Everything You Need to Know about the Peepal Tree

Peepal Tree

The peepal tree, a big evergreen tree that is native to the Indian subcontinent and people consider it holy. The tree produces oxygen and possesses several essential medical properties. People use the roots, root bark extract, leaves, stem bark, and fruits of this tree to treat asthma, constipation, and excessive blood sugar. According to 1mg, Peepal is helpful in the treatment of skin problems. Wound healing is aided by topical administration of Peepal leaf extract in the form of ointment. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it aids in the reduction of eczema-related irritation. Owing to its astringent properties, peepal bark aids in the relief of diarrhea problems by constricting mucosal cells and other bodily tissues. Since its an anti-allergic property, Peepal bark dried powder is employed to treat respiratory ailments. Because of its laxative properties, tablets produced from Peepal powder leaves could be used to treat constipation. Because peepal can induce allergies in hypersensitive people, it’s best to use Peepal formulas under physician treatment. Peepal leaves are rich in Mennos Phenolic, Glucose, and Asteroid, while the bark is rich in Vitamin K. Tainan and haetosteroline are two different types of peptides. It is an amazing medicinal tree because of all the compounds listed above.

Mythologies and the Peepal Tree

According to the Skanda Purana, Lord Vishnu the Preserver was born and lived under the Peepal. In Bhagavad Gita, he compares himself to Ashwattha (Sanskrit) or perhaps the Peepal (Pipal) tree. The Peepal depicts the triumvirate of Vishnu, Shiva, and Bhrama with Bhrama’s roots, Shiva’s leaves, and Vishnu’s trunk. The Peepal Tree is connected with many myths, fairytales, and religious views. Watering, adoring, and circling the Peepal Tree brings prosperity, renown, and a wealth of joy and happiness as well as luck. Women are also encouraged to stroll the Peepal tree to solve their trouble getting pregnant and ask God for their spouses to have a happy and prosperous life.

Ayurveda and the Peepal Tree

According to Ayurveda, each aspect of the holy fig tree can also be used for overall health. It is particularly effective in treating Pitta (Fire) Dosha and Kapha (Water) imbalances. The Peepal’s ability to evacuate water and congestion (therapeutic vomiting, sweating, expectorant, and diuretic action effects) and heat (antipyretic/temperature decrease, skin purgation) is positive stabilizing impact on gastrointestinal and skin conditions. Peepal leaves are naturally astringent. It functions as an expectorant tonic when hot. Peepal leaves are used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Managing chronic skin irritation
  • Heels that are dry and cracked can be repaired.
  • Boil and blackheads treatment: The Peeple tree bark, which is high in vitamin K, is an efficient skin brightener. Increasing the strength of pulmonary capillaries and reducing inflammation
  • Skin injuries heal quicker, and skin elasticity improves.

Treatment for pigmentation, dark circles, and wrinkles

Pregnancy markings, scarring, and stretch marks can be lightened with surgery. Peepal leaf and bark, which are high in nutrients, are employed in various Ayurvedic health therapies. Let’s take a look at some of the Peeple tree’s health and cosmetic benefits.

Peepal Tree Advantages and Applications

1. Treats infertility

Receive half a scoop of peepal leaf powder with milk three times a day for infertility. You’ll be able to get rid of infertility and offer your body more strength. Equal amounts of peepal roots, fruits, Shanthi, and bark, can be combined and treated with milk, after which honey and sugar candy can be added and taken twice a day to boost sex power. Add equal amounts of honey and peepal roots, fruit, shunga, and bark.

2. Asthma treatment

The ripe fruits and bark of the Peepal tree are useful in treating asthma. Separately grind the bark and the fruits and combine them in equal amounts. For Asthma relief, take this mixture three times a day. A powdered form of peepal fruit mixed with water twice a day is another approach to use the Peepal tree for Asthma relief. To get relief, do this for 14 days.

3. Cures appetite problems

A decline in hunger can be caused by various factors, including stomach troubles, emotional concerns, and even anxiety. Due to a lack of nutrient intake, eating less food might result in various health concerns. The fruit of the peepal tree, sometimes known as sacred fig, is beneficial in combating appetite loss. To stimulate digestive processes and improve appetite, eat purple peepal fruits when they are mature.

4. Eczema and itching relief

Are you aware that the bark of the peepal tree could be used to make a tea that can assist with itching and eczema? Not only that, but you can also get treatment by applying ash from peepal bark leaves towards the areas affected. Blend 50g of ash from either the tree bark with ghee and lemon to make the paste.

5. Boosts Lung Power

The peepal tree produces 2400 kg of oxygenation every day. Spending quality time around it in the early hours of the morning can cure various respiratory illnesses, including asthma. By cleansing the lungs, the bark and fruits also treat numerous breathing ailments such as pneumonia and asthma. To promote pulmonary capabilities, pound the bark and fruit of the Peepal tree independently, combine it in equal quantities, and drink it with lukewarm water at least two times a day.

6. For a more youthful appearance

When combined with one gram of flour, you can use the peepal tree bark powder as a face pack. The face pack brightens the skin’s appearance. Bany Peepul tree bark is utilized in a variety of Ayurvedic skincare products. According to Kamaayurveda, if your skin is browned, for example, you can apply the Ayurvedic skin cream Nalpamaradi Thailam to erase the tan. Ficus tree barks from four different species are utilized in its manufacture. You can also use the Myrrh Skin Brightening Face and Turmeric and Body Soap from Kama Ayurveda. It contains figs from the peepal tree as one of the primary components. The enzymes and minerals in these figs are beneficial to the skin. For liver and spline disease: Take between 3 and 4 fresh Peepal leaves and combine them with crystal sugar to produce a powder. After mixing the powder with 250 mL of water, strain the mixture. This squash must be administered to the patient at least two times a day for five days. This drug works wonders for people who have jaundice.

7. For the treatment of heart disease

Continue drinking an infusion made from peepal leaves to cure heart problems like cardiac and palpitations weakness. To make it, soak the leaves in water overnight and then distill it the next day. For optimal effects, drink this infusion three times each day.

8. Arrests Nasal Bleeding

Do not be alarmed if you observe some blood flowing from your nostrils. Nose bleeding, also known as nosebleeds, is a sign of pitta dosha and aggravation in the nostrils caused by cold climate. According to Net Meds, to stop it right away, put between 1 and 2 drops of Peepal leaves extract in both nostrils. However, if the issue continues, visit a doctor right away because it could indicate something more serious. It helps to get rid of itchy skin that won’t go away. Itching and other skin ailments will be treated if you eat the tender Peepal tree leaves. You may also make a 40ml tea with these leaves, which is particularly useful for various skin conditions. Blood Purification Toxins must be eliminated from the body, and pollutants should be cleaned out to keep good physical health and a healthy glow. You can begin by taking a tonic prepared from Peepal woody plants and sugar in equal parts. This can aid in the purification of your blood and the treatment of anemia.

9. Ear Infection

Accoding to the Hans India, Peepal leaves cam be used to treat ear infections. Take a handful of Peepal leaves, clean them, and towel them. The next step is to warm the leaves upon that Tawa, being careful not to burn them. Quickly, the leaves will drip juice; remove the juice and drop between 2 and 3 drops in each ear with the assistance of a dropper. You will experience immediate ear therapeutic benefits.

10. Constipation

According to India Today, the Pitta and Vata doshas are exacerbated, resulting in constipation. It can be caused by eating junk food frequently, drinking too much tea or coffee, sleeping late in the evening, stress, or despair. All of these causes, resulting in constipation, aggravate Vata and Pitta. For its Rechana (laxative) properties, peepal leaf juice or pills can aid constipation. It aids in the easy expulsion of waste materials from the large intestine.

11. Epistaxis

Epistaxis is the medical term for hemorrhage or nose bleeding. Nasal bleeding, according to Ayurveda, signifies an increase in Pitta dosha. Peepal is a beneficial herb for controlling epistaxis. It’s due to its Kashaya (astringent) feature, which aids in blood thickening and preventing hemorrhage (bleeding). Its Sita (cool) property also aids in the reduction of inflammation.

12. Healing of wounds

Thanks to its Ropan (recovery) characteristic, peepal aids in the healing process, reduce inflammation, and restores the skin’s natural structure. Peepal’s Kashaya (astringent) and Sita (cold) properties also help to reduce bleeding in wounds.

13. Snake Bite

In a snake bite, provide 2-2 spoons of Peepal leaf extract 3 to 4 times to decrease the venom’s effect.

14. Treats skin disorders

Eat the tender leaves of the Peepal tree to heal itching and other skin disorders. It’s just as effective to drink 40 mL of this leaf tea.

15. Eczema itching

Mix 50 gms peepal bark ash with lime and ghee till the combination forms a paste. Gently apply to problem areas and should provide relief. It is also beneficial to drink 40 ml of peepal bark tea regularly.

16. Heels that are cracked

Start applying Peepal tree cream or herbal extract towards the affected regions to treat cracked heels. This will aid in the mending and easing of the cracks.

17. To relieve stomach ache

According to Economic Times, whenever it comes to gastrointestinal problems, peepal leaf is a wonderful antidote. The mix between 2 and 3 peepal herbs with 50 grams of honey to produce pills for stomach discomfort alleviation.

18. Contraindications

The peepal tree is a treatment that works for many people because if you’re allergic to specific Ayurvedic mixtures, you should always see your doctor before using it. Though the therapeutic potential of leaf or bark powder may not create any problems, ingestion of Peepal bark, fruit, or leaf juice, should be done only on your doctor’s recommendation. If you’re expectant or lactating, talk to your doctor first.

19. For eye pain

Extract the milk from the plant’s leaves and rub it to the eye to relieve pain. It will help you get rid of your eye pain.

20. For hiccups

Prepare charcoal out of 50 to 100 gms peepal bark and burn it in water. Hiccups sufferers will benefit greatly from drinking this water.

How to Consume Peepal Bark Powder

Powdered Peepal bark is used to treat various digestive problems, especially diarrhea, caused by the Vata dosha. Peepal bark powder helps prevent dehydration induced by diarrhea while also clearing the intestines of contaminants. Women suffering from extreme menstrual bleeding, commonly known as Menorrhagia, should use the same powder.

Diarrhea Treatment:

  • 2 g Peepal bark powder + 250 ml drinking water
  • Reduce the water content to a tenth of the original amount.
  • Wait until Kashayam has returned to room temperature before placing it in a glass jar. Drink it three times a day to get rid of diarrhea.
  • For menorrhagia, take 1 gram of powdered Peepal bark two times a day with a glass of water, or as advised by your doctor.

The holy peepal tree, commonly known as the Bodhi Satva Vruksha, is a religious or spiritual symbol. The roots, bark, fruits, and leaves of this miracle tree are utilized widely in Ayurveda to heal lung diseases, skin problems, and various digestion problems. If you want to drink the Peepal tree bark or leaves liquid, talk to your doctor beforehand.

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