How Long Do Paslode Batteries Last?

While humanity finds electricity to be the best invention in the world, batteries are highly useful with cordless tools. The earlier batteries were not convenient compared to today’s batteries that you can use with almost every gadget that needs power to function. In the current technological advancement, batteries have been used more than before, more so in need to eradicate cords from several mobile tools. When companies started venturing into the business of manufacturing batteries, it was eminent that all tools could be cordless in the future. Currently, various tools such as jig saws, compressors, and impact drivers rely heavily on batteries to function.

What Are Paslode Batteries?

Paslode (Packing Shipping Loading Devices) is a company founded in 1935 that manufactures cordless power tools. Their tools come with batteries instead of electrical cords connecting to the power source. The batteries make it easier to move around while working compared to electricity’s inconveniences, where you have to base your work on a centralized point to access the power. Therefore, with Paslode batteries, you can use them with various tools such as fasteners, compressors, and sanders.

How Long Do Paslode Batteries Last?

The duration for which the Paslode battery will serve you depends on maintenance, battery chemistry, and usage factors. For the batteries that require high maintenance, it can only last for up to 75 days if not well attended. With proper use and frequent exercise, the batteries can serve you for years. One of the secrets to staying longer with your Paslode batteries is charging them. With many daily activities, I know you can easily forget to recharge it on time. So, what should you do? Setting a reminder or marking your calendar should help you remember. When it is time to recharge and it still has some charge on, ensure you drain it and recharge it afresh.

How Do You Test a Paslode Battery?

It’s essential to test your Paslode battery to ensure you get the best services out of it. You need to know its optimal power units and distinguish between its normal and abnormal conditions. You need to test it not only when the battery is about to die but even at its best. Testing it is a manageable activity that you can perform from any location. Using a multimeter, attach its red probe to the battery’s positive terminal and the black probe to the negative terminal. Check the reading on the led display of the multimeter. A fully charged battery indicates a slightly higher voltage than what is indicated on the battery. For example, if your battery is 12 Volts, its voltage on the multimeter is likely to read 12.4.

How Long Does a Paslode Battery Take to Charge?

For efficiency, charging them full is not an option. It would be best if you also charged them for maintenance. It is advisable to keep the battery fully charged when not in use. To fully charge a new Paslode battery, it takes up to 2 hours, or between 5 minutes and 2 hours, to charge a partially discharged battery.

How Do I Know If My Paslode Battery Is Bad?

Usually, battery chargers have two indicators that flash when charging a battery and when it’s fully charged, respectively. At the beginning of the charging process, when you insert the charger into the battery, the red-light flashes indicating that the battery is taking in the charge. When the battery has taken in its charge capacity, the green light flashes to indicate the same. If your battery is bad, it’s likely that it won’t accept the charge; thus, the red light will not flash. Sometimes, the failure of the charger’s indicator lights might suggest a faulty charger rather than the battery. Therefore, be sure to check the charger also before ruling out the matter.

How Do I Know When My Paslode Battery Is Charged?

Paslode battery charger comes with indicators that tell you when the battery is charging, when not, and when full. Once you connect the charger to a power outlet, its power indicator lights up to show you that it’s on. On mounting the battery, the indicator flashes red, indicating the battery is taking up the charge. The green light turns on when the battery is fully charged, and the red light goes off.

What To Do When Your Battery Tender Flashes Green and Red

Remember, if the indicator on the charger unit flashes red when you charge the battery, this means the battery is taking in the charge. When it flashes green, it means the battery is fully charged. It’s normal for the green and red lights to alternate for like 20 minutes. If the alternation goes on for too long, your battery is faulty. Now, what do you do if your battery is damaged? You should find a way to fix it or get a new one. The best way to find help is to take the battery to the dealer that sold it to you. They should be able to help you.

What are the issues related to Paslode Batteries?

Like any other battery, Paslode batteries, too, have their shortcomings. For starters, you will need a battery upgrade more often. The standard battery in the tool you purchase doesn’t make it to the 500-800 shots required per charge. Therefore, you’ll need to get heavier batteries for convenience. Additionally, the batteries often need major repairs that require you to return them to the dealer, and the warranty might not cater to the expenses. Besides, its complex electrical wiring is likely to malfunction.

What are the Perks of Paslode Batteries?

Paslode batteries give you consistent power that helps you drive into the lumber without compromise. Additionally, the batteries help you to eliminate some costs. Unlike when using fuel, the cost of using batteries is lower. The only thing you need to do is to charge your batteries, and you are good to tackle the day.

Final Thought

When purchasing anything, your expectation is nothing less than getting the best services. For Paslode batteries, you don’t need to incur similar charges repeatedly. Therefore, maintaining it well is not an option. Your maintenance level equals the time it’ll serve you; therefore, ensure you follow all the necessary instructions for the battery to last longer.

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