Six Fun and Cool Themed Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is the space/ room that you will be spending most of your time in – besides sleeping in it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a bedroom for a kid or an adult, you’ll want to make the room special even if you approach a certain theme. For example, we’re sure that there are some adults there that would want a pirate themed bedroom just as much as a child would. In this respect, today’s article will be all about fun and cool themed bedroom ideas. If you want more inspiration and also the chance to fully customize your bedroom, you can always check what has in store for its customers, as they come with home décor as unique as you.  While you wait on your own ideas, here are six you’ll love:

1. Space Themed Bedroom

We’ve all wanted a bedroom like this – one that would encompass the feeling of both space and void. For such a bedroom, you’ll want to keep the furniture and overall design as minimalistic as possible. You already know how the inside of a spaceship looks like, so make use of that knowledge when choosing the furniture. On top of that, you can cover the walls, ceiling, and floor with a starry space wallpaper – or even a black hole or the solar system.

2. Pirate Themed Bedroom

If you want to approach this design, you’d better be ready to go an extra mile. Naturally, we are talking about bedding – sure, a bed with pirate-like décor and design does fit, but wouldn’t it be amazing if the bed was on an actual ship, or at least on a part of it? Also, you can place some round 3D wallpapers on the walls, to mimic the view one would from inside the ship’s hull or submarine. Obviously, if you are going for a full pirate themed bedroom, don’t forget the ship’s wheel.

3. Disney Themed Bedroom

If you have a little princess under your protection, why not give her a castle? Or better, a chariot as bedding. When it comes to a Disney themed bedroom, the sky is definitely the limit – you have so many great stories and fairy tales to take into account when designing the room. For this particular theme, we do recommend wood accents as well as wood furniture, as they would fit perfectly with the 3D castle wallpaper you might want to add.

4. Sports Themes Bedroom

A great sports themed bedroom starts with the purchase of a football field carpet that mimics the grass on a sports field. Then, you’d like the closed to be similar to a locker room or as minimalistic as possible. For the rest of the bedroom, add anything that makes you think of your favorite sport or team. As the sky is the limit once again, make sure that you add a sky view as ceiling wallpaper.

5. Vintage Themed Bedroom

If you like the classics, so to say, then you can easily come up with a design for a vintage themed bedroom. Moreover, just imagine the joy you’d have when you’ll be looking for vintage furniture.  In short, when approaching the style of a vintage themed bedroom, you can easily relate to any of the vintage styles – in the end, you’ll probably have a bedroom similar to a palace’s room.

6. Video Game Themed Bedroom

A video game themes bedroom is, by far, fit for both fathers and sons. While the young ones will relate more to minimal, simplistic designs, the old generations will probably have arcade game machines, a pinball game, and whatnot. Also, when designing such a bedroom, don’t forget the retro theme that most classic video games have. You can fill your walls with photos or illustrations of classic video games, such as Pac Man, Tetris, and many more.

While the universe of themed bedrooms is way bigger than what we’ve showcased so far, these were the funniest and coolest themed bedroom ideas to tackle.  Choose one of the above and you will have a great time designing and detailing it to fit your or your children’s needs, likes, and desires.

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