The Top 10 Modern Home Trends of 2019

It seems like every year, new decor trends hit the world of home decor and homeowners start updating their home’s look with these latest trends. Modern home decor has always been one of the most popular types of home decor themes, and although many basic modern decor elements have remained the same, there are some new modern trends that are expected to be seen this year that might be of interest to you. If you love modern decor and like to keep your home up-to-date with the latest trending tips, then take a look at the following top ten modern home trends of 2019. You may find one or two that you like and want to incorporate them into your own modern home this year.

1. Large scaled artwork on the wall is so “Mod”

Large pieces of art have a way of making an enormous statement in a room from the moment you step into it. To keep up with the latest modern trend, hanging large pieces of art in your home, for instance, over a sofa, table, a buffet, in the entry, or anywhere you have wall space that can accommodate the piece, will create a wow-factor and a focal point for the room. The most eye-catching forms of modern art are those that exhibit bright, bold colors, shapes and designs.

2. Modern bathroom wall designs

Bathrooms are some of the most neglected spaces in a home, especially small powder rooms. To update a small bathroom and give it a new modern look, one of the latest trends is to incorporate a bold design on one wall in the bathroom, for instance, you can paint one of the walls a bold or vibrant color to add pizzazz and make it feel bigger and brighter. Or create a more modern look by adding modern-looking shapes and patterns in the way of tile, mirrors, decor pieces, and even the bathroom fixtures. Black and white color combos have always been a part of the modernism decor theme, so be sure to add bursts of bolder colors to brighten the small space and add a bit of character.

3. Big, bold plants

Houseplants have always been one way to add to any type of home decor. They make a home, homier. They bring joy into your home, and they’re good for the indoor environment by helping to purify the air your breathe. There are so many types of indoor plants to choose from and depending on your degree of knowledge and experience with plants, along with the time you have to invest in the care of them, and how much space you have to accommodate plants, this can all play a role in what you choose. But did you know that there’s a new modern trend going on with houseplants and it’s about big, bold and colorful? Yes, if you love keeping up with modern trends, then think about adding a big, bold, and colorful houseplant to your home decor this year.

4. Ceilings will be a major focal point

Ceilings are typically left behind when it comes to designing a room, but not anymore. One of the latest modern trends is to include the ceiling of a room when it comes to finishing a room. Making your ceiling into a beautiful focal point can be done in a variety of ways, and some of the most popular ways are to add wooden beams or other wood detail. A copper finish is also a very unique and very mod twist, as well as painting it, or even adding wallpaper to the ceiling. As you can see, just about anything goes and you can talk to a contractor for other ceiling finishing ideas if you aren’t sure what might work in your particular room.

5. Oval-shaped coffee table

The pieces you choose to fill a room speak volumes to the style and theme you are trying to put together. While geometric shapes have always been a part of the modern theme, one shape that is really standing out this year is the oval, which happens to be the most popular shape for coffee tables this year. Oval-shaped coffee tables are the way to go this year if you want to upgrade yours for a newer, more up-to-date look in your living room. And more specific, it’s the glass top oval table that’s making the biggest splash in modern decor news.

6. Convertible furniture makes sense

Modernism is about simplicity and so it would make sense to keep furniture pieces as simplistic as possible. This not only means in size, but in function, too. Furniture trending in 2019 are smaller scaled pieces that are also multi-functional, that means they serve more than one purpose. Think about a small, sleek, modern sofa that makes into a sleeper when you need extra sleeping space. It’s trendy and it’s functional, and it is what 2019 is going to see more of in modern homes.

7. Curves, curves, curves

Curves are sexy, even in furniture. There was a time in the 60’s when soft curves in furniture pieces were actually mocked, and since then, they have most often been viewed as a bit ridiculous in their design. Even so, soft curves on sofas and other furniture pieces can actually soften the look of a room, especially when soft, plush materials are added, such as faux velvet, among other textures. Whether you’re a fan or not, these soft curves are returning in modern homes this year, so update your home’s look with a few sexy curved pieces of furniture of your own.

8. Geometric shapes make a statement

Geometric shapes are fun and interesting to look at. Modern design loves the use of geometric shapes, but now they are being used bigger and bolder than ever. Geometric shapes on walls, in your choice of flooring, such as area rugs, and even in lighting choices, are all trending in 2019. Take a look at the picture above and see how many different ways you can use geometric shapes to complete the modern look in a room. Have fun with them by mixing and matching multiple shapes in multiple ways, and bring your modern home up-to-date in the new year.

9. Nightwatch Green

Colors come and go with their popularity. While one color might be, oh-so-mod, one year, it can be out of the running the next. If you like keeping your home up-to-date with the latest trending colors, plus give it a new look form time-to-time, here’s the latest modern color that will be found in plenty of modern home decor themes this year. It’s called Nightwatch Green and it’s a twist on the emerald and hunter green that you are probably more familiar with. This deep, rich, yet vibrant green can be found on walls, in flooring, on counters, and in many other elements in homes. So think green in 2019 – Nightwatch Green, that is.

10. Go for the refined gold and platinum

Put away the brushed copper and bronze and breakout the refined gold and platinum look when it comes to metal finishes and decor items around the house. When you think of a rustic decor theme, which has always been a popular trend and was even more so last year, two of the most popular metal finishes that have always identified with theme are brushed copper and bronze. Today, however, those two metal finishes are now being overshadowed by the cleaner, fresher look of refined gold and platinum. While brushed copper and bronze definitely have their place with some decor themes, they aren’t so much a part of the latest modernism trend.

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