Check out Edward Norton’s $5.2 Million Malibu Home

Ed Norton was born in Boston on August 18, 1969. Despite being born to a well-to-do family, Norton paved his own way to a very successful career in Hollywood. His love of acting started when he was just a kid. At the young age of five, Norton watched his babysitter perform in a theatrical and decided that was the career he wanted to pursue and accepted a role in the theatrical, Annie Get Your Gun shortly after. All through high school, Norton continued his love of acting, while also playing his favorite sport, basketball. After graduation, Norton headed to Yale where he majored in history, Japanese, and astronomy, and continued acting, by participating in several undergraduate productions. Although acting remained in his blood, Norton put the dream of a Hollywood career on hold for three years after graduating from Yale and traveled to Japan to lend a hand to his grandfather with his company. It was in 1994 that Norton finally decided to put all other endeavors aside and totally focus on his acting, which started with his move to New York. Norton was cast in several off-Broadway plays and eventually got an audition for a courtroom thriller, Primal Fear, opposite Richard Gere. His audition blew everyone away, and the rest is history.

After years of a successful film career, there’s no doubt that Ed Norton could begin to afford all the luxuries that a successful actor could, including a beautiful home. For 10 years, Norton owned a home in Malibu that he purchased for $2.72 million and recently listed for $5.25 million. While many successful actors go all-out and purchase lavishly big homes, Norton loved the quaintness of the 1920’s built, 1000 square foot home that also includes 34 feet of beach-front property. The three bedroom, two-bath, Malibu style home has lots of views to offer throughout the home, not to mention, the beautiful use of wood throughout, gives the home a warm and cozy look and feel. Whether Ed Norton is a favorite actor of yours or not, his tastefully decorated Malibu home may really appeal to you, so let’s take a peek inside and see what kind of style Norton has when it comes to decorating his pricey beachfront, Malibu home.

The TV room and home bar is spacious and boasts plenty of wood, from the floors, to walls, ceiling and bar. A blue L-shaped lounging sofa sits against a wall that allows for views of the gorgeous wood piano across the room, with a large screened TV mounted above. Multiple types of lighting are used to accent the room for both function and ambiance.

For a beautiful ocean view, the living room is the perfect place to relax and enjoy views of the blue sea from the wall of over-sized windows, whether you want to curl up on the sofa, chair, or have a meal up close to the view at the table by the windows. On a chilly night, if it’s possible in Malibu, the beautiful white brick fireplace will warm you right up and cozy-up the room in no time.

You can’t beat having breakfast or dinner with a view like this. You can perfectly see the deep blue ocean for miles and watch the waves wash on shore while eating at Norton’s retro looking dining set. The ageless 70’s era look is noted in the rectangular table and chair set, as well as the stylish hanging lights above. To add the sounds of the ocean to the view, simply sliding the windows open can give you the entire experience for a perfectly relaxing meal.

The master bedroom offers the same ambiance, with beautiful ocean views and relaxing sounds. Natural tones that mimic the beachy tones just outside, are used to complete the simple look of the room. For easy access to the deck and beach, doors at the foot of the bed open up and lead you straight to the deck as well as to a private piece of the beach just beyond. A picnic table is set up on the deck, and it’s the perfect spot to have a little lunch before heading to the beach for a little play and R&R.

Behind the cozy white sofa and chair in the sitting area is a cozy little white kitchen that overlooks the same views of the ocean. How relaxing would it be to fix your meals while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach? There’s no question that you would feel like your life was a continuous vacation when you get to enjoy the beach life every day and from every room in the house.

What better way to start your day with a cup of coffee while sitting on your balcony that gives you even better views, or maybe a nightcap while overlooking the moon on the water is the way you’d prefer to end  your day in this Malibu home. Norton surely enjoyed his balcony view of the expansive ocean view, and whoever purchases Norton’s cozy little beachfront home will surely enjoy all the benefits of an oceanfront property as well.

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