What Are The Different Types of Curtain Hooks?

Curtain Hooks

People who are tired of the old styles of curtains and drapes may be looking for different kinds of window treatments. Did you know that there are dozens of different curtain styles and window treatments to choose from? Specialty curtains require a specific type of curtain hook. If you’re not familiar with the various kinds, you’re in the right place. We offer a guide to the different types of curtain hooks and their applications to make you an expert on the topic. For example, hanging a shower curtain or curtains for the windows in your home requires you to use curtain hooks in most cases. Not all curtains are alike though. Before you purchase any curtains or drapes, it’s essential to know what kind of curtain hooks are required. You also need to know which types of curtain rods to use with them. There are several types of curtain hooks made. They come in various materials and styles. We explore the different types of curtain hooks. We also look at the types of curtain hooks available. The guide helps you choose the right ones to hang various curtain types. Here is everything you need to know about curtain hooks and the necessary rods to secure all of your curtains in place.

Curtain hook materials

Poles and Blinds explains that curtain hooks come in two types of material. They’re either plastic or metal. Most of the plastic curtain hooks are the type that snaps together in large rings. Plastic rings are good for light to medium weight curtains but not suitable for heavy draperies. They’re not the best choice for windows that get sunlight. These hooks are not as durable or long-lasting as metal hooks. The plastic wears, especially if it is exposed to UV rays daily. Plastic becomes brittle over time and can fail, causing drapes to droop in spots. Plastic ring hooks do an exceptional job of holding up shower curtains in the bathtub and shower. Metal curtain hooks come in various types of metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, or brass or zinc-coated metals. They’re stronger and better capable of holding up heavy drapes. They’re also resistant to UV damage. Metal hooks hook into the heading tape of drapes via a sharp long end. The hook portion attaches to a curtain rod. Some metal curtain rings are both plastic and metal and fit into the tracks of curtain holders, There are many types of curtain hooks made of various metals and plastics.

Plastic vs metal curtain hooks

Plastic is better for some applications and metal is better for other uses. Plastic is recommended for places that receive excessive amounts of moisture and humidity. It is resistant to rust and corrosion. Although metal is usually stronger than plastic, some of the new plastic formulations are strong enough to last for years. Metal is a superior choice in some cases, for heavy drapes. If you do use plastic, make sure that the plastic is resistant to UV damage. High-quality plastic curtain hooks are more expensive than cheaper inferior kinds, but they are worth the added expense because they’re stronger and will last longer. You must also confirm the quality of the metal hooks. Some are made with weak metal alloys that bend easily. It’s best to pay a little more and buy hooks that are strong and resistant to corrosion and rust, especially if you live in an area with high humidity.

What are the different types of curtain hooks?

It’s essential to understand the difference between the types of curtain hooks to get the right ones for your needs. Zenn Interiors discusses a few of the various types of curtain hooks. Here are three of the most common hooks with descriptions and their uses to help you choose the right type for your drapes.


S-Hooks are named for their shape which is similar to the letter S. Most S-Hooks are made of metal, but some manufacturers make them in wood and plastic. S-Hooks are the most commonly used with shower curtains or any other kind of curtain that features a buttonhole at the top for hanging. The hook inserts into the hole in the curtain with the other end hooked over the curtain rod. The hook is exposed and is seen above the curtain. They come in various colors and styles from plain to decorative.

Clip Rings and Round Rings

Clip Rings and Round Rings are curtain hooks that are like S-hooks. The curtain hooks are visible through the drapes. You can find them in plain styles or decorative styles. These hooks are the type that is used to hang shower curtains, but they are also available for some other curtain types made with a buttonhole to slide the ring through. They only work with certain kinds of curtains with a hole at the top. The curtain hangs suspended from the rings with a slight gap at the top. You run the ring through the buttonhole on the curtain, attach it to a curtain rod and snap it firmly into place. This is a popular curtain hook style that is becoming more popular for interior decor outside of the bathroom. It’s a versatile style that can slide over any type of curtain rod that is a smaller diameter than the curtain ring hook.

Pin Hooks

Home Guides SFGate describes a Pin hook as a metal wire that is folded with one side acting as a curved hook and the other a sharp pin or prong. The sharpened end embeds in the top of the curtain in a thickened area of fabric called the curtain header or into the curtain pleats. The thick material holds it in place. It suspends on a curtain rod when the curved portion hangs on the rod. This type of hook can be attached to many standard types of curtain rods. You can also use them with running tracks if this is the type of rod you use for your drapery treatments. Pin hooks come in various styles. Some of these hooks feature one sharp prong, while others may have two prongs. Others have four prongs. The four-pronged style creates pleats in plain curtains that do not come with pleats sewn into the header. The Pin Hook is a versatile type that you can use in many ways. You can create various styles to complement your home decor.

Sew-On Hooks

Sew-On Hooks have a hooked side, but unlike Pin Hooks, the prongs are inserted into the fabric tape. Another difference is that the prongs have a rounded eye, while the pin hooks are sharp on one end. Sew-On Hooks get sewn into the back of the header of the curtain. The hooked portion is hung onto pole rings, holes in a stationary rod, or glides on other types of window treatment hardware such as curtain tracks. Most Sew-On Hooks are usually brass material. They’re sturdy and can hang heavy drapes without the hooks bending. These hooks are usually plain. It’s because you can’t see them on the outside of the curtain. They’re embedded and hand-sewn into the fabric of the header tape.

Built-in Hooks

Built-in Hook is another name for the type of hooks that are used for shower curtain suspension. They’re simple hooks that fit into the top hole of a plastic curtain, then suspended from a rod that is usually round. They’re simple to use and slide on easily.

Pleater Hooks

Pleater Hooks are very close to Pin hooks. This is a specialty hook that is made to create pleats in draperies that are plain and without pleats. We discussed this type when dealing with pin hooks. They are a type of pin hook with four prongs that create the pleats in the fabric of the curtains. They can be used for hanging nearly any curtains or drapes. You need to know that once pleater hooks go into a curtain, they affect the fabric of curtains. They change the appearance and shorten the width of the drapes. They’re not easy to remove. The new pleating effect may remain in the fabric. Make sure you allow for enough width for the curtain panels to accommodate the amount of material that will go into the creation of each pleat.


Holdbacks are curtain hooks, but they’re not a traditional or standard type as the others we’ve discussed. They’re versatile because they don’t need a specific rod type. Holdbacks are hooks you pre-hang. You hang them at the corners of the window with curtains hanging on them. Use them for short curtains. Long hanging drapes require other hook types. Holdbacks are for decorative window treatments.

Scarf Sconce

The Scarf Sconce falls under the holdback category. It is a specialty hook for window treatments. Scarf Sconces feature a hole in the structure that is large enough to accommodate the curtain. The curtain hangs down from the hole. You mount the Scarf Sconce to the top of the window, but you must mount it in a spot on top of a stud behind the wall to make it hold securely in place. This type of curtain holder is the most secure method for keeping drapes held firmly in place.

Are there ways to hang drapes without curtain hooks?

If you’re interested in changing up the old traditions for something new, we have a few ideas for window treatments that might appeal to you. Some curtains do not require curtain hooks to hold drapes firmly in place. Here are a few of them for your consideration.


Magnets are versatile holders for hanging curtains. There are a few ways you can use magnets to hold curtains in place. Some curtains come with magnets sewn into them. Curtains or drapes without magnets and a sewing machine are not a problem. You can add them to nearly any kind of curtains. You must purchase magnets with high magnetism and a piece of metal made for use with magnets. Sew the magnets into the curtain material and place them on the metal rod. It’s essential to note that some metal alloys do not work well with this method.

How to choose the right curtain hooks for your home

Your knowledge of the types of curtain hooks out there will help you to figure out which type will work best for your situation. It’s wise to read the description of new curtains before you buy them. Some curtains take specific types of hooks and rods. If you’re replacing the curtain hooks that have begun to wear, try to match them with the same type. Let’s say you want to change the appearance of curtain hooks you can see on the outside of the curtain. Take your time to look through the various new styles and materials offered. There are hundreds of different styles, materials, and colors available. The main goal is to ensure that the hooks you buy are high quality and durable. Avoid cheap plastics that will break within a year. It’s better to pay a little extra than to have a few breaks only to discover that you can’t find the same hooks.

Final thoughts

Curtain hooks are small details that make a big difference in how attractive your drapes look. Hooks that are exposed should complement the decorating scheme of the room. Match the colors to go with the style of the room and the drapes. Contrasting colors can also be fun to use. The quality of the hooks is one of the most vital factors. They’re small details that serve as enhancements to the room. Some curtain hooks are versatile. You can use them for various curtains, but some are made for specific types and will not work universally. Now that you know why choosing the right hooks for hanging curtains is so vital, you can share the information with your friends and family. It will help them avoid the frustration of poorly hung drapes that detract from the beauty of your home.

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