What is Teak Oil and Why is it Important?

Most people who enjoy woodwork have heard about the various types of oils frequently used to protect the finish of wood furniture and projects. Teak oil is one of the more popular types. If you’re just getting started in woodwork or maybe heard that you should use teak oil to protect your outdoor furniture, you might not be familiar with this product. You might even wonder what is teak oil and why is it important? Here is everything you need to know about teak oil, its uses, and its benefits.

What is teak oil?

It’s easy to guess that teak oil is an extract that is taken from teak trees, but this isn’t the case. According to Bottom Paint Store, teak oil is a substance that is made in a variety of formulations. It is either made of linseed oil or tung oil with a few extra ingredients added into the mixture, depending on the manufacturer.

What is the purpose of teak oil?

Teak oil has been used for many years by woodworkers as a treatment for wood products. A claim is made that teak oil serves as a kind of food for the wood. The oil is absorbed into the fibers. It helps to accentuate the color and the grain of the wood. When you apply teak oil to wood, it brings out a rich and warm aesthetic. Teak oil is used on boats and teak wood furniture, including other types of wood products. It’s a product that revitalizes the appearance of old wood to make it look new again.

Benefits of teak oil

It usually takes several coats of teak oil to recover the finish of older wood that has been subjected to the elements. Once applied, you’ll notice the improvement immediately. Homesteady explains that teak wood is naturally resistant to weathering. This is why it’s often used in the construction of boats and yachts as well as furniture and flooring. Teak oil restores the natural beauty of this type of wood while helping to protect the wood from danger due to weathering and fading from exposure to ultraviolet rays and other forces of nature. It’s recommended for outdoor furniture made of teak wood, to slow down the natural process of weathering from outdoor exposure.

Is it necessary to use teak oil on outdoor furniture?

Teak is exotic and expensive wood. Although it is naturally resistant to weathering, all types of wood eventually succumb to damage from the elements. If you’ve invested in any type of teak wood product, it makes sense to protect your belongings and to keep them in the best possible condition. Boats and yachts are exposed to the corrosive compounds found in saltwater. Teak oil can help to reduce the effects to keep your decks and other parts of the boat make of teak looking better for longer.

Are there any drawbacks to teak oil?

Teak oil is high maintenance. It does not prevent the wood from sustaining water or moisture damage completely. Although it provides a beautiful finish, the results only last for a short time. When teak-oil treated wood is exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight, the ultraviolet rays can cause the oils to carbonize. This results in a graying as time rolls on, according to Bottom Paint Store. Although it helps, teak oil alone isn’t enough to seal the wood. It’s a good idea to use a teak sealant after applying the oil for better protection.

Different kinds of teak oil

Popular Woodworking points out that there are differences in the quality of the various brands of teak oil on the market today. Some contain mineral oil, while others are mostly tung oil, or linseed oil, wax, turpentine, or a blend of oils and varnish. Most brands advertise resistance to ultraviolet rays. Tests on a variety of these different brands show that not all claims made by manufacturers are true. Most teak oils do not protect from UV rays because the application is too thin to provide any real protection. This is misinformation. Teak oil is made in three types. Some are formulated for exterior wood products such as outdoor furniture, boats, and decks, other types are made for interior woods, and the third type is made for use as a furniture polish for interior teak furnishings.

How do you use teak oil?

Teak oil is applied in a fashion similar to a wood stain. Either use a lint-free cloth or a brush to apply it to wood that is clean and dry. Allow a full day for each coat to penetrate the wood and dry. You can apply several coats, but make sure that the wood is thoroughly dried before adding the next coat. Teak oil can be used for teak wood, rosewood, mahogany, and other hardwoods.

Final thoughts

Teak oil is a product that is made from either tung oil or linseed oil with other ingredients added. There is an ongoing debate about its ability to protect teak wood from damage from UV rays, salt water, and the elements of nature. Some believe that it adds extra protection from weathering, while others counter that it doesn’t last long enough to do much good. There is one thing that everyone can agree on, however. Teak oil is useful for bringing out the natural grain of hardwoods and enhancing the color and richness. It revitalizes wood that has been dulled or grayed from the weather and makes it look like new unless the wood is too far gone. If you’re skeptical about its protective qualities you can follow a dried application of teak oil with a high-quality teak sealant to add more protection from the effects of weathering. Although teak oil isn’t a requirement it is a useful product that keeps teak wood looking it’s very best.

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