How Often Should Your Gutters get Replaced?


Gutters play an important role in keeping your home from water damage. They direct water from your property in a safe manner and hence protect your fascia, soffit, and landscape from expensive water damage. Just like any other building materials, gutters also deteriorate. According to Hinker Roofing, copper gutters are estimated to last for like 50 years while aluminum gutters are estimated to last for more than 20 years. It is possible to increase the lifespan of your gutters through proper care and management. However, they will still require replacement at one time or the other. So how often should your gutters get replaced? You can replace them anywhere after 20 years however it is important to look out for signs that show you the most appropriate time to have them, replaced.

Signs that your gutters need replacement

According to Harry Helmet, there are various signs that will give you an indication that this is the right time to have your gutters replaced. Here are some of them:

Many holes, rust spots, and cracks on your gutters

You can fix some of these issues using some sealants and a little flashing. However, if the rust spots, holes, and cracks are too many, then the only option will be to have your gutters replaced.

Loose or missing nails or screws

At times, the screws or nails that fasten your guttering system to the fascia could be missing. If this is the first time, you can have them replaced. However, if they keep on falling and becoming loose, then it is time to have your gutters replaced.

A number of broken fasteners

Fasteners are those pieces of metal that keep the level of your gutters by holding them to your roof. It is possible to repair the fasteners. However, the best option is to have your gutter replaced if the problem persists since the problem may be the gutters themselves.

Separated gutters

It is advisable to have your gutters replaced if they are separated because your gutters will only function properly if they are firmly fastened continuously. If you notice signs of separation, it is time to replace your guttering system.

A guttering system that is pulling away from your roof

It is possible to fix this issue by hammering fasteners every now and then. However, if the spaces keep on appearing between your gutters and roofline, it is time to have your gutters replaced. In this case, you will not only be replacing your gutters but you will also be fixing fascia board issues since the pulling away of gutters from your roofline could be a result of a rotten fascia board.

Peeling exterior paint

If your guttering system has some issues like pulling away from your roofline, water may end up seeping down over the rear edge towards your trim or siding. If the paint is peeling, it could be an indication that the water has been seeping for a while now and the gutters, therefore, need replacement.

Improperly-pitched or sagging gutters

Sagging or improperly pitched gutters can lead to the pooling of water in a certain area. If you are not in a position to fix such gutters, the best thing is to have them replaced.

Eroded landscaping

Your landscaping is very important and you should consider a gutter replacement if the water seeping from gutters is eroding it.

Flooded basements

A flooded basement can be an indication that it is time to replace your gutters. If water is pouring near your basement frequently, it can leak into your basement leading to expensive repairs. Repairing the basement alone will not help. You should repair the gutters too.

Mildew and mold

Mold and mildew tend to grow in underground spaces or your basement if your gutters are damaged. If you have tried solving this issue severally without success, then it is time to have your gutters replaced.

Reasons for hiring professionals who offer gutter replacement services

You can handle some of the gutter issues such as sealing of cracks by yourself. However, when it comes to gutter replacement, you should avoid DIY or hiring amateurs because it may end up costing you more than you would have spent if you hired a professional. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a professional to replace your gutters.

1. Safety

According to Feld CO Chicago, a gutter replacement can be risky because it involves scaling high heights and rooftops holding power equipment and tools. Professionals have the necessary skills and techniques to replace gutters safely.

2. Expertise

Professional roofers also have great expertise meaning that they will replace your gutters in the best way possible. They can also recommend high-quality gutters, draining solutions, and creative home enhancement tips like rain barrels.

3. Saves time

If you choose to replace the gutters, you may end up spending too much time on the project and fail to deliver efficiently. Professionals are experienced and skilled in this area and they can therefore take short time to replace the gutter for you. Apart from saving time, you will also avoid the hassles that come with having to replace the gutters by yourself.

4. Professionals will customize the gutters to suit your property

Gutters are available in sections that are merged together to stretch your property’s roof length. The fact that they are merged together means that there will be visible seams. Professionals can get in touch with gutters manufacturers and ensure that you get seamless gutters that are customized to meet your needs.

5. Experience

Most reputable roofers are experienced meaning that they have handled gutter replacement services for a long time. Therefore they will deliver high-quality services the first time. Most of them focus on maintaining their reputation and therefore they will not compromise on the quality of their work.

6. Insured

Professional roofers are insured meaning that you will not be held liable if anything happens during the gutter replacement process. These professionals have an insurance company that will have you compensated in case of anything.

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