20 Beautiful Rooms with a Joss & Main Influence

Joss and Main are a big influence in the home decor world. They have inspired many different looks and styles that are warm and cozy and make a home feel welcoming. Their unique styles can be found in everything having to do with decorating your home, from furniture, to window treatments, lighting, rugs, art pieces, even planters, and so much more. Their brand of design is often to referred to country chic, but no matter your decor theme, you are sure to find pieces in their long list of home decor selections, to fit your style and taste. If you are familiar with the brand that has taken home decorating by storm but aren’t sure how to incorporate their look into your home, we have some tips that might help you get started so you can cozy-up your home by adding the Joss and Main style in your decorating pattern.

Add touches of coziness to your living room

When it comes to your living room, nothing says cozy like soft, warm and fluffy. Adding textures to your living room make it look and feel homey and welcoming, and Joss and Main know just what types of textures help to a sense of coziness to your living room. Throw pillows, throws, soft rugs and comfy ottomans or poufs are the perfect way to kick back and relax. Whether you are having a gathering of friends and family, or just relaxing alone with a good book on the sofa, it’s the textural details that give your living room that make it a place you’ll want to be.

Use color to add depth and dimension to any room

Joss and Main love colors and they use a wide range of color schemes in their decor items. Whether you love to experiment with colors or stick with understated neutral tones, Joss and Main give you so many options with color pallets that you won’t have any trouble finding exactly what you want and love. One of Joss and Main’s decorating tips for keeping a room fresh and updated, is to incorporate a few new smaller decor pieces, like a couple of new throw pillows for your sofa, or throw, or piece of artwork. And if you want to have your new decor pieces really make an impact on your room, nothing says it better than a dark or bold color, so don’t be afraid to interject small hints of bolder hues into a room to give the space a fresh new look and feel.

Create the perfect lighting for every room

Joss and Main know that lighting is the most important element in creating a specific atmosphere in every room. When it comes to choosing your lighting, Joss and Main can help you pick the perfect lighting elements for your home, from wall sconces, floor and table lamps, overhead light fixtures, even candles. You can create the perfect look and feel for every room in your home with Joss and Main’s choices in lighting.

Just a little bit country

Joss and Main love the country cottage look. The country cottage decor theme has always been a favorite for decorators and home owners alike. It is also one that has stood the test of time, spanning over generations, with no end in sight. Country cottage decor is one that fits anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you live in the quaintest of rural towns, or the middle of the inner city, there’s nothing that will help to create a more relaxed and simplistic lifestyle than the decor elements used to create a country cottage home. For those who want a bit more rustic look, Joss and Main also have plenty of ideas for creating a modern farmhouse look, too. They have brought the farm life into the modern age and have created lots of decor items that are new, fresh and modern to keep your home updated.

Let your ideas flow when it comes to decorating your home. No matter what room or rooms you plan to update, Joss and Main can help you create the warmest and coziest space. Take a look at the following 20 beautiful rooms with Joss and Main influence and get inspired to design your next room.

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