What Separates Cambria Quartz From Other Manufacturers?

Cambria is a leading brand of quartz countertop materials and the only one made in the United States. Also referred to as “engineered stone” or “quartz stone,” the countertops themselves are manufactured from natural stone crystals with quartz in them. This type of manufacture has practical as well as aesthetic benefits when combined with a mixture of resins and pigments which results in a stone-like material that offers some benefits over natural stonework.
Of all the current choices for countertops in this market today, it is quartz that is the top performer and is priced quite highly, and because of this Cambria is the one with its numerous options which rival the competing brands such as Caesarstone and Dupont’s Zodiaq Line, and Cambria Quartz is one of the most hard-wearing, everlasting materials that exist for this type of product.

The Other Brands

  • Dupont’s Zodiaq. – Probably the biggest contender on this list, Dupont Zodiaq’s quartz is incredibly durable, it can metaphorically shrug off slips with a knife when you’re cooking without it leaving a mark, and it is remarkably stain-proof. The quartz is extremely resistant to heat, unlike conventional stone. Apparently, Zodiaq quartz never needs to be polished, nor does it need to be waxed, or resealed to keep the beautiful shine constant. Dupont is the maker of solid-surface countertops. Since 2018, the quartz line run by Dupont has been renamed the Corian Quartz and has now become part of the brand run by the company. While this is what tends to lead to confusion among consumers because “Corian” has been linked with solid-surface countertops, like Formica who used plastic laminates.
  • Caesarstone – The “so-called” original manufacturer of the quartz countertop material on the market since the late 1980s, and based in Israel, the brand has dabbled with various innovations in designing countertops, for example they have added precious stones into the blends of the countertops and styles with different textures, such as lace or crocodile skin.
  • Silestone. A brand in an Italian company, Silestone is famous for its wide range of different colors up beyond 110, in particular, the solid, vibrant colors shown in the Life!, Stellar, and Zen series. Built into every single slab it produces is Microban bacteriostatic protection which discourages the growth of mold, mildew and any kind of bacteria on the countertops’ surface while helping it stay cleaner for longer while making it easier for ordinary household cleaning agents to be applied during its lifespan. It’s perfect for kitchens which see a lot of use.

Comparison to other countertop materials

  • Granite – There is strong comparability here. Quartz is much harder than natural stone while providing more options for design which isn’t a strong option for granite. In comparison to the crystal, granite may have irregularities with soft materials present which weaken the rock, which are problems easily corrected when it comes to crystals. Designers prefer using quartz because the crystals and pigments can be used to create a wide range of styles, and you can’t get that with using granite.
  • Solid – Surface – With a solid, if somewhat plastic-like texture, feel to the touch whereas quartz feels more durable and rocklike, and natural, solid-surface doesn’t have the same durability you’d get with stone or quartz. It scratches too easily. However, if you are looking to bring the prices down and use something far easier to work with, solid-surface it what you might want to use.
  • Laminate – Quartz is a solid counter material. It does not stain, it does not get scratched. Laminate does. It is a thin veneer glued to an MDF core, and it has a more hollow feeling and doesn’t provide a good resale value. It is, however, a good performer for the price, but it isn’t as beautiful as its quartz counterparts.

The Main Difference between Cambria and the Others

Cambria is a family owned business that performs all its quality control checks from home, which helps them to provide high-quality countertops. But once you begin looking at their available colors and styles, you can see for yourselves why so many people go for this company rather than for others.
While some companies may take pride in creating countertops and using a blend of vibrant colors, this one is not a slouch either when it comes to developing something remarkable and gives it a dramatic effect.

It helps matters Cambria does not really import the materials to work with, so it doesn’t need to import the special and miraculous Cambria Quartz they work with, which helps keep their costs down, something other companies do not do, and the money they save is better used to come up with fresh new designs and upgrading the manufacturing process so the customer, such as yourself, can own a countertop which lasts forever.

If you want a countertop design which provides your kitchen with a dramatic look while making your friends and family look at it again, while something more stylish might blend in better with your home kitchen, then Cambria is your choice.

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