10 Benefits of Having Double Pane Windows

Double Pane

Windows are one of the biggest elements of your home. They not only affect the way your home looks, but they have other functions as well. Having good windows is important and double-pane windows are some of the most advantageous windows available opposed to single-pane. Double-pane windows are constructed using two sheets of glass in the window frame rather than just one. A small space between the panes is filled with an insulating gas. If you are planning to upgrade your windows, you’ll want to consider installing the best double-pane windows you can afford. If you’re not familiar with double-pane windows and all they can do for your home then keep reading to learn 10 benefits of having double-pane windows.

1. Saves you money

Your energy bill can rise a fall depending on how hard your HVAC unit has to work during the hotter and colder seasons. Poor quality windows can be a cause of losing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. For the homeowner, it means your HVAC unit has to work that much harder to keep your home the temperature you set it at. The longer it has to run to meet the demands put on it, means your electric bill will be climbing higher and higher each season. Double-pane windows prevent the loss of heat and cool air, which saves you money, plus less strain on your HVAC unit can mean less that you’ll have to spend on maintenance and repair bills for your unit, too.

2. Energy efficiency for your home

Double-pane windows aren’t just for homes in one climate-type or the other. They’re for both hot and cold climates and they will reduce air from coming in as well as escaping. Double-pane windows in any frame, especially vinyl or wood frames, can help reduce your home’s energy usage by up to 24% in the winter months, and in the summer months, you may see a savings of up to 18%. This can really add up over time and have a big impact on your energy bill.

3. More appealing

Double-pane windows are not only beneficial, but they are appealing for your home, too. They come in a wide variety of styles, from casement windows, sliding, and double-hung windows. There are a variety of frames to choose from, too. You don’t have to give up a beautiful aesthetic look for your home to get a more energy efficient window, but rather, they are more attractive to homeowners than the typical single-pane, and give a home a higher quality look and appeal.

4. Adds storm protection for your home

Windows play a role in protecting your home from the elements, dirt, debris, and other obstacles from getting your home. Single-pane windows do offer a form of protection from all you want protection for, however, their strength just can’t compare to that of the double-pane windows, especially when it comes to storms. While many homeowners will switch out their windows during storm season and install storm windows, there is no need to go through the trouble when you have a second pane in all your windows to give you protection from tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and other types of stormy weather, all year around.

5. Better insulation

One of the key benefits of double-pane windows is the insulation it offers. Between the two sheets of glass is a small space that if filled with gas for insulation purposes. This insulation helps protect your home from a number of things, including the loss or filtering-in of hot or cold air. The type of gas used in the void between the glass sheets could be a non-toxic gas such as argon, but whatever type is used in your double-pane windows, is just added insulation for a better, more efficient window.

6. Helps reduce pollutants in your home

Double-pane windows can also be a healthier choice for your home. You may not always see what comes into your home through poorly installed or insulated windows, but what you can’t see, can be affecting your health. Dirt, dust, debris, pollen, and a slew of other environmental elements that can cause allergies or breathing issues are all making their way in if you don’t have double-pane windows. Once you have double-pane windows installed, you just might start to notice an immediate difference in the quality of air in your home, and the reduction in dust settling on furniture around your home.

7. Reduces sun damage to the inside of your home

Sun streaming in through single-pane windows can cause fading of furnishings, carpets, window treatments, photographs, even paint on walls. Double-pane windows have a higher UV coating that gives added sun UV ray protection for inside your home and will help keep your belongings and decor elements from looking aged, faded or discolored. For homes with a lot of windows or just large windows with loads of natural light, this can be a big deal for preserving a lot of personal things that matter to them.

8. Windows can be easier to clean

Any homeowner will tell you that cleaning windows is not one of the most favored jobs of the year. It’s time consuming and tedious but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is when you have simple single-pane windows. Double-pane windows are known for being easy-breezy to clean since the decorative inset frames is just one solid panel. The inset frames are protected from the elements and stay clean no matter how old or how long they’ve been installed. All you’ll need is a simple squeegee to get the window looking brand, sparkly new again.

9. Reduces noise

If peace and quiet are important to you, double-pane windows can help you achieve a quieter home. Double-pane windows help reduce the noise pollution you often get when living the urban lifestyle. With the dual panes and insulation in between, you are keeping the noises of the outside world just where they belong, outside. Single-pane windows allow noise to travel through the single pane glass and around the poorer quality frames they’re installed with. So give up the the tactics of turning up the TV, radio or drowning out noise with fans, or other methods and get real noise reduction with double-pane windows and start enjoying a more peaceful, quiet home.

#10. Increase the value of your home

Double-pane windows come in a variety of styles and of course, price ranges. You can choose windows that fit your budget, but no matter what price range of double-pane windows you choose, you can guarantee that they will increase the value of your home. When it comes time to sell your home, including the double-pane windows as a feature for your home will a benefit in your selling price. Buyers are looking for more energy efficient homes and home features to help them save money in any way possible, and these will be a great selling point.

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