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Elle Macpherson is an Australian supermodel, business owner, actress and television host. Her career peaked in the 80s and 90s when she struck it big appearing on 5 Sports Illustrated covers. Since then, the supermodel has not slowed down. These days, she hosts reality shows and appears to be settling in London. The 55-year-old model has a flawless figure leading her to be known as ‘The Body’. She still has an amazing body despite her age. She follows a strict alkaline diet. She has appeared on various magazine covers such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, and many others. She was once married to billionaire Jeffrey Soffer. They wed at Laucala Resort in Figi in July 2013. Elle and Scoffer announced they were getting divorced in 2017. She is currently dating Andrew Wakefield, a British ex-physician and anti-vax activist.

Elle recently sold her expansive one-bedroom New York apartment for 2.4 million dollars. She is selling the Aspen mansion, which she and Soffer own for 35 million dollars and the listing broker is Douglas Elliman. According to Haute Residence, the mansion sits on a 66-acre fully gated estate overlooking, Aspen, Colorado. The residence is referred to as the Star Mountain Ranch. Modern luxury homes have many features, including tech driven amenities. What matters most consumers these days is the lifestyle a house provides. Homes with more amenities to cater to a luxurious lifestyle are more valuable. This is precisely the case with Elle’s mansion. It features many over the top amenities such as a fully fitted commercial kitchen, seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, floors made from French limestone, and hand-carved limestone mantles for the ceilings and floors. It also has an indoor pool, a well-equipped fitness room and juice room.

The 14,395 square foot mansion has a ski lodge appearance inside with wood-paneled ceilings, fireplaces, pleated drapes, and Gothic chandeliers. The home provides the ultimate in privacy and luxury. It showcases expansive views of the mountains and is fit for royalty. It has all the detail and customization that go into luxury homes, including rounded corners, art nooks, and archways. The living room provides a great space for accommodating guests, around the immense floor to ceiling hand-carved Italian marble and stone fireplace. It has gorgeous features for the living room with hand-carved ceilings and gothic-like candle chandeliers with pleated drapes. The living room’s ceiling is hand-carved and arched made from Italian limestone. The décor is exquisite and all ski-chic. It emits a rustic ambiance with its white oak paneling and French limestone floors.

The exterior of the house has an extensive patio where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It is located in an exclusive community in McLain Flats that boasts of the fantastic view of the mountains and the city. When the weather is great, you and your guests can relax outdoors or soak up the sun by the swimming pool. The expansive home was built in 2004 and its previous owner was the Saudi Prince, Bandar bin Sultan. The luxurious estate overlooks the glamorous ski town. Although the state is not priced as expensively as Bill Koch’s Aspen pad, which is priced at $100 million, Elle Macpherson’s estate is very attractive to the billionaires’ real estate market.

Besides its fantastic view, the expansive mansion is equipped with an outdoor pool that has LCD glass around its area for privacy and granite water features that can make you feel pampered and relaxed. The mansion has two elevators and glass showers. The expansive mansion comes with a three-car garage. The home also has a spa area that includes an indoor lap pool, steam room, sauna, and fitness room, which are fantastic for relaxation. There is complete entertainment, including a full juice bar. The pool and spa are to die for. The pool windows feature privacy glass. An extravagant staircase and an appealing foyer welcome you to the grandmaster suites. You can relax in the sitting area by the fireplace or watch a movie on the television.

The kitchen is the heart of any home and one of the most important features to homebuyers. Luxury kitchens usually feature a walk-in pantry, warming drawers, and restaurant-quality appliances. The mansion’s commercial kitchen is best for large scale entertainment of guests. If you are a person who loves entertaining, this kitchen comes in handy. The dining area has wood paneling decorated in cream and tan colors and has an incredible view. Since Elle is a health guru who follows a strict diet and exercise, the spa area and exercise room come in handy.

Luxury homes also usually feature spa-like bathrooms. It is appealing to have walk-in showers with seating, a large soaking tub, steam shower, double vanities, and a rain shower. The mansion’s master suite comes with a fireplace and his and hers’ bathrooms. The suite has a concealed television that rises from the foot of the bed. The estate has privacy, but an outdoor façade shows reflecting pool waters and a water wall with exquisite landscaping. In the opinion of, the expansive house is built using limestone with white oak paneling, reclaimed old oak, accustomed copper shingles, and a lot of granite.

The mansion has been listed in the market for the last couple of years without major price drops. This is likely to have happened because public records show that a limited liability company named Star Mountain 3 and backed by Soffer bought the property at a high price of 36.5 million dollars way back in 2007. That is a lot of money to recover. If you are looking for a luxury home in Aspen, CO, with appealing amenities, great views, and a high level of privacy, then the Star Mountain Ranch may be the home of your dreams. It is a beautiful home with all the creature comforts anyone who can afford it could ask for and more. This mansion can offer you and your family the ultimate living experience.

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