What is Shiplap and How Do You Decorate With It?

Shiplap is a kind of wooden board material used almost exclusively as an exterior siding used in the construction of residences, barns, sheds and outbuildings which gives visitors the feeling the building has been built out of horizontal slats slid across and then secured into place. Now a growing decoration trend each of the boards is milled which connects neatly with the other boards. This creates a distinctive line between the layers. It has become a trend for designers to use thanks to the rise of farmhouse style, rustic looking premises. When mixed with the right type of accessories and furniture, shiplap can appear to be stunning to look at as it can either be flooring, a ceiling material, or wall paneling.

Wall to Ceiling Shiplap Design

A design which looks stunning in a cozy farmhouse kitchen design which gives people the shiplap feel wonderful. Since the shiplap is the same pattern design for the walls and the ceiling, it can define the space and offer focus to the furnishings present in the room, and with the right colors, it can even offer a feeling that makes the room appear bigger or smaller.

A Hallway is Opened Up

With shiplap facing inwards the vertical lines of the boards will help draw the eye forward as you take your first steps through the doorway, and make it feel taller at the same time. The shiplap ceiling gives any narrow hallway a wider, more spacious feel to it, and it can also be copied in small dens, or patios, anywhere you can add texture and create an open look along the way.

Use Shiplap in Every Room

Alright, a bathroom using shiplap may take a little bit more time to plan and to prepare than it does in other rooms of the house, it does give off a more stunning effect which is both airy and stylish. However, for this bathroom to be longlasting, the boards will need to be treated against the moisture created by the water in the bathroom. Shiplap is a unique alternative to tiling.

Different Colored Shiplap

White shiplap, or shiplap in a lighter tone, such as powder blue, is the popular choice. It isn’t the only option available. Dark shiplap can offer a moody tone to a room, but it can also give it a nautical feel as well. It can act as a room’s focal point for both visitors and for residents.

Wide and Slim at the same time

It doesn’t matter how you arrange the shiplap – it can be used wide and slim, and even in between while being cut to suit your needs. For example, stairways can use slim boards which adds texture to the stairway design but also gives it a more minimalist and modern appearance. The minimalistic nature of the look is thought to be a great way of making a statement while not overpowering a space, but shiplap is what gives the look a more polished feel.

The Perfect Open Dining Room

Feeling vintage and yet modern, the shiplap added to this room’s original design which works well in both arched dining rooms and ordinary rooms with a conventional design, the shiplap offers a great deal of texture to the room and gives it an air of space.

Nursery made of Shiplap

Shiplap can give people who want to change to the interior design of their home, but also gives rooms such as a new nursery, while it provides a neutral material to blend in with the current decor style, so it doesn’t matter if you decide to give the room a more modern makeover or if you wish to keep it as traditional as possible.

Shiplap in the Entrance

It’s amazing how truly versatile shiplap can be. It can be used to open up rooms and give them a more rustic feel, its primary feature is it gives an appealing visual feel that draws the eye. Shiplap used in the foyer or the hall of your home creates a welcome feeling as you walk in through the door.

Unique Patterns

Horizontal or vertical shiplap is what most people use, however it can be arranged in a chevron pattern, and it can be arranged in sitting rooms or in rooms where you wish to create a visual effect that is different from the norm in your home to personalize them differently. The pattern itself is perfect to be used on flooring, especially on stairways, and it also works well above fireplaces.

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