The 10 Best Plants to Choose if You are a Pisces

The Ancient Greeks heavily revolved their culture around the interpretations they received whenever looking up into the sky, day or night. At night, as the stars are clearly visible when there is no cloud cover, the patterns of the various constellation of stars had the Greeks come up with a series of identities that we know as astrological signs. The term “Zodiac” was the name the Greeks used, which is actually a belt-shaped region in the sky that both astrologers and astronomers look to whenever making either mythological or scientific conclusions. Zodiac’s actual meaning is the cycle (or circle) of little animals, each of which among the twelve signs is noticed for their specified prominence. It would be during the era of the Roman Empire, which was an adaptation from the mix of Hellenistic and Babylonian astrology from the Chaldean Period where the system we now recognize as Zodiac Signs would first formally develop. The Pisces sign itself is the twelfth of the twelve Zodiac signs that have been formally determined. It is considered a negative, mutable sign and it spans anywhere from 330 degrees to 360 degrees in celestial longitude. The symbol of the fish comes from the classic Greek art, Ichthyocentaurs, which is associated with the goddess, Aphrodite, when it was believed she was born from the sea. In Latin, Pisces means fish and is one of the earliest Zodiac signs found on record associated with Greek mythology as well as Roman.

One archaeological finding showed an image of two fish appearing as far back as 2300 BC on an Egyptian coffin lid. According to the Zodiac sign table, the astrological sign known as Pisces is among the most fun to be around. They’re typically known for their sense of humor, along with a strong caring trait that reportedly makes them among the most empathic of people. People born within the Pisces sign tend to show a more insightful approach when it comes to dealing with others, regardless of what their own astrological signs may be. Is this because Pisces is associated with the water sign, which is illustrated through the symbol of a fish? Fish are highly fluidic and sensitive creatures, which often parallels the nature of men and women who are born between the Pisces’ timetable of February 19th to March 20th. On average, people born within the Pisces sign are not only regarded as highly sensitive, but overly sensitive, thus making them more vulnerable to be on the receiving end of mistreatment. Whether such treatment is intentional or not, when the spirit of a Pisces is wounded, issues such as pessimism may rear their ugly head that will add more salt to the wound. As fun and loving as a Pisces might be when all is going well, they can equally become just as depressing at a moment’s notice when it’s not.

Planting Influence

Due to the fragile nature revolving around the spiritual mood of a person born within the Pisces Zodiac sign, finding the right plant to best suit any occasion to help keep them grounded is not that difficult to find. Most of them are quite common and often found in most public places that keep live plants around. Plants are highly beneficial not just in adding beauty to a room but improving air quality levels that have already been proven to have health benefits, at least according to health publications such as Health Line and WebMD.

10. Calathea Peacock Plant (Calathea Makoyana)

According to Lively Root, the best plant that represents the Pisces is the Peacock Plant. The plant earns its name according to how it lifts and lowers the leaves throughout the day. It’s a plant with personality, much like how the personality of the Pisces carries itself out to be. This is also a plant associated with prayer and worship, according to the various spiritual practices that consider this plant to possess a spiritual connection because of the fact its leaves move up and down as often as it does. Peacock Plants are at their best when the humidity of their environment is about sixty percent. Spraying the plant’s leaves with warm water is recommended to help maintain its vibrance and health. Make sure the water doesn’t contain fluoride, though, as this will damage the plant. As for lighting, anywhere from low to medium is good enough. This plant seems to prefer the shade as opposed to the bright light of direct sun contact.

9. String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)

The succulent plant with what seems to have a fun name like String of Pearls seems to match the personality stigma often associated with people born within the Pisces Zodiac sign. Not only does this plant look entertaining with its string of pearl-like bulbs, but is remarkably low maintenance. For a sign that is also known to have that flighty charm to them, which again is associated with the Pisces. According to The Spruce, the String of Pearls requires a good amount of light exposure, preferably anywhere from six to eight hours of it. The best growing demographic location for the succulent is Zone 9 as it prefers a temperature range anywhere between sixty degrees Fahrenheit to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. If one happens to live in a cooler climate and the String of Pearls is outside, bear in mind they are not frost-tolerant. They will have to be moved indoors to protect them from the hazards of a winterized environment.

8. Goldfish Plant (Columnea Nematanthus)

Earning its name from the brilliant orange, red, and yellow pigments that match the aquarium goldfish, this plant serves as a fun pairing of the fish symbol with the sign of Pisces. Not only does this color match the fun nature of a Pisces person, but even its shape. These plants originally hail from the nations of Brazil, Costa, Rico, and Southern Mexico and come in twenty-five varieties. They are among the easiest to care for as they are drought resistant and have the ability to bloom throughout the year when they receive enough sunlight exposure. The best temperature range for these plants is anywhere from a relatively humid sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit to eighty-five degrees. Although easy enough to care for, these plants are sensitive to cold drafts and heaters, so when keeping them inside the house, make sure it’s in a well-lit room where they can absorb as much of the sun’s energy as possible.

7. Tulips

Tulips are flowers best associated with the descriptions of zest and fluidity. People born within the Zodiac sign of Pisces are often referred to as spiritually fluidic, as well as fun-loving, which parallels with the characteristics of a tulip. These flowers are known for their extravagance due to the long stems and blossoming beauty only a tulip can pull off as it responds according to the environment it’s in. This is also an identical trait often associated with the Pisces. Unlike most plants, tulips are sturdy enough as plants to withstand most winter conditions. Expert gardeners recommend tulips, when planted outside, are done so in the fall about six to eight weeks before winter is expected to set in to freeze the ground. Zones 7 and 8 are the best demographic locations to grow these plants outdoors. Tulips are also plants that don’t mind the sun but can’t really have that much of it without the bulbs burning. One nice thing about tulips is their perennial plant. This means it will return year after year. Each spring, as winter starts to say goodbye, the bulbs of the tulips blossom. The beauty of its timing parallels with the Pisces, which makes this one of the more entertaining plants to have around. There are a number of varieties of the tulip, just as there are a number of character differences between each person born within the Pisces sign. No two people are exactly the same, even if they share the same zodiac sign.

6. Water Lilies

Since the Pisces sign is considered a water sign, it makes sense that a water lily would make the list as an ideal plant. Water lilies are a plant that’s described as a symbol of beauty, enlightenment, and purity. If there’s any sign from the collection of Zodiac signs that can best relate to this, it would be the Pisces. Water lilies are aquatic plants and have a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Among the various plant species, there is, water lilies come across as among the more entertaining due to the vibrance of energy it brings forth, just as a Pisces person is typically known to do as well.

5. Orchids

If one was to gift a person born within the Pisces sign of the Zodiac, an exotic orchid would make an ideal choice. These refined flowers are communicating a blend of strength and beauty, which can only flow through a highly spiritual person, like a typical Pisces. There is also a hint of luxury that stems from these flowers that add to their appeal, which can serve as the optimal cheer-up antidote for a Pisces that may be down in the dumps due to a circumstance that took them off balance.

4. Poppies

Annually, poppies are purchased each November to commemorate the war veterans who fought and died while fighting on behalf of the North American people. Whether one is a resident of America, Canada, or the United Kingdom, the poem of Flanders Fields by John McCrae immortalized the beautiful essence of the poppy when he wrote it. After spending seventeen days tending to the wounded that fought in the April 1915 battle in Belgium’s Ypres salient, McCrae was inspired to write what would become one of the most honored pieces of written poetry of all time. Although McCrae himself is not a Pisces (he’s a Sagittarius), his poem highlights the flower’s beauty and essence of spiritual immortality in a manner people actually born within the Pisces sign could relate to.

3. Aloe Vera

Since members of the Pisces sign are considered to be nurturing, the Aloe Vera serves as an ideal plant of choice to share that same aura. This succulent plant has been widely regarded for its therapeutic benefits as it consistently remains a common ingredient in many haircare and skincare products. Aloe Vera plants love sunny environments and are popular for their easygoing nature, just as the Pisces sign is known for. Another great feature about the Aloe Vera is that it requires little maintenance, which makes it a bit more forgiving than most plants. However, watch out for the spikes.

2. Jasmine

Understanding has it people born under the Pisces sign are noted for being dreamers. According to followers of the Zodiac astrological table, Pisces people are among the most sensitive, empathic, and compassionate towards others. It is believed because of this, it’s a drain of energy that frequently needs revitalization. Jasmine plants provide the energetic beauty and sweet smell that help the home become a more relaxing retreat. The most ideal location for a Jasmine plant is by a window that has the most amount of sunlight shining through it. The soil also needs to remain consistently moist. In the house, the Jasmine does not grow quite as large as it does outside but is still capable of growing as tall as two feet.

1. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

Many astrological sign fans associate Pisces as a sign of understanding and forgiveness. Coming from the arum family, the ZZ Plant is classified as forgiving when it’s not as well taken care of as it should be, especially when it comes to watering it on time or giving it sufficient lighting. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant originates from East Africa is among the hardiest, performing at its best in Zones 9 and 10. It is often mistaken as an artificial plant due to the rich green and waxy leaves it proudly displays. The ZZ plant is among the most common plants found in hotel lobbies, office buildings, and the waiting rooms of clinics and hospitals. Although it would be ideal to keep this plant in the sun as much as possible, it can survive well enough should the lighting be limited. The lowest recommended temperature for the ZZ Plant to tolerate would be forty-five degrees Fahrenheit while its most ideal temperature would fall within the seventy-degree range. The ZZ Plant is not a fast-growing plant and can perish prematurely if it’s over-watered.

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