The Perfect Guest House Is This Long Island Cottage


An accessory building is what the Gray Organschi Architects call this small cottage in Long Island. Thought as a guest house, this could easily be turned into the chic new home of the clients, a retired couple. Their requirements were pretty modest, as they asked for a living and dining room, a small hidden kitchenette, a single bedroom and a bath, with the possibility of extending the space from the upper level into another sleeping area or a recreational one.

The building needed to take into account the environment by making it stand out with a delightful architecture and by using renewable energies and materials. Beneath the cottage there are geothermal wells, assuring the heating and cooling of the interior through the floor. The style is very relaxed and the light wood brings a warm vibe. As for the most beautiful part of the house, this must be the living room, set in a corner of nature, glass walls blurring the fine line between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

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