How to Grow Your Own Strawberries from Home

With spring and summer just around the corner (as well as for those in warmer climates), you may be getting all ready to plant your garden for the year. Just picturing all of the foliage and produce is so heartwarming, and there are so many options when it comes to creating the garden of your dreams now a days. If you are planning on planting and growing produce this year, such as strawberries, then you are in luck. We are here today to reveal to you the tips and tricks you will need to have a successful strawberry patch, and to be able to enjoy your own produce with your friend and family. With all that said, let’s get started learning about these beautiful red berries.

1. The Trick To Strawberries

The nice thing is that for the most part, strawberries are a particularly easy plant to grow and care for once they are in the ground. They are a fruit that actually grows along vines that often will just lie across the dirt or garden bed that you create. They are also a plant that will spread quickly, making your strawberry patch more prominent year after year. However, when picking strawberry plants to put in your yard, you will want to choose between three different types — June bearing (which will produce one large bloom one time of the year, and usually takes place during the spring. This is the type that you will most often see), Everbearing (which only produce two or three different crop amounts during the spring, the summer, and the fall), and Day Neutral (which will grow fruit throughout the season, similar to the June Bearers, but they are not as big and ‘fruitful’ as the others).

2. What Caring For Them Entails

The care of your plant is crucial for them to survive, especially when you are first planting the seeds in the ground. You will first want to find an area of your yard that gets the most sun exposure, and in an area where the vines of the plant can expand without any worry of other produce or foliage you may have. You will also want to get your seeds into the ground as soon as you can once spring arrives. This will allow for you plant to reach its peek during the late spring and early summer months for some of the best berries.

Planting actually strawberry plants can also be quite particular. You will more than likely want to stick to a matted row system, where you plant each strawberry plant you have about eighteen inches apart and with about four feet between the rows themselves (depending on how many you have). You can also try the hill system of planting for strawberry plants that don’t run or expand as much (the Everbearers and Day Neutral plants). This process would include planting them in a raised bed that stands about eight inches high and you will want to plant them about twelve inches apart. One last tip is to also use straw along your strawberry plants to act as a mulch to keep the plants healthy and to keep the roots in the ground.

Finally, when it comes to fertilizing, you will want to make sure that you are taking extra care when giving your strawberry plants the nutrients they deserve. You want to make sure to find the right balance with fertilizing as to not ruin the leaf and vine growth, or to make the plant over flower as it begins to bloom. In time, you will be able to find the right balance for your plants and yard, and you will be a master strawberry farmer in no time. Just make sure to do your research before getting them in the ground.

Strawberries are one of the most beloved fruits that we can enjoy, and are a staple for many families all across the world. You too can produce your own strawberries with these simple tips and tricks for making your strawberry plant as fruitful as possible. Just remember that your berries will be sweetest if you let them fully ripen on the vine before picking them, and you will have a successful strawberry plant for your spring and summer this year.

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