The 20 Best Places to Live Outside the United States

This is a never ending, ever changing, constantly evolving topic, which is the most livable city? what makes it that? Which city is the cheapest place to live? Which country taxes income the least? Which country offers the most comprehensive child care options?

All the leading newspapers and magazines have their own customized polls and deductions about which place is the best place to live in, to eat out, retire in, the list is endless. All these different opinions are exactly why it makes for such a great conversation starter.

There are many cities that are a constant favorite and over the years there have been others that make surprising appearances. A lot can change in a years’ time. Here are 20 of the most inviting places to live in at this point in time that do not include any city in the United States. Please be advised that this is listed in random order.

20. Malaysia

If you are the sort who has a nose for adventure and loves a bit of social festivities, Malaysia is definitely worth considering. This place is going places when it comes to having more disposable income in hand to lavish on whatever you fancy .

The work life balance is also considered favorable. Although the quality of childcare is debatable where it is said to be wanting in that area but on the other hand, there are a percentage of families who seem quite satisfied by the facilities. Those who have decided to make a move seem to be happy with their decision.

The towns that stand out and receive the highest number on te popularity charts are Penang and Georgetown. This can be attributed to the picturesque beaty of both locations.

The Malaysian immigration laws welcome foreign nationals as well as retirees, creating a very warm and welcoming environment for those who are on the fence about whether they would like to move here or not.

There has been heaps of technological and infrastructural advancement but the country still retains its authentic charm to the most part. The health care and public transportation facilities are par excellence and the primary health conditions are known to be safe and dependable. The tourist locations are brimming with options if you would like to plan a quick getaway on the fly.

19. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Not all places in Mexico are considered to be safe for people to migrate to. But there are still some that have received positive plugs and have featured high on the ranks of liveability . There are places like Puerto Vallarta that have been praised for its beauty and natural landscape. It is also the most accessible overseas location from the United States.

Puerto Vallarta is a town on the Pacific coast and has been popular with travelers and expat residents for more than a few years. There has also been a significant influx of younger families who have decided to start their families in this beautiful town.

The modern vibes and affordability contributes to the shine of this place. The steadily growing economy and fertile lands is also worth mentioning

English is spoken fluently and understood by the majority of the people.

18. Switzerland

Apparently, Switzerland has been named the happiest country in the world because, they’re rich, they have amazing life expectancy and they have Lindt. The country is also known for its healthcare system which is also quite exemplary in its policies.

Zurich has yet again figured in the top 20 greatest cities to live in by the Telegraph not only because of its beautiful landscape but also for its classy vibes. The majority of foreign nationals who reside in the land of the Alps say that they are more secure in their jobs here than their own homes. This would be a great location to consider a career.

17. United Arab Emirates

UAE is known for its strong economy and relatively tax free income which allows you to take home almost all what you earn . This is a lucrative attraction for those who have their eyes set on a fruitful career.

UAE offers great opportunities even though it is believed that the cost of living is not cheap, there are perks when it comes to quality of food and world famous malls.

The international schools also adhere to a very high global standard making it a great place for education. If you can adapt to a massive cultural shift from the west and obey rules pertaining to public conduct as well as establish your own circle of friends within your own community of expats, then this place will be a great place to live in.

16. Australia

The land of the gum trees and kangaroos has so much more to offer than what is widely believed by the rest of the world. Melbourne has featured in the many of the polls as the world’s most livable city more than a few times.

Australia offers a better work –life balance. All the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide are sought after places of migration and are embracing the spirit of multi culturalism and diversity.

If you can get over the unpredictability in the weather this place has enormous opportunities to offer those considering moving here. The cost of living is high but on the upside the informal work atmosphere and the general laid back lifestyle have amazing benefits to well being.

It is also quite the hot spot for younger families. Many say that Australia is today what the USA was 25 years ago, the land of immense opportunity.

15. Canada

From universal healthcare to multi culturalism Canada is renowned for its warmth and hospitality. Research shows that it is easy to integrate with Canada’s local people and culture- this is probably why it’s famously known as the immigration nation.

Canada is also well known for low crime rates and invests heavily into education. The economy is stable and strong offering job opportunities for a wide spectrum of skills. The cost of living is also reasonable.

14. Germany

Germany is considered to be up there in terms of job security and excellent health care programs. Even though the country does not seem that big do not underestimate the economy. Germany has one of the most rock solid economies on the planet.

It did not buckle under the recent economic strain and has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in the world. In addition to the world famous sausages and beer, their bread and other baked goodies are a class apart. That alone should be reason to pitch tent here.

13. Bahrain

70% of foreign expatriates who live in Bahrain testify to the fact that they make more money her than they did at home. This is exactly what makes Bahrain so attractive, it provides exciting career prospects as well as a well rounded lifestyle with regard to work and family.

There are many families with children who say that quality of life is better for the children in Bahrain. In relation to the other attractions, life is said to be quite similar to that in UAE.

12. Sweden

Sweden is believed to THE best place for family life. The opportunities for learning for children here are unparalleled. WHO has also rated the capital to be the cleanest in the world. Stockholm is expected to be completely fossil fuel free by 2050. The city also has a strong culture of cycling which relieves them of emissions from cars.

11. New Zealand

There is something about New Zealand that keeps you coming back for more, and it’s not only because it is the home of the Lord of the Rings. It is also a winner in terms of experience and is known for its ease to accept new cultures and is quite hospitable.

New Zealand has a low crime rate and is known for great child care and for emphasizing on good values for bringing up children. It is not only for its breathtaking landscape that has been a muse for many a poets and dreamers, it is also quite a progressive and thriving economy that puts it on this list.

10. Singapore

All those who have moved to Singapore have stayed put. That should say something about this land of opportunity. It ranks highly in terms of economy, overall experience and family. It is also a great destination as it is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world.

It is also quite a young city that was built with meticulous planning and much dedication. Singapore is also a multicultural hub. The education system has been quite an example for other countries as well. This is the land for the hardworking and motivated. On the downside, it does not figure quite well in terms of cost of living.

9. Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their honesty and that makes a great foundation for a lasting relationship. This is one of the reasons why Netherlands is a great place to live in apart from the fact that they do not believe in the concept of overtime.

The country is also known to be welcoming of all religions and cultures and is open to integrate them into their own rich heritage. They are also known for a great social life with well supported cultural events all year round. English is widely spoken and health care is very effective yet expensive.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely figuring more and more prominently on most for the lists of top livable cities and it is not for nothing. This place is known for its great cuisine and cooking. For those who like to live on the edge and have adventurous taste buds, this place will be a wonderland.

The cost of living is considered good. Hong Kong is also known for its efficiency in terms of transport and convenience where you can pretty much get anything from doughnuts to snake wine at any time of the day.

It is quite independent of mainland China and has its own laws and currency. The economy is also very strong although rent is quite expensive and lack of space is something that is quite common here. The work life balance swings more towards work as well.

7. Taiwan

There is a vast array of choice when it comes to culture, sea and a bustling cosmopolitan scene in Taiwan. The warm hearted locals and the rich cultural heritage set this country on a great pedestal. Taiwan also offers world class and affordable health care.

The city is well known for its night markets and its cultural festivities especially around Lunar New year and Ghost festival. It does live up to its name- ‘the hidden gem of Asia’. On the downside, the quality of education and childcare is nothing to write home about.

6. Italy

Like any other European country, Italy has had its fair share of struggles with regard to economy, organized crime and corruption. But to its defense, there are many parts of Italy that are amazing and deserve a better chance.

The social scene is bursting with vibrancy and the cost of living is much lesser in cities like Turin than Rome or Milan. The cultural heritage and history is known by all. Florence is considered the best city to settle down, Italy’s natural beauty and relatively inexpensive cost of living are attractive.

5. Japan

With a stellar reputation of building some of the best cars and electronics in the world, It is no wonder that this Business hub of a country attracts businesses from far and wide. Life here is not cheap as Tokyo makes its mark as one of the most expensive cities in the world.

This country is known for its fierce work ethic and determination and that in turn contributes towards adding to its convenience and efficiency especially with regard to the public transport system.

It also is considered a very safe place to live in where they believe that safety is right and not a privilege. Eating out is considered c cheaper in comparison to the west as well.

4. India

Gone are the days when India was considered to be the land of tigers and snake charmers. The booming economy and work ethic has transformed it to one of the most thriving technological hubs in the world, attracting businesses from far and wide.

There is also a new trend that is noticed where Indian nationals are sent back to develop skill and technology for their employers. Life in India is considered inexpensive and education is also considered on par with the global standard.

3. China

Times have changed from when companies would send their skilled workforce to China in the expectation of inexpensive resources and labour. Over time , China has evolved to become a supplier for products to the emerging consumers.

This is a great place from a business perspective, However adapting to the lifestyle might not be as easy for foreigners who will have to take in a massively different culture , legal system and even the quality of air.

2. United Kingdom

It is a well known fact that the United States depend heavily on UK as a center of foreign investment as they bring in employees to the country as part of their continued international relationship with UK. Living here is quite expensive.

London, even though is considered quite a fabulous city in terms of healthcare and education and infrastructure, it ranks quite high as one of the most expensive cities in the world. In short, it’s a great place to move to if you are rich and educated.

1. Ireland

This is one country to look out for. It is gaining ground as time goes by .Dublin has recently been ranked among the top 3 European countries in terms of growth and friendliness. It is still more favorable to live here than in Rome or London. The economy is slowly gaining momentum towards an uphill trend. Ireland also boasts of being home to the best food produce in the world. With world class food, alcohol, music and theater, this place is definitely one to keep in your radar as you plan your next big move.

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