Coastal-Style Decks are Trending and Why You Should Have One

Coastal Deck Design

It really does not matter where you live. A coastal style deck is in vogue and definitely trending right now. Many people refer to this as a Hamptons Design. That is a seaside resort area that is highly sought after by discerning travelers from across the country. You no longer need to travel just to revel in this type of design, as you can incorporate into your own home with minimal effort. You just have to envision the possibilities and then go from there. The focus of such a deck is light and airy. It is meant to evoke feelings of being right there on the coast with a gentle breeze flowing through. You will be looking at creating a color scheme and an ambiance that really brings this home. This is why these types of decks are trending right now and why you should definitely consider having one.

History Speaks Volumes

Before you understand why coastal style decks are trending right now, it is first beneficial to understand a bit about the history behind this design. The coastal design is a bit tricky to nail down, in deference to other such trends that we have seen throughout the years. It is actually to pinpoint exactly where it comes from, primarily because humans have always had a sort of fascination with the beach. It is in our DNA. We have always lived by the shore in one way or another, but it has become a natural part of the environment. And that is the first lesson in the coastal design deck. It is meant to be natural and non-invasive. People have grown to love the look that it conveys, as it is laid back and just makes you want to relax. That is, after all, exactly what you want to have out of your home.

To be fair, the coastal design deck can probably be traced right back to the Hamptons. As mentioned earlier in this piece, this is probably one of the most famous beachside communities in the world. It has been written about, made the focus on numerous documentaries, and has even appeared in countless television shows and movies. That alone illustrates why it is such a sought after trend in the design industry. If people around the world have fallen in love with this trend, then you are likely to as well. Hamptons is actually located Long Island in South Fork. It is made of a bunch of small villages and hamlets that were all begun as a quiet farming community back in the 19th century. It was later in that same century when people with a bit of money began to come to the Hamptons in droves in order to enjoy their vacation.

Throughout the 20th century, the Hamptons developed a reputation for being an exclusive holiday destination. It is that reputation that remains today, although now the entire world knows much more about it. While you and I might never have a reason or opportunity to descend upon the Hamptons ourselves, we can incorporate that same coastal design into our own home. It consists of an electric and intoxicating environment that is modern and preppy at the same time.

Elements of a Coastal Deck and Design

You. might be wondering at this point what a coastal design even entails. It does not necessarily mean recreating the scene that you will see in the Hamptons. In fact, there are coastal deck designs that are based more on a Polynesian or Hawaiian look. These are island designs that many find attractive. There are also designs inspired by the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. These include the heritage that captures the rich culture found in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Speaking in general terms, a coastal design will consist of neutral colors. The deck itself would be based on a gray overtone. Remember that this does not have to white. You will also use various color pairings that are mean to be cool. An example would be blue and green. You will also have some bold and vibrant colors, such as turquoise and pink. This will really bring out the look and get you to feeling like you are right out on the shore to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

When it comes to the surfaces in a costal deck design, you will want them to be reflective in nature. This provides a bright look in all kinds of seasons and weather. This will create a more inviting place to sit and relax, enjoying the company of others. When it comes to the theme of your deck, you will naturally want to focus on nature. You are going to want to include such concepts that are built around the sea. Look for sea creatures, flowers, illustrations, and anything else that conveys a scene built around water.

As you look around the deck and the surrounding area, take into account the architectural details. You will want to look at the paneling and crown molding. Fashion these to really accentuate the area and bring out the best of the coastal design feature. It is also important to have some nautical decor sprinkled around the area whenever possible. All of this works together to create a mood that is calming and relaxing. This is why coast design decks are trending right now. In this fast-paced world that we now live in, it is nice to have such a place to look forward to arriving home to.


Coastal design decks are definitely trending right now, and for good reason. You will find that they make sense in just about any type of home, both urban and country. It is the thought and the feeling that matters the most. The mix of colors and design features is what it is all about. This is also why you definitely want to have one if you have the room and the resources available. You no longer have to take that trip to the Hamptons. You can bring that scene home to rest with you.

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