The Top 20 Cities in the United States To Retire In

20. Abilene, Texas

Quiet and quaint, if you like the feel of community, Abilene is for you. Founded in the 1880’s, Abilene sits on flat land along Interstate 20, of West Central Texas. It is 150 miles west of Fort Worth and is kind of isolated from other areas, but yet you have access to other cities. It’s main mix of residents are military, families and college students. Abilene is the kind of place where you get to know your neighbors and spend time with them. The city has things to do; theaters, Center for Contemporary Arts, the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature, a multi-media museum and Frontier Texas. The Philharmonic orchestra is there to enjoy, as well as three lakes, a zoo, parks and churches. The quiet life is what many retirees want, and in Abilene, that’s what you get. Being that it is out from the main hub, the cost of living will surely fit your budget, too.o

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