What is Epoxy Paint and What is it Used For?

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If your floors are starting to look a little dull, a coat of epoxy paint could be all that’s needed to restore their luster.

Whether we’re talking bathrooms, pool rooms, or garages, epoxy paint’s superb durability and high shine qualities can come immensely in handy. But what exactly is it? And what, while we’re on the subject, is the difference between epoxy paint and epoxy coating?

What is Epoxy Paint?

Epoxy paint was originally designed for industrial purposes, but thanks to its excellent durability and wide array of uses, it’s since become as widely used in residential settings as commercial ones.

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As DoItYourself.com points out, epoxy paint has numerous practical applications. Thanks to its high shine and excellent durability, it’s often used in…

What Is Epoxy Paint Used For?

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Garages and Workrooms

Garages and workshops are the ideal environments for epoxy paint. Epoxy can stand up to a lot of abuse.   

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Any paint used in a bathroom or sauna will have to stand up to water, moisture, and in the case of saunas, a tremendous amount of heat.

Bathrooms and Saunas

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Like bathrooms, indoor pool rooms are subject to a high amount of moisture. If you don’t want that moisture to ruin your paintwork, epoxy paint is a solid option.

Pool Rooms

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