20 Family Room Ideas Perfect for 2019

Family Room

Family rooms are the primary relaxation room for any home. They are often considered to be multi-function rooms, since so many different activities take place in them, like watching TV, visiting with friends and family, sometimes a meal or two are eaten in the family room each day, perhaps you use the room to work in, but of course, just sitting on your comfortable sofa to read a good book, is always one of the best ways to utilize this space. So, you’ve determined that you want it functional, but making it beautiful is just as important so that you love being in your family room for everything you use it for. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful family room that embraces everything from functionality, to stunning good looks. Here’s how.

Create an outline of your room arrangement

Mapping out your room before you start purchasing furniture will help you choose the best furniture pieces, and where they’ll go as opposed to just eyeballing. Worthing courts uggests drawing a sketch of your room; graph paper is great for this type of sketching. It allows you to use the squares for keeping track of square footage – the use of one square is equal to one square foot. When drawing the room, don’t forget to add architectural elements like, windows, doorways, columns, and any others that will affect the set up of your room.

Choose your wall color

Your walls are one of the biggest components of the room and in many family rooms, they remain blank canvasses that need to be filled. Covering your walls with a beautiful color, immediately draws the eyes in to the space and helps tie in all of your decorative features throughout the room. Whether you plan to keep the colors muted and neutral, or add bright or bold colors, one way to add a dramatic look is to choose one wall that will act as a focal wall and paint it a different color, or darker shade of the rest of the walls. Use architectural features to play with colors, like built-in book shelves, bay windows, columns, fireplaces, and any other architectural element that stands out.

Clean-lined furniture is in

A clean and uncluttered look is important in a family room. Choosing the right number of pieces, along with the perfect look will help keep your family room, both literally and visually clutter-free.  Furniture with neat, clean lines will make your room look more organized and put together rather than over-crowded and unorganized. The Spruce suggests a sectional sofa for large spaces. Just like you want to avoid overcrowding a room, large family rooms can also have their issues. In large family rooms, a large sectional sofa may not only work well, but may be necessary to help fill a sitting area and avoid an overage off space that looks awkward. Matching chairs can be set together on one side of the sitting area, while an open coffee table with space for storage below, works great for freeing up table space by allowing you to store magazines and other items you don’t want displayed on top.

Multi-functional pieces are great for smaller rooms

Not all family rooms are blessed with ample space. Small family rooms are common and there are furniture pieces that were designed with this in mind. Whether you need a table to function as more than a table, or a sofa to be more than a sitting space, you can find the perfect pieces that offer more than one function. An elegant sofa table placed behind an open-backed sofa can also function as a small desk area when you set a beautiful straight chair with it. The chair can act as extra seating, too, if you need to add more when hosting guests. Sofa beds are trending now, and with so many styles and sizes, you can have a beautiful sofa for daytime seating, while gaining extra sleeping space at night when it’s needed.

Add decor pieces

While family rooms are a great place to display your favorite decor pieces, to avoid your room from looking and feeling overcrowded or cluttered, choose pieces that fill a space with a purpose. A beautiful flower arrangement in an artsy vase on a table, a set of candles on a table or fireplace mantel, or a few art deco pieces arranged neatly on built-in shelves can add just enough additional visual appeal without looking overwhelming. Instead of filling a wall with multiple smaller pictures that can look disorganized or overpowering, a large piece of wall art can give your room a focal point as well as a look of simplicity.

Beautiful lighting is essential

Lighting is important in a family room. According to Rand Garrett, lighting gives your room character and personality. Many family rooms have an overhead light, but they can be dull and boring, so try switching the overhead with a beautiful, or unique chandelier that flows with your room decor. Floor lamps are great for adding light in darker areas of the room, or next to a comfy reading chair. Table lamps are a great way to complete a sitting area where tables are placed next to the ends of the sofa. Choose styles that compliment, and can add to the flow of your room’s decor theme. Wall sconces are a great way to light up a door way leading to another room, such as a hallway, dining room, or the home’s entry way. Layering your lighting so that you fill different the different uses of lighting, such as task, ambiance, and function, helps to create a beautifully and well-lit room.

For more great ideas, take a look at the following 20 family room ideas perfect for 2019.

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