5 Free Inspirational Ideas for a DIY Greenhouse

Greenhouses are great places where gardeners can go out and grow your favorite plants or vegetables, and considering the typical greenhouse is made from glass in order to trap the heat from the sun they are perfect for mimicking the conditions fruit or vegetables from more warmer countries need to grow in. In a greenhouse, you can grow your favorite types of fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs all year round while making sure they are not affected by weather. With the greenhouse providing general warmth in the winter climate and a cool climate in the summer months, you can look forward to a bountiful crop at the end, or you can just grow them for pleasure.

There are free inspirational ideas for building a greenhouse, and here they are below.

1. Barn Design

The first DIY greenhouse plan is a barn design, where the greenhouse is in the shape of a traditional farm barn with a rounded shape in order to capture the light and the heat from the sun. While it looks stylish growing your plants in such a greenhouse, the rounded roof of this type of greenhouse will help give you more room to grow your plants and trap more light and heat from the sun.

2. Northern Homestead Geodome

This greenhouse is a free design concept for a greenhouse. This plan offers gardeners a lightweight and yet completely secure, and it traps a lot of light and uses that energy, but the most attractive aspect about the greenhouse is it offers a great deal of space for growing plants in, especially on the ground. Northern Homestead’s posts about the greenhouse have many pictures, a full list of materials and the instructions for assembling it, along with included diagrams, and photographs to help you build it. The Geodome greenhouse is stable in both wind and under snow, and has an optimal light absorption rate, making it IDEAL in colder climates. The greenhouse doesn’t have a foundation so the structure can be temporary, and it is portable to move it around, and it doesn’t need any permits to build it.

3. Greenhouse plan from Mother Earth

It isn’t just a greenhouse, it is also a solar-powered guest house which can serve as a small, comfortable little home. The idea behind this particular design is to construct a greenhouse that possesses everything someone needs to live, though it doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a greenhouse. It can be used as either an energy-efficient little house, or it could serve as a guest house. With its flexible design, the greenhouse can be constructed out of any recycled material, and it can be built around a price of $3,800, though you can have help or whatever material you like. When it is a greenhouse, it would be necessary to have the wood insulated and the windows not framed by a solar film. If the greenhouse has good thermal mass it can be used as a greenhouse, a thermal mass should be made from either stone or concrete, and will temper the thermal swings of the day. The benefits of the design will be the greenhouse will leave a small footprint, making it exempt from building codes. The solar panels are DIY like the greenhouse itself and are inexpensive to make.

4. Mini Greenhouse Plan from Design Dreams by Anne

This is a unique greenhouse on this list because it is about the same size as a small cabinet and ideal for those who do not wish to make use of a full-sized version. Equipped with storm windows, this greenhouse can be placed in a corner of the garden on a stand where you can see everything grow. This design comes with written directions and photographs to help you construct it. Unfortunately, people looking for this website will find only invited readers can view it.

5. The Instructables Recycled Window Greenhouse

Using old windows to fashion the greenhouse, it creates a structure that isn’t just great to look at, but its also a DIY greenhouse design which is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive to build. With a free set of instructions that are very well detailed, there are also photographs that help guide you every step of the way, and give you examples of what the desired final version looks like, from the types of windows to the construction of the frame to the laying down of the floor which can be gravel, to finishing touches.

There are other designs out there, but these designs are the most unique and the most eye-catching imaginable, and some of them have features that make them very attractive for your growing needs.

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