Pierre Cardin’s Spectacular Palais Bulles


Pallais Bulles or Bubble Palace is an important architectural symbol near Cannes, France, to illustrate the mastery of innovative architect Antti Lovag. The project was built between 1979 and 1984 and it was originally commissioned by a rich industrialist, who died before the construction to be done. After that, famous designer Pierre Cardin stepped in, invested 50 million francs and closely supervised the project, getting really involved.

With a total occupied territory of 1,200 square meters, Pallais Bulles is an architectural masterpiece, having such a modern, even futuristic approach. It has 28 round bedrooms resembling to soap bubbles, a panoramic lounge, swimming pool and even an open amphitheater.

Natural curves into environment make not only an outstanding architecture, but a very inspiring and intriguing new experience, having to deal with round walls on the interior, kind of making you feel like in a fairytale. That is spectacular, for sure!

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