How to Incorporate Miami Beach Design Into Your Home

You do not need to live in Miami Beach to feel as though you do, as it is possible to replicate the style in any type of home. By using some of the style ideas and themes that are typically associated with homes in Miami Beach, you can feel as though you are living in this part of the world every day. Whether you intend to transform just one room or an entire property, here are some ideas for incorporating Miami Beach design into your home to use as inspiration.

A White Based Palette

In most cases, the predominant color used in Miami Beach design is white. This gives rooms a bright, light, and spacious feel. White is the perfect blank canvas for any other colors you plan to introduce into your interior design, and it will make any statement pieces stand out. For some people, white is a little stark and they prefer a color that is a little warmer. An alternative is to use a very light pastel shade of yellow or blue. While pale colors are still light and bright, they give the room a warmer feel.

Pops of Color for Miami Beach Design

Regardless of whether you have used a white palette or opted for light pastels, these are a fantastic backdrop for adding pops of color throughout your home. You can use almost any colors you like and don’t be afraid to use deep or bold colors. Some of the best colors to use for this theme are blues, greens, and yellows. These colors reflect the natural colors of the surroundings in Miami Beach as they represent the ocean, beach, sunshine, and palm trees. There are many ways that you can add pops of color to rooms in your home. A feature wall in a solid color will make a bold statement while adding colorful soft furnishings and accessories around the room will create visual points of interest.

Adding Texture with Natural Materials

Adding texture improves the overall look and feel of a room, and this is particularly important if you are using a white palette in your home. There are many ways that you can add texture when creating a Miami Beach-style room. One of the best ways to add texture in this interior design style is by using different materials. The best options are natural materials, such as wood, stone, metallics, leather, and woven natural fibers. A further way that you can add texture is by using wall coverings. Even if the wall covering is in a neutral color, the texture will create visual appeal within the room.

Applying a Coastal Theme

As the Miami Beach style of interior design is all about coastal living, it makes sense that a coastal theme is an important element of recreating this style. According to Decoist, the white backdrop of this style is perfect for adding colors and accessories associated with the beach and the ocean. In terms of colors, both deep and pastel shades of blues, greens, and yellows work well. These colors reflect the natural colors of the coastal landscape. Regarding accessories, natural elements such as driftwood and shells are perfect. Homes that are located in Miami Beach often have large windows as a way of bringing the beauty of the outdoor setting into the home, along with lots of light. If you are lucky enough to live in a coastal location, then take to take advantage of the scenery and light by having large windows, if possible.

Using Natural Themes

Another way of bringing the outdoors in to create Miami Beach design style is to use nature as a theme. According to Houzz, Miami Beach is associated with palm trees, so these are a fantastic theme to include in your interior design. Palm tree leaf patterns look great on wallpaper covering a feature wall or on soft furnishings, such as cushions and drapes. Another way of continuing the nature theme that is typical of Miami Beach style is by adding plants and potted trees. The number and size of the plants and trees you use will depend on the space available.

Art Deco-Style Accessories

Many of the most stunning homes are built in the Art Deco style, so it makes sense to add some art deco style accessories to your home design. Try to opt for furniture with Art Deco lines or add accessories such as mirrors in the Art Deco style. Light fittings in this style can also look amazing and make a statement. Art Deco sculptures and art will make interesting talking points if you have visitors.

Flooring Options

Typically, rooms or properties decorated in the Miami Beach style feature wood flooring. This is evident from the many examples of stunning Miami Beach-style rooms featured on The Spruce. This contributes to both a coastal and natural theme if you are using these as part of your interior design. If you have decent floorboards, you can sand, stain, wax, or paint them. For floorboards that are not in good shape, you can buy wooden flooring, laminate, or even wood-effect vinyl planks. Any of these options are a good alternative to lay over the original flooring. You can add warmth to the room by adding a rug over the wooden flooring, and this is a good idea for living rooms and bedrooms.

Incorporating Miami Beach Design Into Your Home – The Final Verdict

The Miami Beach interior design style is inspired by the beautiful coastal location of Miami Beach. This means that the interior style reflects the colors, the brightness, and the airiness of the location. White is the predominant color used, with greens, blues, and yellows added as pops of color. However, you can add any color you wish to this style. You can add color with soft furnishings and accessories. Using natural materials for both texture and the visual appeal is also an important aspect of this style.

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