How to Figure Out the Best Bed Size For a Guest Room

A guest room is a kind of bedroom. As a result, it needs a bed for it to serve its intended function. Thanks to this, choosing a bed will be one of the most critical steps in furnishing a guest room. Part of that process is determining the best bed size. Something that can be harder and easier than it seems on initial consideration.

Here are some suggestions for figuring out the best bed size for a guest room:

Measure the Bedroom

Serta and other resources often recommend measuring a bedroom. Interested individuals might be tempted to eyeball things. However, a tape measure provides much more reliable numbers. That will be particularly important when communicating that information to others.

Imagine describing a bedroom’s size to a mattress salesperson based on pure memory, which won’t be fun for either individual involved in the interaction.

Several things should always be measured. First, there is the bedroom itself. After all, that puts hard limits on the size of the bed that can be squeezed into it. Second, there are potential bed locations.

Bedrooms aren’t designed the same. As a result, what makes sense for one won’t necessarily make sense for another. Thanks to that, people will need to come up with some potential bed locations that work for their guest room before measuring them.

Third, there are doors, windows, and other elements capable of influencing the bed’s placement. It is very much possible for people to buy a mattress that can fit in a bedroom but not through the entrance leading to the bedroom. Suffice it to say that is something to be avoided.

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Imagine How Various Beds Would Fit in the Available Space

Annoyingly, bed sizes aren’t universal, even though they can sometimes sound universal. As a result, interested individuals should always check American Mattress and other resources to figure out the exact size ranges for their local mattresses.

Once they have done so, they can imagine how various beds would work in their guest room. That means picturing how the bed would look in the space.

Similarly, that means thinking about how people would go to bed, get out of bed, dress for the day, and otherwise use the guest room with that bed in it. Imagining how various beds would work in the guest room is far from perfect. Still, it gives people some perspective on their mattress choices.

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Think About the Intended Occupants

People should have a good idea of their guest room’s intended occupants. That way, they can narrow down their mattress options. For example, if they want to rent their guest room to lone individuals, they don’t need to consider anything meant to accommodate more than one sleeper.

In contrast, if they expect a wide range of guests, they should check out bigger mattress sizes because there is a limit to how many people can fit in a smaller bed even when they squeeze themselves in.

The narrower the range of expected guests, the more effective this method becomes.

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Consider the Budget

As always, the budget should be a major consideration. If anything, this is truer for guest rooms than for standard bedrooms. After all, the latter see much more consistent use, meaning it makes sense to get better but more expensive mattresses for them.

In contrast, guest rooms often see much less use. Due to that, interested individuals might want to go for something more affordable so long as other critical considerations have been met.

There are various ways to reduce a mattress’s overall cost by choosing less expensive options. Still, size is always one of the more influential determinants. That means people should go for a smaller mattress if they want to keep their spending on their guest room lower than otherwise possible.

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What Other Considerations to Remember When Choosing a Bed For a Guest Room?

Size isn’t the only important consideration when choosing a guest room mattress. As a result, interested individuals should be careful to avoid tunnel vision. If they focus on size to the exclusion of other considerations, they could make a choice they will regret in the long run. Fortunately, My Move  and other resources have much to say on this topic, meaning people should use them.

For instance, the comfort of the mattress is surprisingly important, particularly when people care greatly about those expected to use their guest room. This doesn’t always mean getting the softest mattress possible.

Some people do indeed prefer a softer bed. In contrast, others want a firmer mattress with more support, whether because they don’t enjoy sinking into it or for some other reason.

Once again, the range of expected guests matters. If people are expecting only specific individuals, they can get something tailored to those people’s preferences.

Otherwise, chances are good that they will be better off with a bed that is neither too hard nor too soft because that should enable them to accommodate the widest range of sleepers.


What Should be Avoided?

Of course, some things should be avoided when choosing a bed for a guest room. Buying a used option is almost always a terrible idea, though the exact combination of reasons can see some variation from case to case.

Bed bugs are a common concern. They aren’t known to spread any diseases. Even so, most people have an understandable aversion to being bitten by insects, which results in itchiness, inflammation, and other unpleasant symptoms. Unfortunately, bed bugs are notoriously tenacious pests.

These insects can survive for months between meals. On top of this, they are surprisingly resilient to temperature variation, particularly since they are often concealed in beds and bedding.

Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can kill them. Similarly, bed bugs die at around 119 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, while bed bug eggs die at around 125 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Between these extremes, they tend to do just fine, which is one more reason for their resilience. As such, used beds should be avoided unless people have very good reason to believe they will be fine in this regard.

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