Check Out John Mayer’s $13.4 Million Beverly Hills Home

Before John Mayer took ownership of his spectacular $13.4 million dollar home, a fellow friend of Mayer’s, John Levine was the owner. Mayer is a highly successful signer and songwriter, accumulating a number of Grammy’s in his career. Being so successful, you can imagine that he would reside in a home much like many other successful musicians and Hollywood actors, would. You may recognize his name, or possibly one of his biggest songs ever released, Your Body is a Wonderland, but either way, you will be amazed at his $13.4 Million dollar home. It promises to make your mouth water with its beautiful design and decor theme. So if you’re ready to step inside another gorgeous California mansion owned by one of the most popular soft rock and Blue’s artists, then let’s check out John Mayer’s five bedroom and seven bathroom, $13.4 Million Beverly Hills home. You’ll fall in love with all the unique looks and design themes this home has to offer.

The open floor plan is and super spacious allowing you to create multiple living spaces all in close proximity. You have a large L-shaped sofa and chairs for a sitting area along with an adjacent pool table for entertaining friends. Another sitting area faces the large sliders that allow for beautiful views just outside, and close-up, you a beautiful wood dining table that seats a number of people, which is great when you have as many friends as Mayer probably has. The table is next to the open and spacious kitchen and the stone floor continues all throughout the room.

The kitchen is big and roomy, and talk about natural light, it’s got all you could want or need to work in this kitchen, all while having a beautiful view to admire while you cook, or sit at the island bar eating, or just hanging out with the chef. The huge sliders allow you to come and go directly to the pool and pool deck, and if you’re entertaining outside by the pool, what an easy trip back and forth to the kitchen for snacks and drinks. The beautiful stone flooring is not only a gorgeous layout for the space, but it’s very functional if you are moving in and out from the pool area to the kitchen – stunning and practical.

There’s nothing like getting completely comfy and cozy to enjoy a good movie, and if this home theater doesn’t scream both, then I don’t know where else you could find this kind of plush seating and perfect movie environment than here. The beautiful cobalt blue seating looks like you could just sink right in and sit for hours watching one flick after another. If you want popcorn and a drink, better already have it with you because you probably won’t want to get up once you get settled. It’s the perfect home theater to host friends and family for a great movie night.

More beautiful stone surrounds this spectacular pool with ta view. Who wouldn’t find this to be a relaxing setting to get some sun or take a swim? The simplicity of the pool and pool deck are some of the greatest appeals to it. It’s not overly crowded with pool furniture, plants or other elements that many people like to include around their pool. Just a simple, crystal clear pool with amazing views of the Los Angeles Canyons. It’s the perfect ingredient for a spectacular afternoon with friends and a delicious cocktail. Besides the indoor pool table and outdoor swimming pool, the property also boasts a basketball court for further fun with your friends when you’re up to a little sports competition.

Mayer’s long and wide drive in is surrounded by beautiful foliage, lined on both sides of the drive. You can almost get the feeling you’re in the tropics when you drive up the drive to the front of the gorgeous ranch style home, especially when you’re greeted with the spectacular and majestic palm just before reaching the top of the drive. The drive starts with a dramatic gated entrance, and whether you walk or drive the entire drive in, you will have a beautiful sight to take in as you make your way to the house. The home was also designed with a two-story car collector’s building and private elevator to maneuver between the levels. Wonder how many cars Mayer’s has already gotten stored in his garage, but if it isn’t full yet, I’m sure it won’t take him long to fill it up, if he has a love of cars like many celebrities often do.

Windows and glass doors all around, make this one of the most beautiful, light, bright and airy homes in the area. Cathedral type ceilings are dramatic and boasts beautiful wooden beams all throughout. The floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace creates a spectacular focal point for the room and I can only imagine how warm and cozy it makes the entire area when it’s got a roaring fire going. A good book, a gathering of friends and family, a few drinks or coffee to sip on, and you’ve got the perfect winter night planned.

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