10 Useful Tips for Creating an Accent Wall

Accent Wall

When you walk into a room, you want something that stands out and catches your attention. A focal point is anything that is the attention-getter of a room and it can be anything from a piece of art, a piece of furniture, or an entire wall as an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to create a wow! factor in a room. They give the eye something pleasurable to look at before taking-in the rest of the room’s decor or architectural details. According to The Spruce, having just one focal point in any room, including a living room, is plenty, especially if it’s an entire wall. There endless ways you can create an accent wall, and how you design yours can depend on things like, your style, your overall decor theme, the size of the wall, and your budget may also play a role. To get started on designing yours, look at the following 10 useful tips for creating an accent wall.

  • fireplace is a perfect focal point. If yours is lacking luster, dress it up on a budget by using reclaimed architecture, molding or tile.
  • A large mirror can work wonders. The reflection brightens and enlarges any space. Hang at eye level for best results.
  • Build your room around a dramatic piece of artwork or sculpture. To keep your space interesting and create “movement,” spread the wealth. In other words, choose one color or pattern from your focal piece and apply it in small touches throughout your room.

1. Give it a bold color

Make you wall stand out with color. Many people use a bold colored wall to make it stand out from the rest, and it’s a great idea, however, you don’t have to stick to just a single color as a way of making it an accent. You can get a little creative and go above using a solid color; maybe a striped wall or a textured paint or wallpaper would add more to your decor theme. Don’t forget to add something to your wall to give it a finishing touch. A painted wall is just a painted wall, so give it something to be admired; a stunning decorative mirror, a beautiful piece of wall hanging art, a couple off floating shelves with a display of art or other items can make a wall a beautiful accent in a living room.

2. A wall of shelves is functional as well as beautiful

If you are a book lover or a collector of other decorative items but your room lacks the space to display them, why not turn an entire wall into a built-in shelving unit? You can design a beautiful wall of shelves with architectural details that really make it pop. And keep in mind that just the shelving unit alone, will add an architectural element to your room, especially for a room that seems to lack any. Arrange your collectibles in a beautiful display and keep your shelving unit interesting and eye-catching.

3. Stone wall

Stone is a beautiful element for many home decors, and is especially utilized in rustic home designs. Creating a stunning stone accent wall is one way to make your room pop, and it is especially common to see when the room already boasts a beautiful stone fireplace. Rather than keep the stone centered around the fireplace alone, consider extending it to include the entire wall, from floor-to-ceiling, and end-to-end, or if consuming the entire wall is too drastic, extending it far enough beyond, can be a dramatic enough effect to make it an obvious architectural focal wall.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are great for all types of decorating ideas and tricks. They are not only functional, but they can help to add visual square footage in small rooms by reflecting light and space. Whether you choose to use one large mirror that consumes a large portion of a wall, or multiple sizes and shapes of mirrors to create a collage of mirrors for more visual appeal, there are many ways that mirrors can help create an accent wall in your room. Hang the mirror on a beautifully colored wall to really give it a pop and added visual appeal.

5. Wood wall

There are hundreds of ways you can use wood to create a stunning accent wall. Whether you are going for a rustic look, a classic elegant, or modern decor appeal, wood can do anything. According to Diva of DIY, reclaimed wood walls add a charming cabin appeal to your room. All it takes is one wall and you’ve transformed your whole room. Plywood cut into various sizes of squares, painted, and hung in layers and patterns gives a wall a unique, textured and classy look. The shiplap look is another popular way to add a wood wall and instantly create a more cottage look and feel. If you can dream it; you can create it with wood.

6. A wall of pictures

Displaying your favorite photos doesn’t haven’t to  be limited to setting a few out on tables or shelves. Frame your favorite family photos in various sized and shaped frames and arrange them in a beautiful display, or get creative by adding a favorite word in the midst of the picture that represents the display, such as the photo above, where the word ‘family’ hangs in the center. You can find other words to incorporate into the display; for instance, Love, Peace, or just about anything that means something to you. Arrange the pictures in a symmetrical arrangement, or get creative and make your own display arrangement on the wall.

7. Brick walls really kick

Similarly to stone, many fireplaces are constructed of brick, and with the same idea in mind, you can extend your brick to consume a larger portion of the wall to make more of a focal point than just the fireplace itself. Brick can also be a stand-alone theme for a wall, without a fireplace. Brick is a great way to architectural detail to a room that’s designed in an industrial theme. And there are so many different colors of brick to choose from that you can create the perfect look for your color scheme. Add more detail with wall art or floating shelves for a functional element.

8. Floral designs are fresh

Floral designs are fresh and can meld with an array of design ideas. In the above modern designed room, the floral mural gives the room a retro element and gives the large wall purpose without being overstated. The neutral tones help keep the wall in tune with the rest of the decor colors, while the red tones help give the wall a burst of color to make it stand out as a beautiful accent wall.

9. Living moss wall

Living moss walls will take your accent wall to a whole new level. They’re bold and they’re beautiful. If you love the look of nature in your home, creating a living moss wall is something to consider. You can either create an entire wall using various types of moss, or perhaps a smaller version, such as in the picture above, is enough to give your wall the accent it needs. According to Grit, you can opt for live moss as a way to create your accent wall, but faux moss walls can be just as beautiful without the care that’s need for a true, live moss wall.

10. Chalkboard anyone?

Are you daring and love the idea of being unique when it comes to decorating your home? Then consider an idea that is fun and definitely will give your room the focal point you want. At Repurpose, you can learn how to create your own chalkboard accent wall, if you are a DIY’er. It can be fun to create designs and drawings on your chalkboard wall to always keep things new and fresh in your room.

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