10 Reasons You Should Be Making Your Bed Every Day

Getting out of bed in the morning is not something we look forward to; most of us confess to snoozing the alarm for a few more minutes of sleep. Consequently, even making the bed is one of the most unpleasant things for some of us but if we only knew the many benefits that come with spending five minutes doing it, we would never skip it. If you do not believe it, here are ten reasons to prove that making your bed should be incorporated into your everyday routine.

1. You get to be tidier

Have you ever walked into a room where everything else is in its rightful place, but the bed is unmade? You will automatically feel the room is untidy regardless of how well the wardrobe is organized. Therefore if you want to make a beautiful impression, making your bed every day should be the first thing to do before you even start putting the laundry away. Once you see a well-made bed, you will want the rest of the room to look as good.

2. It puts you in a better mood

A bedroom is a place designed for sleeping; hence even the colors of the wall are supposed to be soothing. It would, therefore, beat logic to have the most tranquil wall paint but a pile of blankets on the bed when you are going to sleep. You can rest assured that your sleepy head will immediately disappear as you start figuring out how to prepare the bed for sleeping. However, the minute you know that your bed will be ready for you at night or whenever you need to rest instantly elevates your mood.

3. It increases your productivity

According to Domain, one US Navy Admiral, William McRaven told university students in his 2015 speech that once you make your bed, you will be encouraged to keep doing other small tasks and collectively, you will have completed many tasks, little by little. It can especially be useful during this pandemic season because some have to work from the bedroom if you do not have a home office. With an unmade bed beckoning you to go back to sleep, it can be challenging to get anything done.

4. You get the feeling of accomplishment

You might think that only children deserve that feeling of accomplishment when they make their beds without any help. However, even adults can enjoy that feeling every morning by making their beds. It does not have to be perfectly made; what matters is the neatness you grant your room. Having it on your to-do list will prepare you to handle the rest of the chores.

5. Encourages you to have better habits

Making your bed has been said to have a domino effect in your life, and one author, Charles Duhiggs, explains how, through his book “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.” In the book, he says that making your bed correlates with better productivity, improved budgeting skills, and a great sense of well-being. He refers to making your bed a “keystone habit,” which rolls over to all areas of your life, reasoning that once you have a neat bed, you will most likely want to get that nice feeling by practicing other healthy habits throughout the day.

6. It helps your linens and pillows last longer

If you are the type of person who keeps dozens of pillows on your bed only to throw them on the floor every night when you sleep, you might as well be setting aside some money to buy more. Pillows need to be fluffed to maintain their shape, and we all know that unless you make your bed, chances of that happening are slim to impossible. On the other hand, your linens will look old if you do not make your bed every day; smoothening them enables them to look newer for longer, according to Good Housekeeping.

7. Get better sleep

Before you rush to the therapist to talk about how your poor mental health is causing you sleepless nights, it may just be that you are not making your bed. Wrinkled sheets rubbing against your skin are not comfortable, and they will not soothe you to sleep. Moreover, if you have ever had to wake up in the middle of the night to tuck your sheets, you realize that you will have wasted some precious minutes of your much-needed rest.

8. Create a good impression

You have had a nice date, and now they want to take things to the next level only to see an unmade bed with lots of laundry on top. Of course, you will kill the mood, and even if you had scored high marks by how smartly dressed you were, that person would see how untidy you can be, which can be your disadvantage. After all, the bed is always the center of attention in the bedroom, and if you cannot keep it tidy, people will most likely assume that every other area of your life is disorganized.

9. It reduces stress levels

According to Rise and Shine, making your room look less cluttered will instantly make you feel more organized. Visual clutter has been said to cause anxiety and stress because we are always wondering what we need to do to get rid of it. Some even feel guilty and embarrassed by the mess, and women particularly are known to have their mental health negatively affected. By having a well-made bed, you will have removed one source of clutter, which in turn will reduce the stress in your life as per feng shui principles.

10. You prepare yourself for other chores you do want to do

If you have to give yourself a pep talk every time you have to do something at the office, you should consider making your bed in the morning. By doing so, you will convince yourself that if at all you can do it yet you do not like it, then nothing else should be too difficult for you.

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