10 Great Ideas on How to Use Washi Tape

Originating from Japan, Washi tape is an artistic revolution that has deluged the whole world. Nowadays, everyone is using it, and with the plethora of things you can create using this colorful masking tape, this comes as no surprise. From adding a bit of color to the walls of your house to completely upscaling the banal vases lying around, there is simply nothing you cannot do using Washi tape. But what exactly is this artistic accessory?

Washi tape is decorative masking tape, whose origins can be traced back to Japan. Its making is all-natural, using products like bamboo and hemp. What makes it so dynamic in its use is the myriad of surfaces it can be attached to, ranging from metal and wood to paper and plastic. It is also very easy to remove, and during removal, it doesn’t cause any damage to the surface. Below are ten things you can do using Washi tape to brighten up your surroundings

1. Wall art

Washi tape has revolutionized wall art. This is because, unlike stenciled designs, it doesn’t cause any damage to the wall during attachment or removal. Consequentially, it can be used to liven up the plain walls in a rented-out apartment or space. When considering the numerous geometrical designs you can create using this tape, it is simply a must-have. With the right guidance, you could even create elaborate murals. Plus, once the said designs have become monotonous or too boring for your liking, you can simply remove them and create others.

2. Customizing your planners and notebooks

It is possible to make your planners and notebooks more aesthetically appealing using this tape. After all, you will be looking at or through them on a regular basis, so why not make it worthwhile? Give them a personalized touch by creating a color-coordinated pattern.

3. Instant frames

Why spend huge chunks of money on buying new frames for your photos when you might not need them anyway. With Washi tape, you can create instant photo frames. All you have to do is cut two-inch stripes of the tape and use them to stick the posters onto any surface. Not only does it serve as a cheaper way to get the same thing done, but you will also be able to create more visually appealing patterns like polka dots and zebra stripes when using the tape. This works even more efficiently with group displays.

4. Packaging

Break the monotony of sending the banal brown parcel by adding a personalized touch to it. Far more original than common wrapping paper, you can implement numerous other patterns to the package. The end result is a product so colorful and cheerful; it will only increase the level of intimacy between you and the person you are sending it to.

5. Customized bookmarks

It is always difficult to try and trace the exact page where you had stopped at in your previous reading session. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have a bookmark. Washi tape patterns provide the best alternative when it comes to school time reading or even wanting to add a personal touch to your home library. All it will take is a large tag the Washi tape, and you are good to go. Coordinated color patterns are especially important in developing a reading habit in small kids.

6. Upgrading your vases

Let’s face it, when you buy a vase, you are always hyped up about its print pattern, but this enthusiasm only lasts a couple of weeks. After some time, you get bored with the vase and dump it into the purgatory that is the attic or basement. What if I told you that you could give the vases more dynamism without being forced to hiring a painter or artist to work on them? With Washi tape, you will be able to change the vases’ look, and consequently, the aesthetic of the room you place them in. Not just vases. You can also transform the jars and containers lying around in your house into doily patterned vases.

7. Custom laptop and phone covers

In this day and age, where everyone uses the internet to do many different things, laptops and phones have become almost a necessity. You are always carrying either, maybe even both, around. So why not make it beautiful and pleasing. In less than five minutes, you can customize your iPhone cover into something beautiful; something much better than you will find in any accessory shop. You can also customize your keyboard appearance without even changing it. Even the space left empty, like the cover laptop cover, can turn into a canvas for you to express your artistic sense.

8. Nail art

With Washi tape, you are able to give yourself any sort of manicure you want. All you need is to trim out the pattern you want using a pair of scissors, apply nail polish on your nails, attach the cut-out pattern on your nail then follow it up with another layer of nail polish. For kids, you can apply the tape directly to the nails. The result is some splendid nail artwork.

9. Bunting

DIY bunting is one of the numerous ways by which you can add more festivities to your parties. All you have to do is adhere to the color pattern you selected at the beginning of the process, and the end product will be astonishingly pleasing. Washi tape bunting is especially effective when it comes to baby showers, spring and summertime festivities and birthdays.

10. Stickers

One of the most common uses of Washi tape is to create stickers. You could attach the stickers to a variety of things, including mugs, stationery, and photography.


You can do many things with Washi tape. When it comes to using this product, the only limiting factor is your creativity. The options are endless, and as soon as you start using it, you will find yourself decorating everything in your environment. Once you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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