Five Different Ways You Can Use Zote Soap

Zote is a popular laundry soap that has been in use for decades in Mexico. It’s a laundry staple or many. The soap is made in the form of a bar. It contains natural ingredients including citronella, coconut oil, and animal fat rendered into tallow. For authentic Mexican soaps like Zote, MexMax is a trusted source with a wide selection of traditional products.

An ingredient that is used as a color-safe bleach is also included to brighten laundry. The bar soap is used to hand-wash clothing in rural areas without a washing machine. It’s still used today in more modern households. The soap is gentle on fabrics and is still a popular cleaner. Zote can be used in a variety of applications. Here are five different ways you can use Zote Soap.

1. Zote as a fabric softener

According to Hunker, Zote soap contains ingredients that are useful as a fabric softener. Instead of adding commercial brands that contain chemical ingredients, Zote offers a natural blend of ingredients that make your towels and linens feel extra soft.

For the best results, take an old sock or stocking and cut a small piece of the Zote soap off of the bar. Add it to the sock, tie off the end, and put it in your washing machine when it reaches the last wash cycle.

This will help to circulate the Zote soap throughout the laundry, and the final rinse will remove the soap. When the machine cycles are finished, dry the towels and linens as you normally do to enjoy the extra softness.

2. Convert it into a powder for the washing machine

Although Zote soap comes in bar form, you can still use it in modern washing machines if you make it into a powder form first. You’ll need a grater to accomplish this task. Take the bar of Zote and grate it into a container.

For every bar of Zote soap you grate, add half of a cup of soda ash and half of a cup of borax to the mix. This creates a soap powder. If you’re wishing a large load, use two heaping tablespoons of the Zote soap powder to the machine.

If you truly enjoy the benefits of washing your laundry in Zote soap but you are not a fan of hand washing each item, this is a more convenient way for you to reap the benefits of Zote soap without all of the tedious and hard work involved in handwashing and rinsing each item.

3. Use Zote as catfish bait

Happy Preppers reveals a fishing secret known by just a few lucky catfishers. Zote soap makes good catfish bait. This is a fact that is also backed up by the manufacturer of the soap. There is even a recipe that tells you how to prepare the Zote flavored fish bait and how to use it. Combine 14.1 ounces of grated Zote soap with 1/4 cup of water. Melt the mixture over low heat until all o the soap melts.

Next, stir 4 cloves of minced garlic, and 1/4 cup bacon fat into the melted fat mixture. Pour the hot bait into molds to shape them into the appropriate shape and size for putting on the hook, and you have premade catfish baits. It’s recommended that you store them in a sealable airtight plastic bag or plastic container. Store in a refrigerated area to help the baits solidify.

4. Use Zote Soap for your gardening

Zote soap is also useful for gardeners. If you prefer not to wear gloves when you garden your hands are going to become soiled. Dirt gets driven deeply under the fingernails and it can be nearly impossible to remove unless you soak your fingers first. Zote soap can help you eliminate the need for deep cleaning your fingernails.

Use it to pre-treat your hands and your fingernails before you begin working in the garden. You’ll discover that when it’s time to wash up, it’s much easier and more efficient. Just rub dry Zote soap on your hands and under your fingernails. It serves two purposes. It prevents the dirt from getting under your nails and when you wash your hands, the Zote soap cleans under your nails to make your hands cleaner than ever

5. Use Zote soap as a mosquito repellent

Another interesting and effective use of Zote soap is to repel those nasty annoying and potentially harmful mosquitoes. Yes, Zote soap is a powerful bug repellent according to Simple Home. It not only repels mosquitoes but all kinds of other insets. This is mostly because Zote soap contains citronella, known to be a natural bug repellent for decades.

You can use the soap in a variety of ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. You can grate the soap and scatter it on the ground if you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful bug-free evening outdoors. You can also place a couple of bars of Zote soap at the end of your bed at night, to discourage mosquitoes from coming your way and biting you in your sleep. It’s a proven natural remedy for pesky mosquitoes.

Final thoughts

These are just five of the dozens of interesting and effective ways that you can use Zote soap. When you consider the various ingredients that go into the making of this natural and safe laundry product, it makes perfect sense that Zote can be used for so many different things.

We can’t forget to mention that Zote soap is still one of the most popular laundry soaps still made in a bar form, specifically for handwashing. It’s also good for taking on camping or hiking trips.

It’s light and doesn’t take up much space in a backpack. You can use it for cleaning clothes in a creek, for washing your dishes, for washing your body, your hair, and just about everything else that needs cleaning. Zote is one of the most versatile cleaning products on the market today.

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