20 Phenomenal Outdoor Christmas Lights Setups

Christmas is one of the most favorite holidays of the year, and the most decorated holidays when it comes to using lights, both indoors and out. When it comes to decorating the outside of your home, you can make your holiday decor as bright and bold as you want, or you may choose to take more subtle approach to light-up decorations. A lot depends on your personality, the size of your home, and of course, your budget. There’s no denying that when you see an amazing Christmas light setup on a home, it stands out and is something that both young and old can get excited about. You may even wonder how they did it, and how you can create such a spectacular display on your own home. Well, we have some tips to help you create a more lavish and beautiful Christmas light display on your own home – one you can enjoy all season long. So keep reading to see what you should to make an eye-catching Christmas winter wonderland for your home.

1. Choose a theme

It’s better to start with creating a theme for your home, whether it be a colored theme, using certain colors, such as red and white lights around the yard and on the house. Or maybe you want objects, like a Santa Clause theme. Santa on the roof with his reindeer and sleigh, or maybe landing in your yard is a favorite for kids. Lighted boxes that look like gifts scattered about the yard are a great addition to the theme, or maybe you like the idea of snowmen and lit snowflakes hanging from your trees. No matter what you choose, keeping a flow of an idea looks better than a hodgepodge of ideas that can be overwhelming to the eye.

2. Safety first

Before you start to set up, or hang anything, make sure you are using safe equipment, along with safe lighting products. You will want to be sure to use a strong, structured ladder and have someone with you that can hold it while you hang your lights and decorations. Know where your outdoor power box is so that you can hang your electric-powered lights and decorations according to where you’ll need to run your extension cords. Speaking of extension cores, be sure your cords are in good condition with no fraying or other fire hazards noticed, and everything you choose for your lighting display should be designed for outdoor use.

3. Tips for what to use where

Whether it’s your first time creating a Christmas light display on your home, or you’re a veteran, for a successful display, keep in mind the most popular types of lights and where to hang them. Icicle lights are great for roof lines and eaves, while strands are often used for trees, their trunks as well, and other similar structures. Some people do prefer to outline their eaves with strands of bulb lights, and the bigger, the better, if you want them very visual from the street. Nets of lights give great coverage for large hedges and fences, and lines of small hedges. Lighted and mechanical animals, like reindeer, look great nestled up close to trees or grouped together in an area of the yard that allows for good vision of them as they move through their motions. If you use inflatables, be sure not to overpower your home with them. They can be very large and cover a lot of the other decorations and lights, taking away from a lot of your home’s lighting display.

4. Light up walkways

When decorating your home it’s easy to remember the exterior of the home, like the eaves and windows, as well as foliage around the yard, but don’t forget your drive and walkways. Walkways are often dark and hard to see, especially if everything else is light and bright. Not only will lighting your drive and walkways add to the beauty of your display, but your guests will better be able to see their way to your front door. It’s also kind of a finishing touch to all the rest of your lighting endeavors and completes the package.

You can get a lot of ideas just by looking at what so many others have done to their homes for the Christmas holiday. Take a look at the following 20 pictures of phenomenal outdoor Christmas light set ups and see if you can get any ideas for your own home this holiday season. When done right, you may even win your neighborhood’s holiday display contest. So, get out there and decorate and create a holiday light sensation for your home! Ho! Ho! ho!

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