Z Apartment By Bucharest-Based Studio 1408


160 square meters two story apartment situated in a central neighborhood of Bucharest. This is Z Apartment, by Studio1408. The penthouse apartment is almost done, after six months in which the team has worked intensely to completely renovate the interior. The client knew exactly what he wanted and that was an elegant and sober appearance, without sacrificing the comfort of a home where he wants to come back after a long day and relax into a cozy atmosphere.

Glossy surfaces and neutral colors like greys and beiges have been chosen in order to complete the client’s requirements. The living room with the additional dining area in the near proximity is the one that holds all the dynamic of the home. White curtains cover the floor to ceiling windows, letting the sun sending its sunbeam in.

The home office looks very official. White leather chairs, massive wood desk create a manly environment where business can be done. Even the bedroom keeps the same sober feeling featured by the leather framed bed, or the grey wallpaper setting a heavier tone in the room.

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