The Top 20 Towns Celebrities Live in The U.S.

The life of a celebrity has always been an interesting topic. We are naturally curious about how they live and where they live. Many celebrities live in multiple cities, owning a couple (maybe more), homes they travel between.

Some celebrities choose to live in parts of the country that are known to be home to a nest of celebs, like New York and cities in California, while others choose to branch away from the norm, and make their home in cities that you may never imagined as being a hot spot for the famous.

So if you have you ever wondered what cities celebrities are most often drawn to, to live and get away from the limelight, then keep reading to find out the top 20 cities celebrities live in the U.S.

20. Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Twin cities is a beautiful city, has great food and it has been said that it is one of the healthiest cities. Not all actors and actresses, singers, or famous people, choose to live in the limelight of the Hollywood scene.

Some choose to set their homes and lives up, far away from tinsel town. Some celebs fall in love with a particular city and move, while others have their roots their and decide to continue living there, no matter how famous they become. Minneapolis is one of those cities that may surprise you to hear that some very famous people have hailed from the Midwest state.

Here are some names you may recognize, that either still live here, or had lived here before they died; Charles Schultz, famous cartoonist of Charlie Brown, Prince, one of the most iconic musicians/singers of all time, actor Seann William Scott, and singer/songwriter Bob Dylan. There are many others who have found the city of Minneapolis to be their calling and plant their feet there.

19. Austin, Texas

Austin is a very well loved city by celebrities. Tourists and residents aren’t the only ones to find the city to be charming, exciting, unique and a diverse, creative culture. It is one of the hubs for film and TV shows, but outside that, celebrities enjoy the indie music scene that happens in Austin.

Some of the music industries most famous events held in Austin, include, South By Southwest, Austin City Limits, and the Austin Film Festival. If you were to happen to spot some celebs in the Austin area, here is who you might see; Dabney Coleman, actor, Lance Armstrong, cyclist, Nelly, rap artist, Elijah Wood, actor, Owen Wilson, actor, Renee Zellwegger, actress, plus many more.

18. Alpine, New Jersey

Alpine is a suburb of New York city and sits about 15 miles north of Midtown. It is the easternmost city of New Jersey and many celebs have either lived in Alpine at one point, or still reside there. In 2012, Forbes magazine ranked Alpine as the most expensive zip code in the United States, so you know it has to be nice.

Homes in the area sell for multi-millions of dollars, which is one reason you know that celebs have to be there. The beautiful city that barely has any commerce. It does not even have a high school or even mail delivery service.

Here are a few famous names that have either taken up residency in Alpine at one time, or still have a home in the area: Fabolous, rap artist, Eddie Murphy, actor, Chris Rock, actor and movie star, Joe Piscopo, actor, Wesley Snipes, movie star, and Stevie Wonder, musician and singer.

17. Montecito, California

Another California city, Montecito, the name just sounds wealthy, and there are wealthy people who live here. Celebs who love their privacy, yet still want to be close enough to the rest of Hollywood players, will choose a city like Montecito where they can get away from the spotlight.

Montecito is an interesting city and has a lot of history since its settlement by the Chumash Indians, but it wasn’t until the 19th century when things really started to take off for the city.

Montecito is close to Los Angeles, Malibu, and Santa Barbara and many celebrities you know, are residents of the quaint area. Here are a few names you are sure to recognize: Jason Bateman, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Troy Aikman, Bruce Willis, and probably the most notable celeb who owns a home in Montecito, is Oprah Winfrey.

16. Westlake, California

Westlake is a very close neighbor of Los Angeles and for those celebrities who want to be just outside and away from the bright lights of LA, Westlake Village is a good option. The city is not only home to some famous people, but also the popular Dole Food Company headquarters, and K-Swiss.

The area is a lot of open space that gives you a lot of outdoor activity options, like horse trails, walking and biking trails. A few celebs you might see out and about in the Village include, Louie Tomlinson, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, and Tyler Posey.

15. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, it’s known for its rain and coffee. Yes, Starbucks got its beginnings in the unique city of Seattle where budget blockbusters are created, and indie films and TV shows are also a big part of the city’s history.

Seattle is also a hot music scene and many celebs love the liveliness of the city so they decided to set up home on the west coast, just not California west coast. If you were to visit Seattle, you might want to try to see a few shows and performances by some famous musicians who live there, such as Kenny G, jazz musician.

Or if hip hop is your thing, Macklemore is a resident of the city and often plays in venues around his home town. Dave Matthews, of the Dave Matthews band is a resident here too, as well as actor John Ratzenberger, star from the hit series, Cheers. 

14. Livingston, Montana

Montana – arguably one of the most beautiful states in the country, the big sky and mountains are breathtaking, and if you want seclusion, you are sure to find your little piece of heaven in Montana where you can hide away from the rest of the world and live your life as normal as possible – as much as a star can, anyways.

There are many famous people who have taken up residence in Montana and live life on a ranch, taking care of livestock and enjoying the great outdoors.

Livingston is one of the popular areas of Montana that several celebrities have decided to call home and here’s who: Meg Ryan and her ex-hubby, Dennis Quaid had a home in Livingston at one time, and it is said that he still does. Jeff Bridges’, actor, is another, as well as, Glenn Close, Ted Turner and wife Jane Fonda, and Michael Keaton owns a home here as well, where he can fly fish just outside his door.

13. Greenwich, Connecticut

Connecticut is just beautiful, there is no doubt. Greenwich is a name that is often heard of in movies and TV shows and it is one often talked about with celebrities. 

It seems like just about anywhere you go in the state, it’s quaint and most often associated with the thoughts of beautiful colors in the fall and gorgeous homes on beautiful pieces of land. It’s no wonder why stars flock to the state, it’s not too far from New York, yet it’s out of the main hustle and bustle of the busiest city in the world.

Here are a few famous names that have made Connecticut their home; Tom Brokaw, news anchor, Mel Gibson, Ron Howard, actor, director and producer, along with Matt Lauer, news reporter, Diana Ross, singer, and Jack Nicholson, actor.

12. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina is a beautiful city in the mountains of North Carolina and is the largest city in the Western North Carolina. It is also home to the famous, Biltmore Estates that attracts millions of tourists every year.

The city is a popular destination due to the Biltmore Estates, the mountains as well as it is known for many outdoor activities and quaint shops and dining. Some famous celebs you know who have either lived in this part of the Carolinas, or still do, include; George Clooney, actor, Rihanna, and Michael Jordan.

11. Maui, Hawaii

Who wouldn’t want to call Maui, Hawaii home? Maui isn’t only a favorite vacation destination for many celebrities, but some actually have homes on the island. The tropical paradise has so much to do on the island, especially for those who love the sand and sea.

Shopping, dining, history, island life, it’s all there for the right people who want a little bit of oasis every day of their life. As many rich and famous who come to play on the island, some celebs prefer to call Maui home, and here are a few that do.

Willie Nelson called Maui home for years, along with Kris Kristofferson, Woody Harrelson, Clint Eastwood, and even Oprah Winfrey owns a home on the island.

10. Jupiter, Florida

Another, “hot spot”, literally, is Jupiter, Florida. For a closer-to-home tropical oasis, Florida may seem a little more easy to get back-and-forth around the country, yet still get their fill of paradise. Jupiter is located in the Southeastern part of the state and is full of multi-million dollar mansions.

That is because many wealthy people, famous or not, have planted their feet in these gorgeous beaches and their yachts in the coastal waters. There is nothing but fine dining, high-end shops, spas, golf courses, marinas and more, for the rich and famous to enjoy, and here are some of the celebrities that have either done just that at some point, or still do: Tiger Woods, golfer, Celine Dion, singer, Michael Jordan, Greg Norman, golfer, and Kid Rock, musician.

9. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, the heart of the country music industry, the city has born and bred many famous musicians and is home to the most famous country music gathering hall in the world, the Grand Ole Opry.

The city is hopping with country music clubs and recording studios, which means that many country music stars have also grounded themselves in the city to be close to everything having to do with their profession, including other artists.

That being said, there are plenty of other celebs who have made Nashville their home, too. Here are some of the most famous celeb residents of Nashville; Brad Paisley, country singer, Nicole Kidman, actress, and hubby, country music singer, Keith Urban, Billy Ray and daughter Miley Ray, country singers, Wynonna Judd, Scott Hamilton, Olympian ice skater, Niki Taylor, famous model.

8. Chicago, Illinois

Also known as the “Windy City,” Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the U.S. and home to the Chicago Cubs, and one of the busiest airports, O’Hare International. Chicago is a famous city to feature in movies. It is the city featured in the iconic movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Home Alone, The Dark Knight, among many, many more.

There shops in downtown Chicago are one of the biggest attractions to many tourists, residents and the celebrities that live there and the city is booming with commerce and wealth. Here are some of the celebs who have decided to make Chicago their home, Oprah Winfrey and her studio, John Cusack, actor, Bill Murray, actor, Robert Townsend, actor, plus many other actors, musicians, and comedians.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

The gambling mecca of the U.S., Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Southwest and is one of the most popular cities in movies. Casinos line the main strip, along with ritzy hotels and entertainment galore.

There is a lot of money made and spent in Las Vegas, and many couples even come to the city just to get married in one of the little wedding chapels as quick and easy way to tie the knot. Las Vegas is one city where many celebrities choose to live for the sheer fact that it is beautiful, interesting, fun, and not too far off from the glam and glitz of Hollywood.

Plus, many celebs perform so often in the city, they want to be close to their jobs. Do you know any of these celebs who call Las Vegas home? George Wallace, Rita Rudner, comedienne, Carrot Top, comedian, Louie Anderson, comedian, Celine Dion, Singer, Donny and Marie Osmond, singers, Jerry Lewis, actor, before recent death, and Nicholas Cage, actor.

6. Miami, Florida

a top celebrity destination, with star-studded events around the year including Art Basel Miami Beach, Ultra Music Festival, South Beach Food & Wine Festival and Mercedes Benz Swim Week. In addition, Miami’s famed beaches, five-star hotels, nightclubs and celebrity-chef owned restaurants make the city a celebrity playground.

Also known as “America’s Riviera” Miami was once a popular place for pirates like Blackbeard to visit and bury their treasure (caches of gold, silver and the like have been uncovered on and off land here.)

It is one of the hottest sub-tropical vacation destinations in the world. If parasailing, windsurfing or wave-running are on your list, this is the place for them all. South Beach is rated the number one beach in America in 2008 by the Travel Channel.

The city is a popular location for filming movies and television and local production companies include Dark Cloud Studios, Blue Nile Productions and White Lotus Productions. Thus, Miami is a great place to spot stars including celebrities Gloria Estefan, Lenny Kravitz, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias all of whom call it home.

Visiting luminaries who have residences here include Sean Combs, Mickey Rourke, as well as baseball players Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa Whether you stroll by the News Café on Ocean Drive or just about any location along Lincoln Avenue, you’re likely to site some celebrities

5. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the most intriguing and interesting cities in the world. The city has been featured if so many films over the years due to the unique scenery and topography, as well as the famous landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Wharf, Lombard Street, the famous cable cars, and more.

The city is loaded with unique and famous restaurants with famous chefs who can wet your appetite with just about any type of cuisine. One of the most notable restaurants in the city, the Stinking Rose, is all about garlic and lots of it.

If you have ever been, then you know it is one of the most hilly cities and the homes around town are some of the most recognizable structures of anywhere. One actor who spent his life in San Francisco and was often seen out and about in town, including frequenting the Stinking Rose, was Robin Williams. Other celebrities who call the city home, include, Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympian skater, Huey Lewis, singer, Sammy Hagar, musician, Danielle Steel, writer, and Michelle Pfeiffer, actress.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

The city of Atlanta, or the “Peach State,” has been a growing city for a different group of stars and a lot of them are in the music business, especially, the hip hop industry. Many rappers, R&B singers and hip hop performers have gotten their start in Atlanta, GA, and have made the city their home.

Some main names in the industry that call Atlanta home include, T.I., Ludacris, Janet Jackson, Young Jeezy, Usher, for a few. Atlanta is also the headquarters for CNN, TBS, and Turner Broadcasting. Atlanta has also been the city of choice for filming popular TV shows and series, and the city has been featured in many films.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana is also known as “Hollywood South,” and it has been the center of many films over the years. The old French city has so many attractions to stars, not only to spend time in the city, but to set up home, including Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr., Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a home here, Matthew McConaughey, Tim Robbins, plus many others.

The festivities of this unique town are endless. The city is home to the Port of New Orleans and is the 5th largest port in the US. The city is also very rich in culture, history and architecture.

It is a very diverse city, multi-cultural and offers a wide variety of entertainment and festivities, and the French Creole food and jazz music are popular for those that love the Southern culture. Another big reason celebs love the city, is the tax breaks that are given to those in the industry. It’s a very attractive deal for them.

2. New York, New York

New York, or, the “Big Apple,” is known as the “city that never sleeps,” and is one of the most popular and well-known cities around the world. It is a high commerce city and known to be home to some of the wealthiest people in the world, including Donald Trump.

Many movie stars call New York their home and love the hustle and bustle of New York life. Broadway is one of the biggest attractions to the city, for both the famous who perform on Broadway, and Broadway fans just coming for the shows.

NYC is also a film and TV hub in that many shows are filmed there in the local studios. Tribecca Film Center is located there and Hearst Entertainment. Some of the most popular stars known to live in the city are, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Patrick Harris, Woody Allen, Matthew Broderick and Sara Jessica Parker, among many, many more, and the majority of them pay big bucks for their residences just to be close to all the action.

1. Los Angeles, California

The most popular star-studded city, Los Angeles is where so many stars and celebrities live because it happens to be the movie-making capital. The city has been the epicenter of everything movies for nearly a century, not to mention all of the TV programs that are filmed in the area.

It is the work station for so many stars, so why not live close to work? With that being one of the biggest reasons why celebs plant their feet in LA, there is also the fact that because so many stars live here, it is much easier to network and get work while being close to colleagues, producers and other work-related individuals.

They often just get together to mingle and party, too. Socializing with their kind is easy when they are all centrally located to each other. Outside of work, celebs just love the city. There is so much to do, from fine dining, shopping and of course, the beaches. If you want to try to spot or bump into a celeb one day, this is the city to do it.


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