20 Homes With Amazing Views of the Rocky Mountains

Having an amazing view of the landscape is the dream of many homeowners. Whether you love the water, fields, or mountains, there are so many different types of landscape you can choose to buy or build your home around. One of the most spectacular mountain ranges is the Rockies. In the colder months, the snowcapped views are amazing, and homeowners who have the privilege of sitting in their home and gazing out at the beautiful scenery, love to utilize their homes to enhance the views they have. There are many ways you can use your Rocky Mountain views to inspire your home. Here are some ideas.

Windows make the view

If you have lots of windows in your home, you will want to utilize these windows to help bring as much of the view of the Rockies into your home. Whether you get the best views of the Rockies from your living room, your bedroom, or another room, keep those windows as open and obstructive-free as you can in order to make your views as visible as possible. If you don’t have large windows, or windows that are eye-level or easy to view from, you might want to consider having the windows enlarged or redesigned for better viewing.

  • Bring some of the natural environment into your home

One of the best ways to help continue to the views outside your home, to the inside of your home, is to bring some of that natural beauty in by way of décor options. You can bring the natural beauty of the mountains into your living space in many different ways with your décor. Here are a few tips.

  • Use natural materials

To get the look and feel of nature in your home, use natural materials in your home design theme. Woods, stone, and bricks are just a few. You can incorporate these materials from your flooring, to the fireplace, walls, furniture, counters, cupboards and more. Any type of wood for your flooring can work well, especially, types of oaks, cherry, mahogany, or any type of wood that fits your personal taste and style. Stone fireplaces, brick accent walls, ceiling beams, and granite counter tops are all ways to create a natural looking environment.

  • Color choices

Bring the natural beauty of the Rockies into your living room or bedroom with colors that mimic the great outdoors. Let your color pallet play off of the mountain range by using a rang of blues, white, greens, browns, black and other neutral colors. Whatever colors that reflect the landscape, capture them and incorporate them into your color scheme.

No matter how you choose to enhance your beautiful Rocky Mountain view, make it spectacular and part of your every day life in your beautiful home. Here are 20 homes with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains to draw inspiration from.

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