The Five Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners Out Today

The market offers us many choices to use as flooring, and some go for the hardwood due to the look of elegance it gives your home. However, to maintain that aesthetic feature and ensure that the floor lasts for long, proper cleaning is necessary. Still, with so many cleaning products, choosing the ideal one is a challenge but not anymore. With these five best hardwood cleaners for your hardwood floor, you will find the one that best suits you.

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

When a business has been in operation for almost a century, its products keep getting better, and this is what can be said about Bona. Bona has gained a reputation for effectively cleaning hardwood floors, and the NBA has recognized it as one of its official sponsors. The fact that it is water-based saves you time since you do not have to rinse; all you do is spray, mop and have a clean floor. Further, the water-based feature adds to its safety while being Greenguard Gold certified helps to keep your pets and kids safe from harmful ingredients. If you are looking for a hardwood floor cleaner that brings out your floor’s natural beauty, then Bona is ideal. It is a streak-free solution that dries quickly. Its only downside is that it may not be tough enough on some stains.

2. Orange Glo

The strong chemical smell that some cleaners leave in your home after cleaning will have you open all your windows for some fresh air. Orange Glo, on the other hand, ensures you have a comfortable environment with its citrusy scent, once you finish your cleaning. You can not only use it on your hardwood floors but also laminate ones, paneling, cabinets, and wood furniture. Using it is easy since you spray and mop and you will be happy to see that it leaves no streaks. It is mild meaning you can use it for your daily cleaning, and it dries quickly so no herding your kids into one room to wait for the floor to dry. However, some customers observe that it may fail to get rid of tough stains.

3. Method Squirt+ Mop

For every environmentally-conscious customer, Method’s products are here to help you advance your cause. Its hardwood cleaner is biodegradable, plant-based and comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle. Being plant-based helps to keep your family safe and protects your floor since no harsh chemicals are part of its ingredients. Its squirting bottle has gained favor in comparison to the spray bottles that other cleaners come in and the instructions on how to use it are in the name; squirt and mop. You do not have to rinse nor dilute it, and you will be pleased with the scent it leaves in your home. It is best for sealed hardwood and laminate floors, and it leaves no streaks or stickiness. Unfortunately, the rich almondy scent may be too much for some customers.

4. Zep Commercial hardwood and laminate floor cleaner

Although the name suggests using it on laminate and hardwood floors only, you can still use it on acrylic floors, crown molding, and furniture doors. Also, it is not just for commercial use; your home will benefit from this floor cleaner’s ability to remove tough stains without harming your floor. It is ready to use and you all have to do is spray and mop. The scent it leaves behind is quite mild, and most customers find it pleasant. However, its use is limited to non-oiled finished wood floors; therefore you should not use it on surfaces that need waxing. Also, the cleaner is available in only a commercial size which might be too much for those who would prefer a smaller quantity.

5. Murphy Oil Soap liquid wood cleaner

Murphy has become synonymous with an all-natural cleaning solution after having been around for more than 100 years. It is ideal for all types of cleaning; hardwood, finished and non-wood floors such as tiles and vinyl. As long as you have a finished or sealed surface, Murphy is the go-to product for effective cleaning. You will, however, need to dilute it before use since it is a concentrate but that is a feature that helps you in using it for extra tough stains or regular cleaning. After diluting it, you spray, mop and no rinsing. While some find the fresh scent it leaves behind very refreshing; others complain that it leaves a buildup and an oily finish.

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