Check Out Christie Brinkley’s $30 Million House in Bridgehampton, NY

We all knew that American supermodel Christie Brinkley had it going when it came to fashion, but it turns out that she’s got style in her home too. Brinkley’s 20-acre estate in Bridgehampton, New York belongs on the cover of any magazine. It isn’t so much that the home is breathtaking. It’s gorgeous for sure, yet it’s the surprising homey quality of the home that’s driving us to drool even more. Brinkley called this her home for 18 years, and the empty nester has listed the home on the market to be sold for $29.5 million. The house itself is spacious with 11,000 square feet of livable area. Tower Hill, as it is called, has 9 bedrooms, but that’s not all. The house has plenty of other specialty rooms spread across three floors. Tower Hill has a country-style kitchen, an office, a family room, a gym, multiple fireplaces, five full baths, and four half baths. The property also has a four-car garage, incredible gardens, a separate guesthouse, a tennis court, a pond, a heated pool, walking trails, and even an artist’s studio. It’s essentially the ultimate family home that Brinkley outfitted to suit her own. But Tower Hill is the kind of home that could fit any family simply because of its dynamic and eclectic design.

Great room

Starting with this room, Tower Hill’s great room isn’t exactly what you would normally picture when you hear the terminology. But everything about this room is reflective of Brinkley’s style and personality. It’s a combination of sophistication and imagination that only Brinkley could pull off so subtly. There are so many details in this room that’s worth a mention, but we can start with the admiringly large wooden planks on the floor and the hexagonal details on the window. No better word could describe the seating area other than extremely comfortable. The white contrast of the ceiling against the brown room makes it seem as if the sky is within the home.

Informal dining and family room

Much like any modern American home, the informal dining area is in an open space that also contains the kitchen and family room. This is another great room in a sense, and it’s one that seems to have had the most use in the home. The little personal details are nothing short of charming, and the feel of the entire room is just warm. The blue walls aren’t dramatic at all but rather calming and relaxing. The best detail in this room is perhaps the seahorse-flanked fireplace that warms up the area even more.


Connected to the family room and the informal dining room is the country-style kitchen. It’s about an average-sized kitchen with enough storage for an average family, but a large amount of the space is taken over by an oversized refrigerator. The beautiful marble-top island reflects the white of the ceiling, which showcases the colorful and playful chandeliers that hang just above the island. There are plenty of details in this room that are just awesome, including the French doors that open up to the lushness of the outdoors.


One of the best rooms in the main house is definitely the sunroom. It acts as another seating or entertaining area, but really this room could be for anything. The strikingly large windows frame the lush vegetation outside, but the sunroom itself contains plenty of greenery. There are a couple of large comfortable couches and sofa chairs—plenty of seating for an all-day stay. In truth, this room could be a multi-purpose space to be whatever you may fancy.


Tower Hill’s backyard is simply a dream. The elongated heated pool is simple yet elegant. The matching spa is relaxing, as stunning greens surround it everywhere you look. There’s also a beautiful greenhouse that sits right up against the house. This feature is a true gem, as it doesn’t only add an architectural highlight but also a practical purpose. Brinkley grows her organic vegetable farm in here, which keeps it protected all-year round. You’ll also find all other outdoor amenities in the backyard, including the tennis court, the walking trails, and the rolling lawns. With 20 acres to this property, you can spend all day exploring the wooded areas and not get bored.

Artist’s studio

Another space worth of exploration in this property is the studio. As a matter of fact, this space is worth mulling over and utilizing. Surrounded by flowering gardens, the artist’s studio is the perfect spot to find inspiration at or to express it. There’s plenty of room in this space to get creative and to entertain. This space can actually be used for any purpose. The large and high windows give the room ample light during the day and a magical feel during the night. It’s just right for any activity you could think of—be it yoga, reading, dancing, sleeping, or whatever you may fancy. The artist’s studio is an extra living space that has an unbelievable view.

The tower

There’s a reason why this property is called Tower Hill. There is an actual tower on the main property that offers more than just another architectural detail. This 50-foot observation tower offers its visitors a great view as well. Since the property sits about 200 feet above sea level, you can see several points from the tower including the Atlantic Ocean, the south shore of Connecticut, the North Fork Peninsula, and Gardiner’s Island. It’s just another perk that Brinkley’s home has to offer. It’s the kind of feature you’d never think you needed until you have one in your own home. The tower is the kind of feature you get attached to and never want to part with.

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