Five Types of Chairs Specifically For Small Living Rooms

Decorating any small space is a challenge. A small living room is a major challenge. It is the room that has the bulkiest furniture. It is the room that gets used the most. It is the room that requires extra seating for entertaining guests or gathering with the family. Furnishing a small living room, whether an apartment, a cottage, or simply a small home, requires innovative thought.

When furnishing and decorating a small living room, some key things will help create a roomier feeling. Lighting is important. Make good use of natural lighting and add mirrors. Use wallpaper that will open the room up. Hang artwork vertically to create the look of a larger room. Sofas can be small or backless. A sectional works well because it provides ample seating and takes up the space of an unused corner. Small end tables and a simple coffee table won’t clutter the small space. Furniture that doubles as storage is a wise idea to eliminate clutter in the small living room. But what about the chairs? What type of chairs provide seating and charm without cluttering a small living room?

Here are 5 types of chairs specifically for small living rooms.

Antique Chairs

There was a time when homes and rooms were all small. Quaint and cozy, the living room was meant to be a comfortable place to gather with friends and family. Antique furniture worked then and will work well now in a small living room. Louis XVI chairs will add elegance to a small living room without taking up a lot of space. Marie Antoinette helped make the style popular when she decorated her quarters at the Palace of Versailles. The chairs she used were Greek and Roman neoclassical style. Craftsman like Henri Jacob molded chairs from cherry, walnut and beech wood. The chairs were gilded and painted. The upholstery most often was floral adding color that matched the room’s wallpaper. When choosing chairs for the small living room, consider antiques or antique replicas.

Low Seating

Low seating is popular in Japanese interior design and was seen often in mid-twentieth century interior design. Low seating chairs are modern and comfortable. They fit into a small living room nicely. These chairs feature low backs and exposed legs for an open look. Low seating chairs can be mixed and matched to create a comfortable conversation area in the home. Low seating often features soft upholstery like low pile chenille which can add pops of color to the room to create a modern atmosphere. Low seating chair is modern, contemporary and hip.

Club Chairs

Club chairs provide a stylish cozy place to relax and to have conversation. They work well in any living room and can bring a traditional look to a small living room. Club chairs are basically arm chairs. Yes, they take up space, but the club chair doesn’t have to be bulky. The art deco style club chair began to be seen in the nineteenth century, particularly in gentleman’s clubs where men would gather to converse about politics while enjoying a drink and a cigar. Club chairs can be upholstered in leather, but they can also be seen upholstered in fabric. The club chair can be used as an accent piece in a small living room. They add coziness and warmth in an apartment or cottage.

Ottomans, Tufts and Poufs

The ottoman provided central seating during the Ottoman Empire and became popular in Europe and America in the eighteenth century. The Ottoman, the Tuft and the Pouf are fabric covered seats without backs or heads. They are cushioned and comfortable. They can be used as sectional pieces or stand alone seating. Ottomans can double as storage space in a small living room. They can be floated. The ottoman provides a comfortable seating area and can be an accent to the room.

Desk and Dining Chairs

In a particularly small living room, desk and dining chairs can be added to the room to provide extra seating without the bulk. These small framed chairs can be used as accent pieces. The chairs are often made of wood. They can feature a wooden seat or be covered with a fabric upholstered cushion for comfort. The dining or desk chair is a versatile addition to a small living room.

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