Why Should You Use a Bamboo Steamer and How Much Do They Cost?

Bamboo Steamer

For decades we’ve been using metal steamers to make our vegetables turn out perfect. But did you know that there is a less expansive option that can do an even better job of steaming? What you need to know is that once you’ve used an authentic bamboo steamer, you won’t want to go back to the old traditional types. Here is why you should use a bamboo steamer, how much they cost, and everything else you might need to know before you give them a try.

What is a bamboo steamer?

A bamboo steamer is made of natural bamboo materials and metal to hold the pieces together and give them additional strength. There is less metal on them so they won’t leach into the foods that you cook and impart a metallic taste. If you’re into natural cooking then this is a utensil that you have to try.

Why should you use a bamboo steamer?

PR Underground explains that bamboo steamers offer a unique way to cook meals at home in a manner that helps to preserve the nutrients in the food including vitamins and minerals. It also enhances the texture and flavor of the food cooked inside. They are easy to use. All you need to do is line your bamboo steamer first, to prevent the food from touching the wood. You can prepare any food that you would otherwise cook in a traditional steamer in your bamboo steamer, including fish, chicken, vegetables, rice, and more.

Bamboo steamers are natural and healthy

Using a bamboo steamer can help you to prepare light and healthy meals for your family. Instead of boiling your vegetables, and damaging the natural nutrients, the bamboo steamer uses a gentler approach to cooking foods. The steam helps the foods that are being cooked to maintain their nutrients. You can prepare light and healthy meals quickly and easily.

How does a bamboo steamer work?

Bamboo steamers use very high heat to produce hot steam. The steam gently cooks the vegetables without washing away the nutrients. If you cook meats in your bamboo steamer, the oils drip away from the foods you’re preparing so you’re eating lighter with less of the fats that are retained when frying or baking fatty meats. This promotes better health because it is a cooking method that retains all of the good things that are found in foods with minimal alteration of their original composition, yet it cooks them with a heat that is high enough to destroy any germs in the raw foods that can lead to illness.

Bamboo steamers are convenient to use

Bamboo steamers come in a variety of styles and sizes, but the most popular is the type that features multiple tiers. This makes it possible for you to cook more than one course at a time. Some bamboo steamers make it easy to prepare entire meals in one container. This can save you a lot of time and effort while giving you the rewards of a delicious and nutritious meal from one pot. Bamboo steamers come with multiple tiers with a lid that holds in the hot steam, the flavors, and the nutrients for the best meals ever. The only words of caution when using a bamboo steamer are to make sure that you check the foods frequently to make sure that they don’t overcook. This is especially important when you are first learning how to use them. The steam is very hot and it may cook the foods faster than you are used to with the traditional metal steamers.

Beautiful presentation

Foods cooked in a bamboo steamer tend to have a more appealing look when they are done. Instead of being cooked to mush or burned, the vegetables look much like they do when they are raw. The foods hold their shape better and they also retain more of their natural color. You can cook them as done as you like once you get the hang of it. If you prefer to eat your vegetable al dente with a little crunchiness, just cut back on the amount of time for the perfect steamed foods for your table. Another important fact about bamboo steamers is that they help to prevent your foods from becoming soggy. Bamboo absorbs water naturally, so it helps to prevent the condensation that forms in metal steamers. There is nothing to drip onto your foods. Also, some bamboo steamers are made to have a dual purpose so they make an attractive serving tray for the meals you prepare in them.

Other advantages of a bamboo steamer

Spruce Eats points out that bamboo steamers offer a few more advantages over traditional metal steamers. They’re more lightweight and easier to handle than a stainless steel steamer. They don’t have any of the potentially dangerous chemicals that you find in aluminum steamers. They’re stackable for foods with different cooking times, so you can put the foods that will be ready to be removed from the heat on the top and take them off first. You can find bamboo steamers with a variety of stackable baskets, depending on how many foods you plan to cook at once.

How much do they cost?

The average cost of a bamboo steamer starts at around $20 to $40. The cost depends on the size and the style that you choose. When compared to a metal steamer, they are relatively inexpensive. You get more for your money when buying a bamboo steamer because of the convenience, the health benefits, and the overall quality of the foods that are cooked using this method.

Final thoughts

There is every reason to at least try a bamboo steamer. Your family and friends will notice the difference in the quality of the foods that you serve them. You’ll start getting compliments on the texture, flavor, and appetizing appearance of your meals while having the satisfaction of knowing that you’re serving the healthiest possible meals.

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