their information online is to click on the “download Notary Form.” You will need to find the Security Key Notarized or Lost Combination form and print it out. You will be asked to supply your name, address, phone number, and other information about the safe you purchased to prove you are the legal owner.

You must choose between a combo and keys or a combo, located at the top of the form. You will be charged a fee for this service and will need to choose a payment method, and state your preference for receiving the combination code. Sentry Safe will either send it via fax, mail, or email, depending on your selection.

After completing the form, you are required to take the form to a notary public to witness the signing and acknowledge it with an official seal. It can then be faxed to the Sentry Safe company, along with any other documents required to complete the process.

Who can access this information?

Even if you didn’t purchase the Sentry Safe, if you can show evidence that you are a representative that is legally entitled to access the contents of the safe, you can obtain the necessary information to unlock the safe. For example, if you are a legal heir, an authorized user, or spouse, and you can produce legal documents that either show power of attorney, or a legal right to the contents, the company will comply with your request.

How long does it take to complete the process and what does it cost?

Sentry Safe processes requests for combination recovery within 48 hours of receipt of the required documentation. To process the request promptly, you must complete all the requested information. If you leave any areas blank or do not provide any supporting documentation, the request may not be approved until you comply. The fee for completing this request is $20.

What if I lost the manual and I don’t know the model or serial number?

If you can’t find your manual that came with the safe, it’s not the end of the world. There are a few more solutions to help ease the stress and get you back into the safe. Here is how to get the information you need.

Step 1: Identify the product, model number, and serial number

Before you can do anything else you need to know the type of SentrySafe product you own. If you have a manual that came with the safe, this is the best way to gather the necessary information. If you can’t remember them or you don’t have the manual, it’s still okay. You can go to the official SentrySafe website to find the product image of the safe you own and find all of the necessary information there. It’s not a difficult thing to do. The website offers a red-dot identifier to help.

Step 2: Locate the owner’s manual

Once you find the safe type, the model, and the serial number, you can find the owner’s manual that is specific to the safe you own on the website.

3. Follow the steps for requesting a new combination code as outlined above.

How to reprogram your combination code

The method for reprogramming the combination code on your Sentry Safe is not difficult if you have access to opening the door. Use the methods mentioned above to gain access. Here are the necessary steps for reprogramming your code once you have the factory code.

Step 1: Open the safe

Start by pressing the “P” key. This will cause a green light to flash. You will have five seconds to input the five-digit factory code. It is time-sensitive so you should be prepared to punch in the code immediately. To reprogram a user code, press the “P” key. Then, input the factory code. At this point, the light should flash green, and you can input your five-digit user code. Don’t dilly dally because you only have five seconds to enter the user code. When you get the door open, it’s essential to know that it will need to stay open during the entire process to reprogram the code. Do not close the door of the safe during this process.

Step 2: Begin the code reprogramming sequence

Begin the code reprogramming process by pushing the pound sign (#), on the keypad, then enter the factory master code, followed by the pound sign for the second time. Your safe will produce a steady orange light. It will flash for just ten seconds. While the orange light is on, press the number one, followed by the pound sign on the keypad. Enter the new master code and push the pound sign again.

Step 3: Repeat the new master code

Enter the new sequence for the master code on the keypad again, followed by the pound sign. You’ll know you entered everything correctly when the orange light goes out.

Tips for reprogramming a Sentry Safe combination code

  • -Have the required information on hand and ready to use during the process. The reprogramming setup works on a timed response system. You will have between five to ten seconds to enter the numbers and symbols on the keypad.
  • -Keep the safe door open during the reprogramming process. It won’t work if the door closes.
  • -Store the owner’s manual for your Sentry Safe in a secure location that only you can access.
  • -Register your Sentry Safe through the official website, setting up a username and password for easy retrieval of the access code in case you forget it.

Final thoughts

The ideal method for reprogramming your Sentry safe code is to retrieve the master code from the owner’s manual that comes with each new Sentry Safe sold. It contains the information you will need to change the code. If you lost the manual and can’t remember your code, you may still gain access to the contents of the safe and reset the code, but the process becomes more time-consuming.

It will cost a $20 fee each time you opt to use the customer service resources to rest the code. It’s essential to record the code for your Sentry Safe and keep it in a secure place, away from the safe, but in a spot, you will remember. You should always register your Sentry Safe and the code on the official Sentry Safe website. You will need to create an account and supply a username and password for access to the information.

Each time you reprogram the code, you need to update the changes through your user account to make it faster and easier to unlock the safe if you forget your combination code. It can save you the $20 fee and the hassle of providing notarized documents to gain access to the code.

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