What Type of Portable Generator is best for you?

Portable Generator

If you live in an area that experiences a frequent power outage, a generator is a good emergency power backup. Extreme weather conditions are causing portable generators to be a suitable solution. Portable generators supply power at home, on construction sites, camping, and hosting events like barbeques. They have recently become more affordable, making purchasing and maintaining one easy. It is important to plan where you will use your portable generator. Picking the right one will help you power the needed appliance with ease. The following are the best portable generators on the market.

7. EU22ooi Companion Portable Generator

If you are looking for a super quiet and very portable generator, the Honda inverter generator is one of the best. It is half the weight and size of other models, making it easy to pick, pack in a vehicle and move around. This generator is fully enclosed, making it slip in small spaces without getting attached to anything. The fully enclosed surface is a significant feature because it helps to contain noise and protects the inverter electronic pieces. The Honda portable generator is extremely quiet. The typical sound level is 68.9 decibels under standard operation. When switched to eco mode, it does not use the power, which reduces the engine speed, and the sound level is 76 decibels. According to Nytimes, the engine size is 121cc with a running watt of 1,800. This portable generator can run a fridge, radio, laptop, LCD TV, four CFL lights, and a box fan simultaneously.

6. Predator 9500

Predator 9500 is the perfect portable generator for individuals looking for lots of power and a generator with plugs instead of cables. It is one big inverter manufactured by Harbor Freight. The generator has enough power to light all the crucial circuits in a medium-sized home. The fact that it is a big generator makes it necessary to set it on four wheels to facilitate moving around. It is possible to power various appliances simultaneously, like two air conditioners, a table saw, a planer, and a portable heater. The generator is relatively quiet, and you can easily converse with people while it is running. Other valuable features include running watts of 7600 and weighing 257 lb.

5. Generac IQ3500

iQ3500 is your go-to generator if you are looking for a super compact and portable generator with a metallic enclosure. It is a great compact generator to use as an emergency home backup or on job sites. The generator comes with two sturdy handles and metallic doors, making it a well-built and durable machine. It is convenient to use the switch button for an electric start. There is no fuel gauge, but the LCD screen makes it easy to gauge fuel usage and maintain performance. The running watts are 3000, and it weighs in at 109.1 lb. The Generac generator can supply power to a laptop and simultaneously charge a mobile device, refrigerator, and coffee maker.

4. Champion 4650-Watt Dual Fuel

If you are in a place where you can only access gas or propane, carry the champion inverter portable generator. The generator is packed with multiple values besides the ability to run on either propane or gas. When you want to monitor the generator, it has a symmetrical sine wave that appears when the planer or saw is turned on. TDH is originally at 0%, but it flips to 3.7 when the saw is on. Additional features include an RV-style plug and 30-amp. It is suitable to power a medium camper and comes in handy as an emergency home power backup. The champion generator can simultaneously power a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, charge a laptop, and a mobile device.

3. Briggs & Stratton 3500 Portable

Briggs & Stratton is a 120 lb generator with wheels and a folding handle to facilitate moving. The main advantage of this generator is it has a fuel gauge to monitor fuel usage so that there are no surprises in fuel consumption. According to Cnet, the sound level without any load is 89.1 decibels, while under a load is 90.1 decibels. If you are 25 feet away, the sound is measured at 73.2 decibels. This generator has a slight deterioration in the sine wave, which necessitates the use of a surge protector and power strip when using sensitive electronics like a refrigerator

2. Champion 5500 Dual Fuel

It is similar to the Champion 4650 as it allows you to use propane and gasoline to power the generator during an emergency. The fact that the generator can run on propane makes it easier because propane is stable and does not gum up when stored for long periods. It also comes in handy when there is a gas shortage, especially during heavy storms that destroy power grids. The running watts are slightly reduced if you switch gasoline for propane. When you test this generator, you will discover it runs a little quieter when using propane. The sound level with a load is 78.3 decibels when you are 25 feet away, unlike gasoline at 81.5 decibels.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 3000x

The Yeti generator is a silent machine that is suitable for indoor use. The price of the generator keeps decreasing as we witness technological improvement. It is often used as a reliable source of electricity on weekends during camping trips and to charge computers and phones when working from the home office. According to Motor1, this generator has a 2000 watts AC inverter and a lithium-ion battery. It can be used to simultaneously run large appliances and a couple of small ones at home, making it a lifesaver during a power outage. The goal zero generator has a sturdy and compact body carried on a wheeled frame, making it portable and easy to use.


A portable generator is a good investment if you live in an area with frequent storms resulting in a power outage. You can also use the generator during camping or to power appliances during a home improvement project. Some portable generators are expensive, and it may be challenging to select the right one, but it is always worth the investment.

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