The 10 Best Tile Manufacturers And Tile Brands In The U.S.

As the years have gone on, we have seen more and more different tile trends, styles, and innovations making their way to the home improvement market. It seems as though there are really no limitations when it comes to the tile work that you can have in your home, and their are many different companies that offer a wide range of styles to fit your aesthetic you desire.

If you are looking for some tile brands that will have the trends you are looking for, then we are here to help! Today, we are going to look at ten of the best tile companies that are available in the United States and what makes them so fantastic. So, let’s get started with our count down.

Arizona Tile

This is a company that is going to have some of the weirdest variety of tile that we will see in our list. The company was started in the late 70s, and had serviced the weatern region of the United States ever since. Along with their selection of glass and porcelain tiles, you also have the opportunity to play around with onyx, marble, granite, slate, and so much more.

Ann Sacks Tile And Stone

If you are looking for tile designs that are truly unique and one of a kind, you will want to look at Ann Sacks. The company is located in the Pacific Northwest, but had continued to gain popularity throughout the entire nation since its beginning in the ‘80s. Her inspiration first began with a box of Mexican Talavera tiles, and the rest is history.

Pave Tile And Stone

This is going to be one of the companies to check out if you are looking for something that is unique and one of a kind for your home. The company is based in Massachusett having been founded by a French and American married couple, Francois and Emma Micallef. The company is known for importing the finest in
Italian, French, Spanish, and also Belgian terra cotta tiles, which have unique and beautiful designs.

Susan Jablon Mosaics

This is going to be one of your online shops that offers a distinct style to add a bit of flair to your kitchen or bathroom. Her collection focuses on colorful glass mosaic pieces, and are truly perfect for dressing up your space. Susan Jablon is a tile manufacturer that is based in NYC, but you can have her pieces shipped all throughout the nation.


Once based as a brick and mortar business, Bedrosians has definitely expanded its collection throughout the years. The company offers a wide range of tiles and other products for your home needs, and has become quite an influential online presence in recent years, making t a prominent contender in the tile industry.

Florida Tile

Similar to Arizona Tile, Florida Tile serves the mainly Eastern Region of the United States, although it’s headquarters are actually located in Kentucky (aside from the name). This company also offers a wide range of product, which includes ceramic, glass, and natural stone tiles. However, the company also specializes in metal tiles as well, if you are look for a more rustic touch to your home.


This is another company in our list that specializes in glass tiles, and has been since it’s beginning in ‘97. While they do offer other tile materials for the home, the company thrives on its recycled glass tiles that make it an eco friendly company. They also have some options for glass mosaic, if hat is more the style that you are looking for.


Although they are headquartered in Italy, Bisazza has made its presence well known in the United States with about thirteen stores throughout the nation. The company has many beautiful and unique tiles to see in their collection, but they are most well known for their high quality mosaic tiles that they produce.

Clayhaus Ceramics

This is one of the smaller companies in our list, but they have made quite an impact in the Pacific Northwest region of the country. They don’t have a wide selection, but they definitely a large amount of live and passion Into all of their products. One of their most popular products is that if their Matte White Tiles, which you can find on their website.


This is a company that is considered online only in the industry, but their collection is a force to be reckoned with. Modwalls offers their own hand created ceramic and porcelain tiles, but they also specialize in colorful and unique subway tiles, glass tiles, and other tiles hat are bent and created into fun and different shapes.

There are many other companies that produce stunning and unique tiles for you and your home; Hiwever, we believe that we have counted down the ten best of the best that are in the industry today. You can find out more information about all of the companies online through their company and collection websites.

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