10 Types Of Birch Trees Ideal For Your Home

Have you ever looked at your yard on your property and thought that it needs a little more “oomph”? It needs a little more of something to fill in a dead space to make your home seem more inviting, in a sense, right? Well, one of the best ways to take care of this issue is to add a bit of foliage to your yard, and this, of course, can come in many forms. While you can always add shrubs or a flower bed, it might be more ideal to go down the tree route, and nothing says warm and inviting quite like birch trees. If you feel like a birch tree might be the correct solution for your yard, then we are here to help! In this article today, we are going to count down the top seven of the best birch tree species that are perfect for the family home, and will make it a yard you love to look at every day. With that said, let’s get started with our count down.

1. Paper Bark Birch

This is probably the species of birch that the majority of people are most familiar with. This type is known for its peeling bark to reveal a new layer underneath. These trees can grow to be about about anywhere between 40’ to 70 feet tall and is a common species to be found in the yards of many homes. You will want to plant this tree where it can get full sun exposure, and maybe some shade here or there.

2. Yellow Birch

This is an excellent option if you want something that looks a bit different from the rest. The yellow birch has a bark to it that contains more of a sheen, giving it an elegant feel in a sense. This tree can grow to be about 50 feet to 80 feet tall, and need that full sun with a hint of shade for the greatest results.

3. Japanese White Birch

Also coming in a more trim trunk is the Japanese White Birch. This is the more classic birch species that many are familiar with, and can grow to be around 40 feet to 50 feet tall. Just as you will see with many of the other species on our list, this type requires mostly full sun exposure with some shade.

4. Dwarf Birch

Here is a perfect birch tree species for those that don’t want a tree that is quite as overwhelmingly tall with age. This type only grows to be anywhere between six inches and three feet tall, making it perfect for the yard. Like the others, this tree needs full sun with just a hint of shade for the best growth.

5. Himalayan Birch

This is a type of birch tree that has more of a stout trunk with more branch development than others you will see. These trees can still reach a height of about 30 feet to 50 feet, but unlike the others, the don’t require quite as much partial shade (meaning they thrive better in full sun at all times).

6. Downy Birch

This is another type of birch that you will recognize more often than the others just from looks alone. The downy birch species can grow to be about 40 feet tall, give or take, and tequires that same full sun exposure and partial shade combination.

7. Cherry Birch

This is a type of birch that will look much different from the picture in your mind, as the cherry birch has a darker tone of bark than the others. This is also a tree that you will want to plant further in the yard away from the house, as it can grow to be anywhere from 40 feet to 70 feet tall, and has a wider trunk as well. You also need a full sun and partial shade combo for this tree to thrive.

8. Silver Birch

This variety of birch can come in a wide range of looks, as we will discuss a little bit later in the article, and can also grow to be within that same 40 to 80 feet tall range. This type of tree, however is one of the few that requires only full sun exposure.

9. Water Birch

If you are still indecisive of whether to our shrubs or a tree in the yard, this may be your best compromise. The water birch is a more shrub like variety of the birch trees, as it only grows to be about 25 feet tall, but can also get anywhere up to 40 feet under certain circumstances. Again, this type will need full sun and a little bit of shade.

10. Weeping Birch

This species is actually a sub species of the silver birch variety, and can give a bit of whimsy to your yard if you want a didferent aesthetic. This tree can grow to be about 40 to 80 feet tall and requires the full sun exposure only, similar to the silver birch (since it is a sub species).

There are obviously many options of birch trees and other foliage hat you can go with for your home, but we believe we have picked out the best of the best that can make your house and yard look like a quaint and beautiful home.

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