A Checklist For Keeping Your Flooring Kid-Friendly

You’ve gotta love kids! They’re full of energy and they help to keep you young, (or exhausted), from all they do and get into and you chasing after them all day. If you have kids, then you know how active they are, and how rough on things they can be, from their toys to everything around them in your home. With kids in the home, you’re probably already familiar with the effects they can have on your flooring. You’ve probably experienced all types of accidents happening on your floor, from dropping things, spills, toys being drug from one end of the room to the other and everything in between. Your flooring takes a real beating. Aside the damage kids can do to your floors, certain types of flooring are actually more dangerous for kids, which is why it’s important to choose kid-friendly flooring for many reasons. Not only will choosing kid-friendly flooring help keep your kids safe, but it will help to keep your flooring looking newer and nicer for longer periods of time. If you have kids and are in the process of remodeling your home or upgrading your flooring, keeping your kids in mind when choosing flooring should play a big role in the type you choose. We have a checklist to help you keep your flooring kid-friendly.

Safety is important

For most parents, safety is the number factor when it comes to just about anything in the home, and this goes for flooring. Kids love to run and play and accidents are part of childhood, so if this is a big concern of yours as a parent, you’ll want to know which types of flooring offer the most benefits when it comes to safety. When safety comes to mind, most parents think about trips and fall injuries. If trips and falls are a big concern, keeping your kids’ landing a little softer is possible with carpeted areas. Of course, carpet isn’t a great choice for the kitchen, but you can find other kid friendly flooring that’s also aesthetically appealing to coordinate with your carpeted areas.


It’s expected that your floors will definitely show some wear and tear over time when you have kids, and some more than others due to the type of flooring you choose, and exactly how rough and tumble your kids are in the home. Having a type of flooring that’s a bit tougher and forgiving when you have kids is definitely a plus, which is what Stock Cabinet Express suggests, and cork flooring just happens to be one type of flooring that gives you a little reassurance when you see a sizable toy being drug across the floor. For parents with active kids, durability should be high on the checklist for sure. Here’s a bonus that comes with the durability of cork, it’s also antimicrobial, which means it repels mold. That’s a safety issue you could scratch off your list of worries, too.

Long lasting

Kids don’t grow up over night. No, once you have them, they’re around for many years and you want your flooring to last in your home for years, too. Freshome considers a long lasting flooring choice as an important one considering that no one likes to have to replace their flooring, especially when the cost of raising children is so expensive , who needs the added expense of having to rip of flooring that wouldn’t hold up, before you should have to?

Noise resistant

We all know how noisy a home can be with the pitter-patter of little feet, and the occasional running, jumping, and thumping that always seem to follow. The wrong flooring can accentuate those loud noises, but the right type of flooring can help absorb some of the noises you get with kids. Choosing a flooring that is noise resistant is a wise choice, especially if you have more than one child, where the noise factor can quickly grow.

 Easy to maintain

Kids keep you busy from sun-up to sundown. Who has time to constantly be cleaning and maintaining their floors? Not many parents I know. You’re always looking for ways to cut corners and cut back on time cleaning when you’re a busy parent, so for those who can think of better ways to spend their time when raising young kids, picking out a flooring type that is easy breezy to maintain is definitely one that should be on your checklist. At Build Direct, you’ll see several flooring choices that make the cut for homes with kids, and laminate is one flooring choice that’s easy-to-care-for.


Of course when it comes to keeping your kids safe and healthy, that’s job one when choosing flooring for your home. But you also want your home to look and feel warm, welcoming and look aesthetically pleasing from room-to-room. That’s why doing your homework on all your flooring options is important before you rush to remodel your home with new flooring that may not have been the best choice for you. With so many flooring options, you can find the perfect flooring to meet all your needs for a kid friendly home.

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