10 Creative Ways to Light Up Your Deck

If you enjoy spending time outdoors in your garden, then you should add a deck to your garden. This is the perfect way to create an outdoor space where you can relax, eat, or entertain that is separate to other sections of your garden. One problem that people find with their decking area is that they cannot enjoy it in the evenings when it starts to get dark outside. There is no need to pack up your stuff and head back indoors when it gets dark as there are many ways that you can add lighting to your outdoor entertaining space. Adding lighting can also improve the visual appeal of this part of your home and garden. Here are 10 creative ways to add lighting to your deck.

1. Fairy Lights

Family Handyman recommends using fairy lights, also known as string lights. You can drape these along the wall, across the canopy of the deck, along the surfaces of the deck surround, or from any posts or structures. These twinkly lights illuminate your deck, while also creating a magical atmosphere. If this is your preferred method of lighting, make sure you buy lights that are suitable for outdoor use as some are intended only for using indoors.

2. Lanterns

Lanterns are an excellent decorative feature, and they are a practical solution to your deck lighting issues. There are many styles of lanterns available, including both traditional and contemporary designs. Some come with stands, while others are suspended from the walls or overhead structures. There are also gas, electric, halogen, and solar options available.

3. Recessed Spotlights

To create bright lighting, the best option is spotlighting. These are usually much brighter than other forms of lighting. Recessed spotlights sink into the surface of the area where they are fitted, so they are ideal if you want clean lines rather than having adornments and decorations around your deck. You can add recessed spotlights to the walls, the overhead deck structure, the posts, or the deck surround. The focus of the light will depend on where you position them. It is best if these are fitted by a professional electrician.

4. Linear Lighting

If you have steps leading up to your deck area, then The Spruce recommends using linear lighting on the rise of the steps. This has both practical and decorative purposes. It highlights the steps so that you can see where you are going in the dark and adds a mellow light to the decking area. Others are inserted into the ground surrounding your deck. The lights create an attractive entrance to the deck.

5. Illuminated Water Features

An illuminated water feature has several purposes. First, it is a creative solution to your lighting problem. Second, it is decorative and will add visual appeal to your deck. Third, the sound of running water is associated with relaxation, so it can add to the atmosphere of your deck in a positive way. You should choose a water feature that is appropriate for the size of your deck and that leaves you plenty of room for your seating or entertaining space. If you have a large deck, then you can add several smaller water features in different positions around the deck.

6. Solar Lights

If you are environmentally aware, then a great option is solar lights. This is also a good choice if you are trying to keep your costs down as they do not need an electrical power source. Solar lights come in many forms, from large panels that fit on to the walls or structure of the deck to strip lighting that fits along ledges or trims. There are also decorative solar lights, such as lanterns, so you do not need to compromise on design or style to save money and the planet.

7. Battery-Operated Candles

Some people do not want to add expensive permanent lighting to their deck. If you only use your deck occasionally, such as on the hottest days or when you are entertaining, then temporary lighting is a reasonable option. A simple way to light your deck with temporary lights is to buy some battery-operated candles. You can position these where you need the light the most, and easily move them to another area if you change the layout of the furniture on your deck. You can also use them in your home when you are not using them on the deck.

8. In-Floor Lighting

Often, people assume that lighting is something that should come from above. However, lower lighting can also work. It highlights the floor area for safety purposes and gives a mellow glow to the area above. This is a form of lighting that some people prefer as it is more atmospheric. This is a form of lighting recommended by Next Luxury. You can have as much or as little in-floor lighting as you wish, and there are many different designs available.

9. Pergola Lights

Many people have a pergola either as an entrance to their deck, part of the deck, or leading to their deck. The pergola is the perfect place to position lighting, and there is lighting available specifically for use in this way. These lights are larger versions of string or fairy lights, and they weave around the pergola between any foliage. This adds visually appealing lighting to your deck and makes it a more attractive space where you will enjoy spending time.

10. Heat Lamps

People use their decks less a night for two reasons: the darkness and the lower temperatures. Adding overhead heat lamps to your deck resolves both these issues. The lamps act as a source of heat to keep you warm if it turns chilly in the evenings, while also lighting up your deck. These are often halogen lights. An alternative that also provides both heat and light is a gas-operated fire pit. Of course, you must use these with caution and away from any flammable items. Therefore, they are best suited to larger decks.

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