10 Great Free Resources To Help You Build a Pergola

Pergolas are inviting spaces which define outdoor spaces with a special magic. They are perfect for providing shade when the summer days are long and hot. They also add beauty for gathering people together. They are flexible design elements which can be added to any backyard space. Whether you’ve been building for a lifetime or are just getting started, here are some ideas for adding the perfect pergola to your home.

1. Perfect Beginner’s Pergola

One of the best things about these instructions is that there are videos to accompany each step along the way. This makes it easy for even beginners. Handy tools and materials lists show the investment needed to get started. There are plenty of expert tips to help make decisions about design and placement choices, too.

2. A Pergola Designed for Shade

While many pergolas rely on lattice or trailing plants to provide shade, this version uses a pre-made canopy that comes with all the materials needed to build the pergola as well. This is a simple design which comes with instructions for assembly.

3. Amish Country Pergola in a Box

There are times when you realize that you don’t have the tools or experience to start completely from scratch. If you want to build a high-quality pergola and are handy enough to assemble the parts, you might want to consider using a kit made from master Amish craftsmen. Buying this kit will give you the satisfaction of erecting the unit yourself while saving time and money.

4. Classical Shady Retreat

When your goal is to build a classical pergola to shade an existing deck or patio, this freestanding structure is a nice option. It uses precast columns to achieve classical elegance. Tips include choosing the right location and designs for your home, a compete diagram illustrating the dimensions, parts and measuring instructions. Large photos make it easy to see how the work will progress.

5. Elegant Pergola and Deck Project

If your plans include building a new deck and pergola for your home, this elegant design is worth considering. This pergola is large enough to cover the entire deck, but it also has a lattice woodwork top which offers varied sun control. You can vary where the lattice is added based on how you want the sun to light the deck. The PDF pergola and deck plans and blueprint are free to download, or you can click and enlarge the detailed images provided.

6. Lovely Round Wisteria Pergola

Pergolas may be made in many shape and configuration. Here’s an eye-catching round version designed so that plants such as various flowering vines or ivy may grow over and around it. What results is a place to gather and enjoy the shade which plants provide. Adding flowering varieties will add fragrance to the breezes and that’s a definite plus with this type of pergola. The plans and materials are available in a downloadable file.

7. Freestanding Storm-Resistant Back Yard Pergola

What’s nice about this project is that there are photos showing simple, yet clever, tips for marking the area before beginning to build the project and how to mark the various parts of the pergola during the assembly process. Every step includes guidelines based on how the pros think and work, so that even those with very basic skills can complete the work. The steps for building a sturdy, storm resistant pergolas are accompanied with the reasons why each step is important. Each material is defined, the process is described, and handy tips for better construction are added. You’ll want to read through the entire process to make a materials and tools list. The instructions and video assume a moderate level of building experience.

8. Step-By-Step Basic Pergola

This handy guide is great for any beginner with little to no previous building experience. It offers step by step instructions and photos with all the little details, including how to have assistants help with the process. There is a detailed materials and tools list included, and some tips for adjusting measurements when building on a yard rather than a deck.

9. Customizable Outdoor Room Pergola

When you want to create an outdoor room space on an existing deck, and you want that new room space to have beautiful designer quality, this pergola is a wonderful choice for giving you those options. It requires advanced skills, about a weekend of time to build the project, and some time to possibly special order some of the materials used. The project resources are complete and easy to follow. They include what you’ll need to know, and materials required to construct a 12-foot by 14-foot pergola, however, the instructions may be customized to suit your own existing deck and yard.

10. Long-Lasting Cedar Pergola

This is an excellent choice for building a pergola which is designed to last. It’s made from cedar; which resists decay. It’s okay to apply a sealer or stain, but it you decide not to apply either, then cedar gradually weathers to a gray color. The pergola is designed for an 8-foot square area, but it’s also easy to modify the size. The pergola design comes with a large animated PDF that includes a printable, step-by-step guide. All the information needed is included from the wood beams right down to the tools and fasteners. Handy photos and master-level blueprints show exactly how the pros did it so you can too.

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