20 Beautiful Examples of Two-Tone Walls

Choosing the color palette for a room can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you feel intimidated by colors. While some people prefer to keep their colors in the neutral tones, which can be one way to go, others decide on bolder colors for their walls.

No matter what colors you choose, paint will add a different look and feel to the room. Not only are there lots of paint color options, but there are many different ways you can paint a room from painting only one wall to create a focal point in the room, all the walls, or you can use a combination of colors to create a more dramatic look.

One way to use a color combo is to create two-toned walls. Two-toned walls are a great way to give a room dimension and , especially rooms with a definitive break in the wall space, like you’d see with a chair rail. So how do you choose the right colors to create a two-toned look? Here are some tips to consider.

Light versus dark

One of the most popular color combination techniques is to use similar hues; one light and one dark. In rooms with a clear separation to the wall, such as a chair rail, painting the wall below the chair rail a darker color than above the chair rail adds drama as well as dimension.

Lighter colors on the upper portion of a wall can add height to the wall, making the ceiling seem visually higher. This is a great technique for rooms with lower ceilings and rooms with minimal square footage.

Use white as a strong contrast color

White paired with dark colors gives a room a more modern look. White makes most any color pop, especially dark colors. You may choose to paint all the walls in the room a dark color and use the white ceiling trim and horizontal molding chair rails as the contrast, however, if you prefer less dark color on the walls, another way to get a white-on-dark contrast look in your room is to paint a stark white above the chair rail, and cover the lower part of the walls in a dark hue.

Balance bolds with neutrals

If you love the look of a bright or bold color but want to keep it to a minimum, a two-tone combination that is fresh, modern, and making a comeback is pairing a bold hue with a more neutral tone that compliments it.

One example would be to pair a trendy neon or fashionable bright shade of pink as the bottom wall color, with a subtle lavender as a neutral tone on top to keep the room in balance.

These are two different colors but work well together without allowing the bright hue of pink to overpower the room. If you have high ceilings, another example of this two-tone technique might be to pair a bright coral with tan, this time reversing the theme of light above dark. By putting the bolder color above the molding above the chair rails and neutral tone below, this helps to visually lower the ceiling and create a more cozy, intimate space.

Get playful with your colors

For real color fans, try getting really playful with your color choices and let your imagine run. Pairing colors that may seem a big bold can be fun and really give a room a “wow factor.”

A pink and green room might be a little girl’s dream bedroom, or grass green paired with a sky blue can be a neat way to express your style in another room. Choose fabrics, furnishings and decor items that help marry the colors and create a unified space.

If you are considering creating a two-toned look to a room in your home but are wondering if two-tone walls are making a comeback, here are 20 examples that will show you that they are, and will give you some ideas to help you choose the right color combinations for your painting venture. Take a look and get inspired to design your two-toned room.

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