What is a Split-Rail Fence and Is it Right For You?

A split rail fence is a simple type of fence that is constructed from timber. This timber is arranged length ways so that it forms rails. It is a type of decorative fence and was often found in places where a lot of wood is readily available. If you are have been thinking about getting a split rail fence then there are some advantages to this type of fence that you may be interested in.

It Is Very Cost Effective

Split rails fences are generally cheaper to install than other types of fences. You can choose the type of timber that you want to use for the fence and this makes it easier for you to find something that will suit your budget. You can also choose how many rails you want in the fence. Choosing to have fewer rails will keep the cost down but can still look very effective.

It Is Easy To Install

Split rail fences can be installed in almost any type of ground, even if the soil tends to be hard or rocky. There are not usually that many posts that are needed to keep the fence together and so there will not be a lot of digging involved. It is a job that you could do yourself if you choose and it will not usually take any longer than a day.

It Is Easy To Maintain

Once the split rail fence has been installed then it does not usually take a lot of work to maintain it. It will need to be cleaned on a regular basis but this can be done easily and quickly with a pressure washer. After you have installed your fence then it is a good idea to coat it with wood preservative as this will help it to last longer.

However, there are some occasions where it may not be suitable for a property and these are things that you may also need to take into consideration.

It Is Not Suitable For Pets

If you need to contain your pets in the garden then this type of fence may not be suitable. Any small pets will easily be able to slip underneath the bottom rail and larger pets will be able to jump over the top of the fence as they are not usually very high.

It Will Not Provide Any Shade

As there is no solid part to the fence it will not provide any shade when the sun is shining strongly. This may mean that is unsuitable for young families whose childre will be playing outside as you may prefer to keep them in the shade and out of the sun.

There are many advantages to using a split rail fence at your property but you will need to weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision. The points that have been covered here can help you make a decision. You may also want to consider talking to a local fencing contractor as they will be able to offer you advice based on their knowledge and experience.

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