10 Low Light Plants that Will Liven Your Home

Just because you don’t have the luxury of a south-facing house doesn’t mean you can’t welcome some greenery into your home. Not all plants need lots of strong natural light to flourish, and indeed, some actually do much better in the shade than they do in the sun. If you want to liven up your home and show off your green-fingered credentials for all to see, check out some of these low light plants.

1, Pothos Plant

As Natalie Linda notes, the Pothos Plant is ideal for any would-be-gardener with great intentions but a complete absence of green fingers. Capable of taking the kind of extreme neglect that would make lesser plants curl up and die, this low growing vine flourishes in low lit conditions, making it a great choice for north-facing rooms. To maintain, simply add a little h2o every once in a while, ideally letting the soil dry out completely between waterings.

2. Heartleaf Philodendron

With its adorable heart-shaped leaves and abundant foliage, the Heartleaf Philodendron is a beauty- although fortunately for time-poor homeowners, a very low maintenance one. To care for your Philodendron, do as Epic Gardening recommends and keep the soil nicely moist (but never soggy) in the warmer months. During winter, allow the soil to dry out completely before adding any more water. If you spot any brown leaves, up the hydration; if you see signs of yellow, step away from the watering can.

3. Japanese Sago Palm

Fancy introducing a touch of the tropics into your home? Then look no further than the Japanese Sago Palm. This little native of southern Japan may look like it should be lapping up the rays on some sun-soaked beach, but appearances can be deceptive. Although it can cope admirably with full sun, it also grows beautifully in partial shade. Best of all, it’s relatively low maintenance, requiring little more than the occasional watering to flourish. With its dark brown bark and ornamental leaves, it’ll make a real focal point to any room.

4. Aralia Ming

Known as the ‘happy plant’, Aralia Ming is one houseplant you can always count on. Even in the darkest days of winter, it’s content with little more than the occasional drop of water and the tiniest dash of fertilizer. A slow but consistent grower, give it enough time and it’ll eventually reach around 1-2 meters in height, making it the perfect centerpiece to large rooms (although if you’re stuck with a low ceiling, an occasional prune might be in order).

5. Lucky Bamboo

They might be everywhere these days, but there’s a reason for Lucky Bamboo’s popularity. Attractive, easy to grow, and imbued with enough Feng Shui magic to enliven any room, they can be grown in pretty much any condition imaginable. Pop them in a room with just enough light to see by (direct sunlight turns to burn them, while no light at all will stunt their growth), and you’ll be rewarded with a resilient, low maintenance little plant that’s a real head-turner.

6. Snake Plant

Snake Plants are the gangsta’s of the plant world- tough as old boots, you can stick them any room of the house, subject them to any conditions, and they’ll still come off the winner. With robust, upright leaves, they make an eye-catching addition to any room, however low lit. Despite their resilience, the one thing you should never do with a Snake Plant is over-hydrate it. To keep yours in tip-top condition, follow Better Homes & Gardens advice by keeping it on a well-drained potting mix that doesn’t hold too much water.

7. Ponytail Palm

With its slender trunk and long, curling leaves, the Ponytail Palm is one of the most charming of all the palms. Best of all, it positively flourishes on neglect: throw a little water its way on occasion (but make sure it is only on occasion: overwatering is the Ponytail Palm’s one Achilles heel) and that’s basically the extent of your duty of care. If you’re not quite sure what constitutes “overwatering”, don’t worry; the plant isn’t shy of telling you where you’re going wrong, and will show its over-hydration with brown tips.

8. Peace Lily

If you want a plant that will do as well in low light as in direct sun, and that will improve the air quality of your home as much as the décor, the Peace Lily has your name written all over it. With bright, bountiful foliage and beautiful white flowers, it makes a stunning tabletop centerpiece. Best of all, it has the magical ability to suck up any environmental toxins from the air, providing a cheap alternative to costly air purifiers. As Pro Flowers notes, lilies prefer partial shade over full sun, and can even flourish in rooms lit by artificial means only.

9. ZZ Plant

The wonderfully glossy leaves of the ZZ Plant are guaranteed to look stunning against any backdrop, however badly lit. A slow-growing beauty, you can expect it to reach around 16-28 inches tall (although if you prefer to keep things miniature, you can always opt for the dwarf variety, Zamicro, instead). Asides from the occasional drop of water, the ZZ Plant has almost no maintenance needs: wipe a damp cloth over its leaves every once in a while to get rid of any dust, and that’s it.

10. Corn Plant

If you want a plant with “wow”, look no further than the extravagantly foliaged Corn Plant. Its big ‘n’ bold look makes it the ideal centerpiece to any room, while its ability to flourish in low lit environments only adds to its appeal. As Guide To Houseplants notes, it’s also one of the best house plants out there for clearing up any airborne nasties like formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene, and toluene- what more could you possibly want from a plant?

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